What Procedure will Help with Sun Damage?

I was a sun worshiper as a teenager. It's finally made an impression on my facial skin. I am hoping for just a bit of rejunivation. I do have a step cousin who is a licenced doctor of plastic surgery, buty unfortunately she only works with the " blood and guts" aspects of her occupation. I feel very insecure about the way I look. I hope to have access to to this procedure at a price I can afford. Thank you.

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What procedures help with sun damage

Before everything else (something that is hard to tell from the photo): you need a good skin exam to make sure that all those years of sun damage did not result in any precancerous lesions.

Here is what I see on your photo:

There is pretty extensive loss of volume around your cheekbones and midface that is resulting in sagging skin, hollow under eye areas, accentuated nasolabial folds and jowls.

There is redness in the center with brown spots in the lateral portions on the face.

Here is where I would start:

1. Broad-spectrum sunscreen every day

2. IPL photofacial that would get the red and brown spots in several treatments and stimulate deposition of some collagen in your face

3. Consider a filler like Sculptra or Radiesse for volume replacement in the upper and mid face that would help with the jowls and nasolabial folds

There are other procedures that are great for firming and smoothing skin and improving the photoaging, like fractional erbium resurfacing and skin tightening, but I would do a photofacial, stay out of the sun, use good sun protection and consider a filler for volume replacement.

You can add a retinoid cream to the regimen, like Retin A or Renova to help maintain and improve the results.

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