What is a Syringoma?

i have these bumps on my upper cheeks and lower eyelids... could this be syringoma?

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Treatment of syringomas

Syringoma is thought to be a benign overgrowth of elements of the skins sweat glands.

In real life, these commonly present as small little bumps appearning on the upper cheek or lower eyelid. They can begin at puberty but sometimes seem to increase in appearance with advancing years. They tend to be limited to a small regular size usually 1/8 inch in diameter. They are commonly confused with xanthelasma which present more like small whitish plaque like lesions on the lower eyelid.

Although the eyelid is the most common location they can appear

A variety of treatments have been used for elimination of these which range from: surgery, electrocautery, chemical peels, cryotherapy, shave excision, laser ablation,etc

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Benign Growths Derived from Sweat Glands

Syrinogmas are relatively common benign growths derived from the eccrine sweat gland ducts. The eccrine sweat glands are the glands which give us the typical watery sweat when we are hot or exercising.

Syringomas are fairly common. They usually erupt during adolscence or early adultdhood. They are more common in women. For some reason I see them frequently in Filipino patients. They consist of small bumps ( papules) 1-3 mm in diameter. The most frequent site is the area beneath the eyes. They can vary from just a few to numerous. I have seen some cases in other areas such as the chest, armpits, lower abdomen and once in the vulva.

For those residents taking their board exam and chancing on this answer, syringomas may also be seen in Down's syndrome ( had this in my board exam), Marfan's Syndrome ( which Lincoln probably had) and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

While treatment of this condition is not easy, syringomas can be treated. The reason treatment is difficult is that these growths are usually numerous and vary in their location in the dermis. Some are deeper than others.

They, of course, can be removed with careful surgical excisioin. Laser has also been effective using the CO2 and erbium lasers. Also, electrocautery, sometimes called the "poor man's laser", can be sued. This method, although not as high tech and expensive, also causes minimal scarring. The hair removal needle is inserted into the lesion and short bursts of low voltage electricity is utilized.

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Syringoma treatment for the face, eyelids, and cheeks

Hyfrecation and selective fractional co2 laser works very well in my practice to treat syringomas. 

I treat all ethnic types with this program and obtain excellent results. 

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