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Is the Aerolase Lightpod Neo Any Good?

I am scheduled for treatment for photorejuvenation using Aerolase Lightpod Neo. Is this machine effective? READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Photofacial?

I had my first Photofacial treatment yesterday, and under my eyes is very swollen. Is there anything I can do to help the swelling go down? READ MORE

Can Asian People Have IPL or Photofacial?

It is said that IPL is not suitable for dark skin. How dark does the dark refer to? I’m Asian. Is it ok for me to go for IPL treament? If not,... READ MORE

Photofacial for Dark Spots Cause by Tanning Beds?

I have dark spots on my face from laying in a tanning bed for years. Is a Photofacial the way to go? They are not extemely dark but they are... READ MORE

Can Photofacials Help Excessive Blushing?

I have very fair skin with an uneven pink complextion that is very prone to blushing. Sometimes the blushing is for no good reason at all and can last... READ MORE

Is Photofacial Safe While Breast Feeding?

I had a baby two months ago and have some melasma. What is the best way to treat it and is a photofacial safe to do while breast feeding? READ MORE

Is Having Photofacial After Laser Hair Removal Too Much?

I am considering having a series of Photofacial treatments to remove freckles on my face. I have medium skin tone (Hispanic). I just finished 8 laser... READ MORE

Photofacial for Redness, Acne, Fine Lines, and Hair Removal?

I have redness around nose, acne, and fine lines. Will Photofacial help? Can it also get rid of hair above my top lip? READ MORE

Photofacial for Warts and Skin Tags?

Can Photofacial treatments remove warts and/or skin tags on the face, neck or decolletage? Thank you. READ MORE

Photofacial Safe After 3 TCA Chemical Peels?

I've had 3 TCA Chemical Peels within the last 6 years to decrease slight acne scarring. Now, my skin is super sensitive and I've acquired a couple... READ MORE

Dark Skin and Bumps After AFT Treatment

I had AFT treatment a week ago on my face to get rid off the frakles, brown spots and age spots, after the treatments the area getting darker and... READ MORE

Can I Go out in the Sun with High Spf Suncreen After Having a Photofacial?

Can I Go out in the Sun with High Spf Suncreen After Having a Photofacial? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have PhotoFacial on Healing Facial Scars?

Three weeks ago, I had enlarged sebaceous glands cauterized. The resulting scabs have fallen off, some naturally and many others prematurely by... READ MORE

Photofacial Caused Small Holes in my Face

After photofacial I have discovered small holes in different areas of my face, some in line. Why have they appeared? Are they permanent? Is there... READ MORE

Will no sunscreen after photofacial ruin my procedure?

She only applied a moisture cream after the procedure. I was exposed to sunlight walking to my car and on my drive home from the doctor's office.... READ MORE

Are Grey Marks All over Face Normal After AFT?

I had AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technologies, a pulsed light photofacial) done 4 days ago to get rid of some dark spots. The problem I am concerned... READ MORE

What are the dos and dont's prior to a photofacial? If I do have a pimple, will I still be able to receive the treatment?(photo)

I've attached photos of my skin currently. One side of my face has no active acne, only post acne hyper pigmentation. The other side does have a... READ MORE

Should I Try Photofacial if Previous Palomar Treatment Resulted in Scars?

My doctor did Palomar on my face, neck and chest for melasma, capillaries, etc. Because of the scars left on my chest, she now says that I should... READ MORE

Photofacial from Training Institute Instructors?

Can training institutes where the instructors (not the trainees) perform Photofacials be considered a good option for this service? READ MORE

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