Is It Possible to Create a Scar Without Breaking the Skin?

About 3 weeks ago I took a smack to the cheek from a metal object at mild to moderate force. A bruise developed in the square shape of the object, but one of the edges of the square (where I assume the object struck most strongly) stands out from the rest, a fine dark straight line about an inch long. The bruise has faded somewhat, but this line is still noticeable. There was never bleeding or a break in the skin, and the skin's contour is unaltered. Is it possible the mark will be permanent?

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No scar in your future

If the skin was intact, it is unlikely that there will be any permanent scar in the area.  It is possible to get some pigment changes but lees likely a true scar.  Either way, it is way tool early to tell. Scars heal in 6-12 months.  I would avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen to minimize your chances of any permanent problem.  And be careful for goodness sakes!

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