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Transgender Woman: Best Way to Achieve More Hips and Buttocks?

I am a transgender woman and i struggle with having a more female or a more hourglass body shape. Right now i feel i have a squarish body frame. I... READ MORE

How much does it typically cost to transition from female to male?

I am 18 years old and a transgender. I have wanted to go through testosterone treatments and a sex change since I was 13. I will have to pay for all... READ MORE

Butt Lift For Transgender Paitent. MTF

Hey Doctors, Im a MTF Transgender needing to know if I were to have a brazilian butt lift would I loose any fat injected into me because of my gym... READ MORE

How to Achieve Feminine Curves for Transgendered Female?

I'm transgendered (M to F), and my buttocks and hips are manly shaped, anatomically. What are other options to achieve female curves and wider... READ MORE

How Much Fat is Needed for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am a slim pre-op transgendered male considering the Brazilian Butt Lift. How much fat should be on my body for this procedure? READ MORE

How to Have a Smaller Waist and More Curves on Hips and Butt?

Hello Im a transgender woman that will like to have a more feminine body more curves smaller waist bigger hips and butt i live in miami and I'm afraid... READ MORE

Doctor For Gender Reassignment Surgery in Oklahoma City?

I am a male i want to start on get my sex change and i want to get breast implants so i need help to fine a docton in oklahoma c READ MORE

Gender Re-assignment Surgery, Is this Normally Performed by a PS or a Specialist?

Is gender re-assignment surgery performed by a regular plastic surgeon or does it require a specialist. If so are there any specialists in the United... READ MORE

Can you have two different genitals at the same time through surgery?

Can you have two different genitals at the same time, without removing the male part and having also a female genital in a lower place? or should the... READ MORE

Gender Ressaignment Surgery Doctor Referral? (photo)

I am searching for a Gender Reassignment Surgery Doctor in the Las Vegas NV area I am planing to have my breast surgery mid next year then the... READ MORE

Can anyone help in beginning my female to male transition process? Or provide the first steps PLEASE

I am completely at a lost with help and direction as far as trying to get help or the best route to begin my ftm transition. I currently live in... READ MORE

How Do I Begin my Transition from Male to Female?

I am 18 years old & i was born a male, & i want to transtion into a female. I know the first step is to do hormone replacement therapy. I am... READ MORE

What will I go through exactly to become a male? And on average how much will that cost? (Photo)

If it makes a difference, I'm 16 years old. I want to be a male; I'm female. READ MORE

Best Methods for Losing Mass in the Upperbody for an MtF Transgender?

I am 6'2" currently weighing 255#. I have been on a feminizing hrt regimen since May 2012. I am working out using cardio exercises as my main source... READ MORE

Reduce Bone Size/body Frame?

Will pharma companies ever come up with a drug that can reduce bone size/body frame? There are so many transsexual women in the world who can never... READ MORE

I Am a Transexusl Mtf I Looked Up on How to Change to a Full Female What is the Full Process?

I am mtf i was wondering were i could get the hormone estreogen i heard birth control has alot will plan b work 2?also can i get breast implants... READ MORE

I Want to Make my Mtf Transition. How Do It?

I'am 19 Years Old Srilankan Boy..  I Want to Make my Mtf Transition. How Do It? READ MORE

How can I change my sex from female to male? how much cost for it in Pakistani currency?

Please tell I love with a girl and I want to marry her for this I have to change my sex please tell me about the cost for this operation READ MORE

Recommended Filler to Form More Feminine Hips?

Hi, I'm a boy of 29 and I want to get injections to on my hips to have a figure. Which product should I look for and how much would it cost? I... READ MORE

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