How to get rid of tiny bumps all over my face? (Photo)

hi so i'm 20 and i have acne my dermatalogist perscriped me a cream to use every other night called effaclar duo + and an epiduo gel on top of the pimples however i felt a burning senstation when i put the effaclar on my face and 2 days later this tiny bumps formed all over my cheeks and won't go away the one on my forehead were there before i started the treatment and r getting better but the one on my cheeks appered after i used effaclar duo

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Comedonal and pustular Acne

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I am a big believer in old fashioned Retin A cream. Once a week at night and it will loosen up a lot of those deeper comedones. I also suggest regular facials and or a Clari-sonic scrub brush if you wish to do the treatments at home.

Are you also aware that oily makeup can clog pores and cause acne. I always remind my patient that their makeup should be acne free and or oil free. Finally, change pillow cases often and do not hold your telephone directly against the skin.

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Jessner skin peel for closed comedones

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From the photos presented, it looks as though you have mild closed comdeonal acne meaning they will not come to the surface easily like traditional blackheads and whiteheads. This type of acne is more difficult to treat. You should avoid squeezing these 'under the skin' types of spots as there's a chance you could make them irritated and inflamed. Squeezing could also spread the bacteria causing more spots and potentially an infection and scarring. I recommend a salicylic acid or jessner skin peel which will prevent the build up of more spots and loosen the dead skin cells to. In addition, you may benefit from Isolaz: the three step system utilises a laser treatment to help kill the bacteria and also deeply cleanses your pores to remove impurities and dislodge trapped dead skin cells.

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