Can I Use Anti-aging Creams if Im 24 Years Old?

if yes is loreals youth code ok to use

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Anti-aging for your 20's

Collagen production slows down at age of 25, therefore it's always best to start slowing down the process of aging around 18+ of age. You may want to begin using a gentle system for your skin, depending on the sensitivities. If your skin is acne prone, it's important to use glycolic and salicylic acids for exfoliation of dead skin cells and bacteria. The acids also improve collagen production through cellular rejuvenation. If your skin in sensitive or normal, it's appropriate to use creams containing rosehip seed oil and retinol. Both properties aid in production of collagen. It's important to remember that everything should be in moderation and consistency.

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Anti-aging regimens for people in their 20s

The best anti-aging regimen to follow is:

- a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB coverage.  Most sunscreens have good UVB coverage.  One of the best UVA protection ingredients is avobenzone.  Look for that on the list of ingredients.  The Skin Cancer Foundation recently released a list of their approved sunscreens.  Take a look at those.

- in your 20's is a good time to start using a retinoid, either an over the counter retinol or a prescription product like tretinoin (Retin A).  Make sure to use that in the evenings as sunlight decomposes the active ingredients in the retinoids.  Also remember that since retinoids cause a turnover of the skin surface cells (epidermis), they do make your skin more sun-sensitive, again requiring the need for a sunscreen.

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