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Can Asian People Have IPL or Photofacial?

It is said that IPL is not suitable for dark skin. How dark does the dark refer to? I’m Asian. Is it ok for me to go for IPL treament? If not,... READ MORE

Photofacial for Freckles?

I am 18 years old and I want to do a Photofacial treatment to get rid of my freckles. Is this treatment right for me? READ MORE

Will Sun Exposure Reverse Photofacial Results?

Will exposure to sun reverse Photofacial treatment results or will I more likely burn? I've had 3 Photofacial treatments but I'm going to a tropical... READ MORE

Which is Better for Treating Freckles, Photofacial or Fractional Laser?

Which will give the best results, Fractional treatment or Photo facial treatment for treating freckles? Which might require less treatments and remove... READ MORE

Dark Skin and Bumps After AFT Treatment

I had AFT treatment a week ago on my face to get rid off the frakles, brown spots and age spots, after the treatments the area getting darker and... READ MORE

Should I Continue Getting Photofacials?

I have had 5 of 6 photofacials I paid for. I can not see a difference AT ALL. I do the VISIA complexion analysis each month 3 weeks after each... READ MORE

How come my freckles and sun spots did not darken as much after a second photo-facial treatment?

I am very worried that this treatment has gone to waste and that it will not be as effective as the fist. I am also worried because the spots across... READ MORE

Would you recommend ICON Photofacial or Fraxile?

Hi, I am 38 with minimum wrinkles, but have pale skin and freckles. The dermatologist i went to see defined my face as splotchy where he sees a... READ MORE

I had an IPL photofacial for dark spots and freckles sun damage. It has been 3 weeks since my first treatment. Advice?

The dark spots flaked of and my skin is looking great. I am noticing a dark spot is coming back. Will it continue to come back after more treatments?... READ MORE

I want some sort of treatment for my skin. Can I take a photofacial treatment? (photo)

Hyper pigmentation and freckles cover my all face and it becomes dark day by day. Photofacial treatment is use full for me?? READ MORE

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