Is it effective to get a photofacial while receiving laser hair removal? Are the lasers the same?

I will be receiving laser hair removal and am considering getting a photofacial for sun spots, hyperpigmintation, freckles, fine lines etc. Is it ok to do both as long as I keep them weeks apart? The lasers facilities use seem to sound the same: will both these techniques use similar methods? Should I even need the Photofacial after continuing my laser hair removal? (on face)? thanks!!!

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Photofacial and laser hair removal

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Way back when....IPL was used to perform photofacials and perform laser hair removal, though the settings and treatment heads were different - creating different wavelengths. So the treatments sound similar, but they are in fact, different. Now, most often we still used IPL for photofacials and other lasers - diode, alexandrite, etc.- for laser hair removal because it's more effective and faster. You can have the treatments done concurrently - sometimes even at the same appointment - because the skin levels being targeted are different. However, sometimes you will get them done separately based on timing. Photofacials are usually done every 3-4 weeks, and depending on where you are having the laser hair removal done, more time may be needed in between so proper hair growth rates are addressed. 

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Photofacials vs. Laser

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Hi DeeDee.  The technology used for a Photofacial (IPL) is not a laser and is very different technology from laser hair removal.  With that said, as long as you keep the appointments separate by a couple weeks, then things should be fine.  You should make both practices aware of what you are doing at the other and get their feedback.  
We use q-switched lasers instead of IPL for sun damage and examples of our before and after pictures can be seen at the link below.

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