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Risk of Scarring from IPL After Scabs Fall Off?

The 'scabs' that resulted from IPL treatments have fallen off, but the area is reddish/pinkish. It has been several weeks but the pigmentation has... READ MORE

4 Days After Photofacial - Will This Scar? (photo)

I have terrible red marks on my chest still after 4 days. Spots feel like they are going to peel and there maybe some small blisters here and there.... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Grid-like Patterns Imprinted on my Skin After Laser Treatments?

Had TotalFX in Feb.Very happy.Had AFT/IPL in May and walked out shockingly red.Swollen for about 8 days.When brown spots came off there were some... READ MORE

Permanent Scar from Photofacial?

I had a Photofacial 5 weeks ago. The procedure resulted in a burn spot on my cheek. It is size of a tip of pencil eraser. First, it was red/stingy. ... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have PhotoFacial on Healing Facial Scars?

Three weeks ago, I had enlarged sebaceous glands cauterized. The resulting scabs have fallen off, some naturally and many others prematurely by... READ MORE

Photofacial for Scarring Prone Skin?

I have the type of skin that's easily left with scars after cuts;  will Photofacial work for me? Thanks! READ MORE

Greenish Scab After Spot Treatment Photofacial. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had a spot treatment photofacial on a brown spot Friday. It rubbed up against something and peeled off that same night. It's now Thursday and has... READ MORE

Are these scars from ELOS Photofacial permanent? (photo)

I went for a photofacial yesterday but they said they couldn't do it because I have an "active tan". She did a test spot on my chest and said we... READ MORE

What procedures can reduce/eliminate a laser scar on chin? (Photo)

About 1.5 years ago I had a laser photo-facial, conducted by an M.D., who also tried to laser the beard on left side of chin near corner of lips. I... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Eyelid surgery, do I need to get photo facial treatment to get rid of the red scar?

My surgeon extended the surgical cut way past my eye lid to get rid of fatty tissue. Now the extened lines turned a red scar and not fadding away.... READ MORE

Should I Try Photofacial if Previous Palomar Treatment Resulted in Scars?

My doctor did Palomar on my face, neck and chest for melasma, capillaries, etc. Because of the scars left on my chest, she now says that I should... READ MORE

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