What Can Be Done to Clear Up These Scars Left Behind from Acne? (photo)

These were originally pimples that were picked at, what can I do about the scarring?

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Numerous things can be done!

The basic treatment and least costly would be for you to get a dermaroller and our collagen gel and use them at least daily. Next level would be the dermapen treatment which uses a medical grade needler to cause new collagen formation. This would be the most cost efficient way to treat these acne scars. Next in line of cost would be a fractionated radiofequency treatment, followed by an erbium fractionated laser treatment. We could also do a fractionated CO2 laser treatment but only after absolute sun protection for 4-6 weeks. You should also be using a retinoid such as Retin-A nightly the rest of your life.

Hope this helps you!

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