Can I Tell the Dermatologist What Skin Care Line I Want to Use and Have Them Help Me Through It?

The derm I want to see doesnt sell the Obagi Nu-Derm line but I've done my research and want to use it and have the derm help me through the whole process but what if they don't know a lot about the products and recommend the wrong thing or don't know what should/shouldnt happen to my skin?

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Still utilize your dermatologist

Even though your dermatologist may not carry the Obagi line, they are still going to be familiar with the ingredients in these products. Since, much of the Obagi line necessitates a prescription, and since you mentioned  your dermatologist does not carry this line, I am assuming  that your physician is not a dermatologist. It would be fine to follow the recommendations of the other physician, but a dermatologist is going to be best to follow your care if there are any irritatation issues. I would also query your dermatologist specifically what they do not like in the Obagi products ( besides the expense).

Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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Dermatologist and skin cancer line

You do need an informed provider to guide you through the Obaji line as irritation can be quite common, especially if the products are advanced too quickly or if steps are omitted.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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