Dark Spots + Photofacial

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AFT Pulsed Light or IPL for Spots, Rosacea, Fine Lines?

My goal is to improve skin tone (brown spots/sun damage and redness due to rosacea) as well as skin texture (pores) and fine lines. READ MORE

Face Looks Worse After Photofacial, Will the Brown Spots it Caused Eventually Go Away?

I had my first photofacial on Sunday. It is tues and my face looks terrible with dark brown spots all over it. The facial was a bad experience with... READ MORE

Photo Facial One Month Ago Med Dark Skin. Now Have Dark Spots All Over my Face? (photo)

Hello I am 50 and had a photo facial it has been a month and i have dark spots all over my face. I am very concerned because I only had pigmentation... READ MORE

Are at Home Photofacial Units Effective for Dark Spots?

I'm Asian and have light-olive skin tone. Two years ago, I had a Photofacial done to get rid of a spot. This year, the mark came back bigger and... READ MORE

Photofacial for Dark Spots Cause by Tanning Beds?

I have dark spots on my face from laying in a tanning bed for years. Is a Photofacial the way to go? They are not extemely dark but they are... READ MORE

Photofacial for Dark Spots?

I am in my early 30's, skin looks healthy overall. I have a few (about 5-10) small dark spots on my face. But I don't have any red or brown areas. My... READ MORE

Why Do I Have A Blister After Photofacial and Now I Have a Huge Dark Area? (photo)

I had my second photofacial and experienced a blister on my chin and on my forehead. Both had fluid drain for 2 days. The skin crusted and flaked away... READ MORE

Are Grey Marks All over Face Normal After AFT?

I had AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technologies, a pulsed light photofacial) done 4 days ago to get rid of some dark spots. The problem I am concerned... READ MORE

Can a Photofacial Cause Dark Spots?

I got a photofacial almost 8 months ago (if not more.) And it seems to have caused dark spots on my skin. I didn't have any before and did the... READ MORE

Do I need a Photofacial? (photos)

I have some acne scars and dark spots on my face ,I had four chemical peels 6 months ago but i didn't notice any change in my skin ,will Photofacial... READ MORE

Can photofacial be applied to thin/sensitive/irritated/dry skin?

I have sensitive and thin skin with some minor dark spots and red capillaries. The cheekbone areas turn red in winter and very dry. I did facial... READ MORE

I had an IPL photofacial for dark spots and freckles sun damage. It has been 3 weeks since my first treatment. Advice?

The dark spots flaked of and my skin is looking great. I am noticing a dark spot is coming back. Will it continue to come back after more treatments?... READ MORE

I have dark spots after IPL photo facial. Any suggestions?

Tow days ago i have my first ipl photofacial treatment.After treatment i have badly sunburned skin .After several hours i have noticed some dark spots... READ MORE

LimeLight Photorejuvenation Not Helpful for Olive Skin?

L have heard that LimeLight Facial Photorejuvenation on people with olive skin can sometimes make skin worse and the spots can get darker. Is this... READ MORE

Should I Really Continue Photo RF when I Get Dark Shade in 2 Weeks After the Session? (photo)

I got my 1st Photo RF in Aug to treat acne. During the session, I got dark spots already and the rest of the day I had burning sensation. After 3 to 4... READ MORE

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