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Burnt Face from Photofacial? (photos)

I'm a dark skin Asian and I had my first photofacial yesterday, my face looks like burnt everywhere and bubbly with liquids is that normal? Please help!! READ MORE

Photofacial Burns 4 Days Post Op, Becoming Scabs. Is This Normal?

I have the exact size of the wand burn marks on my face. I had a photo facial done 4 days ago. There are the brown spots that I was warned about, but... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Laser Scarring, Melasma, and Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

As you can see I'm dealing with A LOT of issues on my face. To get rid of melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation I decided to do 2... READ MORE

How Long Before Blister from Photofacial Heals?

Just how long should this area take to heal? It's really large and red. Will it scar? READ MORE

Are Photfacial Burns Permanent? Was It Because I Had Been Tanning?

I had a photofacial a month ago with good results, I had one yesterday, unlike first, ( small brown spots which darkened..left)this burned for 4 hours... READ MORE

Will my Burns After Photo Facial Heal Completely? (photo)

I just had a photo facial today. First time ever. It was at a dermatologist office, done by a nurse practitioner. I felt very comfortable and it was... READ MORE

I Had a Photo Facial Today, and Have Burn Lines Across My Neck, Normal?

I have "burned" lines across my neck, I do have fair skin, does that mean my treatment was too much? I already notice my discoloration of my... READ MORE

Syneron Triniti Treatment Left Bar Marks, Right It Wrong? (photo)

I have just had the second of 3 Syneron Triniti treatments. Both times have left bars or stripes on my face which take ages to heal. I have an... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after photofacial treatment burnt it off? (photos)

I had photofacial treatments done recently and noticed that almost an inch of my hairline was burnt off. I have dark brown hair. It started to grow a... READ MORE

Is my face burnt from the photo facial I had yesterday or is this normal? (photos)

I had my second photofacial yesterday and the technician said she made it hotter. It was hot after. When I woke up this morning I had way more dark... READ MORE

Are these marks and blisters normal after IPL photo facial? I have dark burn marks w blisters on them filled with pus. (photos)

Will these go away, or is it Permanate damage to the skin? My estheciatian said I'm a Fitzpatrick 4 and That these are burns and should not blister.... READ MORE

Can a lot of photofacials at low settings work as well as a high setting?

I got burned on high setting so do not want to go high again. READ MORE

Is this a burn or normal "browning" from photo facial?

This is the next day following my first treatment for photo facial. My butt area was dark so the doctor recommended this treatment instead of the... READ MORE

How long does it take for a burn made by laser treatment to disappear? (photos)

Hi, I had some laser treatment remove some veins on my face and have been left with a big purple bruise on my cheek! I was advised it would go away in... READ MORE

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