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Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial - Results, Alternatives

When do you recommend IPL photo facial for your patients? For what skin conditions is it best?  Are there better alternatives to IPL photo... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Photo Facial: What's the Difference?

I think IPL and photo facial is the same thing.  please correct me if wrong READ MORE

How Many Sessions of Photofacial to See Results?

How many for improvement, and then how often to sustain the improvement? READ MORE

How Much Does a Photofacial Cost?

My sister says to me that I should consider a photofacial treatment to get rid of face blemishing. What would I have to spend to get photofacial? How... READ MORE

IPL Vs. Photofacial - What's the Difference?

What's the difference between IPL and a Photofacial? READ MORE

How Long After Botox Should I Wait to Get a Photofacial?

I am going in for Botox (second time/forehead only) this weekend and also want to get a Photofacial soon (not the same day; the machine is not... READ MORE

Ipl or Photofacial Side Effect - Hair Growth?

After a photo facial, does the hair that's burned off during treatment grow back thicker? READ MORE

Is the Aerolase Lightpod Neo Any Good?

I am scheduled for treatment for photorejuvenation using Aerolase Lightpod Neo. Is this machine effective? READ MORE

Can I Get Microdermabrasion and an IPL Photo Facial in the Same Month?

I had my first microdermabrasion on low setting last week. I made an appointment for the second one in 2 weeks. I really liked it. I also bought... READ MORE

Photofacial Melasma

A doctor referred specifically to fair-skinned patients for Photofacials. I am Asian and have darker skin. Is it true that Photofacials tend to make... READ MORE

Fotofacial While Breastfeeding?

Is it risky to have a foto facial while breastfeeding? READ MORE

AFT Photofacial Vs Pixel Laser for Skin Rejuvenation?

Which is more effective at treating fine lines and overall improvement of appearance, AFT (Photofacial) or Pixel Laser resurfacing? I am in good... READ MORE

Can Asian People Have IPL or Photofacial?

It is said that IPL is not suitable for dark skin. How dark does the dark refer to? I’m Asian. Is it ok for me to go for IPL treament? If not,... READ MORE

Can Photofacials Be Used on Individuals with Melasma?

I have white skin, medium tone, and tan fairly easy but can burn. I have a dark strip on my cheekbones (under where sunglasses would rest) and I think... READ MORE

Will Photofacials Do Anything for the Fine Lines Around the Eyes?

I have fine lines around the eyes and already use Botox there. I would like to smooth them out and even out my skin tone/pigmentation. Will a series... READ MORE

Photofacials with Asian Skin

Would the treatments of photofacials hurt my wife's skin? READ MORE

Will Photofacial Help with Sun Damage?

I have sun damage (hyperpigmentation) on my upper lip. This happened after waxing my upper lip and not using sunscreen while traveling in Africa. I've... READ MORE

Under Eye Fillers + Photo Facial Laser Treatment?

I'm going for some photo facial laser treatments and fillers around the under eye area. I was wondering if it is safe to go for the fillers first... READ MORE

Are at Home Photofacial Units Effective for Dark Spots?

I'm Asian and have light-olive skin tone. Two years ago, I had a Photofacial done to get rid of a spot. This year, the mark came back bigger and... READ MORE

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