Dark Circles Treatment for Indian Skin Prone to Keloids?

I have preorbital hyperpigmentation or dark circles due to excess melanin. I have a keloid scarring history but wish to get this dark circles removed. I also have age spots which need removing.

Basically, I need a treamtent which will remove these both. I have pics of both the dc and age spot. my main problem is finding a treatment suitable for indian skin with a history of keloid scarring. Thanks please suggest something.

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Hyperpigmentation with tendency towards keloids

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My suggestion is to avoid anything too aggressive so as to minimize risk of keloids. You should consider hydroquinones (skin bleachers), Obagi treatments, or even Triluma.

"Removal" of dark circles isn't possible

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If some of the issue is tear troughs, the volume can be enhanced with fillers without any keloid risk.  The skin pigment problems are not going to be eliminated especially with your naturally dark skin. 

Dark cirlces around eyes.

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It is difficult to asses if the dark cirlces are due to pigment or to shadows caused by a relative depression. In the former, progressive skin bleaching agents used cautiously and under the supervision of a physican may provide improvement. Avoidance or minimizing sun exposure is very important. If it is due to the latter condition, use of fillers may soften or lighten the appearance of the dark shadows as well.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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