Is Bleeding a Normal Reaction After Q Switched Laser for a Pigmented Lesion?

I have medium indian skin tone and recently (3 months ago) suffered an abrasion right below my eye from falling. It left a terrible mark (size of a quarter) and I was told it was "carbon tatooing" and that the q-switched laser would be best for it. I had the first procedure today, and there was some bleeding and lots of redness. Is this normal or will it likely scar again?

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Bruising from QS laser can occur

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Pinpoint bleeding, especially for traumatic or cosmetic tattoos is not uncommon.  Immediately after the treatment for 5-20min the spot will turn white.  This will fade and then turn into something like a mosquito bite which will persist for 1-2 days. 

Depending on the type of QS laser, you may have some bruising. 

I hope this helps.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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