How to Prevent Facial Fat Loss While Losing Weight?

I am a 28 year old female. I measure 5 feet and 7.5 inches tall and weigh 152 lbs. I want to lose 15 pounds to look better anatomically, but because I have a very firm facial bone structure. I'm afraid of looking older if I lose weight.

I was wondering, if I lose 15 pounds in the course of 6 months, would that be helpful for preventing facial fat loss? Also, I am concerned about losing fat around the eye sockets.

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Facial Fat Loss While Losing Weight

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There is no special technique or way to prevent facial fat loss it depends on the anatomy, genes etc.

There are various factors that contribute some people have thinner facial skin which are usually the people who tend to have higher risk of loosing facial fat and having saggy skin. But all in all it comes down to your type of skin and genetics you would have to be evaluated to see what type of skin you have any maybe take some measures but there is no specific way or anything to do to avoid it.

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Facial fat loss

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Ahh! This is an excellent qeustion and one we wish we knew the answer to solving. There are certain conditions and medications that are associated with a disproportionate amount of facial fat loss. When we learn why this happens, we may be better able to control it but at this time the answer eludes us.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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How to prevent facial loss while losing weight?

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Unfortunately there is no way to selectively prevent facial fat loss. A slow and balanced weight loss with emphasis on building muscle mass and decreasing fat mass by focusing on aerobic exercise and resistance training along with a low calorie diet should help. 

Loosing weight facially

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If you  are trying to shape or accent certain body features you might think about building up strength or muscle in the areas you'd like to "show".  Doing this while you loose one to two pounds every couple of weeks should help balance out your shape without loosing as much fat. Sounds like you are very fortunate to have such an should be very proud of your body, you've obviously taken good care of yourself. 

Prevent.facial fat loss while loosing weight!!

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Medical science does not have a magic pill YET to prevent facial fat loss whether it occurs as part of aging or as part of overall weight loss.

Based on your BMI & strong bony structure description, 135-140 pounds weight range is acceptable.

Based on observation over last 20 years of medical practice, I suggest-

1.  Slower weight loss @ 1-2 pounds / week

2.  Good skin care regimen (growth factor, retinal, hyaluronic acid, anti oxidant, & medical grade SPF) & skin tightening procedures

3.  Under eye fillers, fat transfer or PRP may be used to address your fat loss / hollow under eye

4.  A high quality medical grade eye cream

5.  Collagen supplementation may be helpful

6.  Worth addressing micronutrient deficiency (supplement with Omega, multivitamins, skin & hair vitamins containing Zinc, Avocado or Olive oil)

7.  Collagen boosting fillers like Sculptra.

8.  Consult a make up artist in your area regarding how to soften the hollow under eye.

 Wish you the best on your weight loss journey!

Avoiding looking older when you lose weight

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I don't think you have that much to worry about. 

In my experience the 3 things that most impact whether you will look older following weight loss are the number of pounds shed, the speed in which the weight is lost, and your age. 

Because you are only 26, and since you are only planning to lose about 10% of your body weight  over a period of 6 months (2-3 lbs per month) your skin should have ample opportunity to accommodate and not sag.  

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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How to prevent facial fat loss while losing weight?

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You can't influence fat loss in one area over another.

As far as losing fat around the eye sockets - that is not exactly what really happens there. With aging the cheek as a unit begins drooping and stops providing cover to the lower lid. As a result, not only is the lower rim of the eye socket revealed, but some of the fat inside the eye socket (around and under the globe) get pulled out creating the visible fullness we see in older lower lids. This process cannot be stopped either.

But, cheer up - a lot of these features can be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Weight loss from the face

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Everybody has their own genetic code as to where they gain and lose weight first. You probably already know yours at this point in your life. All we can suggest is that you lose the weight until you like your body and then assess your face. Your strong bone structure will help you drape tha skin to not look loose but you might need some fillers if you see some folds develop. Just don't stay overweight to help your face because you will age poorly later from doing this.

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