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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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23 Year Old, Forever Unhappy with my Witch Nose

I have never liked my looks, especially my nose! First ever op tomorrow! I think I'm more nervous about what the outcome of my nose will be like, not surgery. After seeing some of the amazing work my surgeon has done it makes me feel a bit more comfortable... I've always wanted my nose done... READ MORE

28 Y/o Female, Primary Rhinoplasty for Dorsal Hump Reduction + Tip Refinement in Omaha, NE

Just had my procedure today. I've always been self-conscious about my nose and finally had the opportunity to have surgery. Was able to go home pretty quickly after surgery. Post-op Day 0 has been so-so. Biggest complaints at this point are of course the congestion, but I also have a killer... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Toronto, ON

I've never thought my nose suited my face. As I am someone with a very small face I felt my nose what too large and took away from all my other features. Being two weeks post-op I can say it was the best decision I've ever made. I am confident in saying my nose not only suits my face, but works... READ MORE

I Want Rhinoplasty, Never Been Happy with my Nose! Who to Go With??

Hey guys, I am 27 years of age and have never really liked my nose....I always found it to be too large for my nose thus making all my other features look terrible! I have a bulbous tip and it looks slightly wonky on the right side. A few years ago my nose was broken and that was it. My life was... READ MORE

21 Year Old Middle-Eastern Rhino/Septoplasty

My nose used to be over projected (as you can see) Long/big nostrils and a bump on the hill. It was my biggest insecurity. I'm much happier with my nose now but I wish it was a little more thinner from the tip.. regardless though, my doctor did a great job and everyone loves it (Atleast the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kim

I have wanted this procedure since I was a teenager. Now, in my 20s, I'm finally doing it. My nose: It's too large for my face, it has a ball shaped bulbous tip, it has too much cartilage at the tip, it's too long (overprojected, hence my user name), and it droops when I smile. The... READ MORE

Have Wanted Rhinoplasty Since I Was 12

I have a similar story to many ladies that have gone for the procedure. I've hated my nose since I was a kid. It made me very self conscious & shy throughout my adolescence. I was also bullied for it (I grew into my nose) I'm 24 now and came from Phoenix to finally have this done!! I am... READ MORE

26 Year Old Female Rhinoplasty Journey! - Orlando, FL

Hi guys, I have created this profile in the hope to share my rhinoplasty story with complete transparency! My story is no different than most who struggle with insecurities regarding a particular feature. Mine just happens to be about my shnoz. My nose is not distracting, deformed, or "ugly" --... READ MORE

Reduction Rhinoplasty with Dr. Steven Denenberg (Warning Graphic Images)

Always disliked my nose, especially when I caught a profile view at age 12 of myself in a hotel mirror for the first time. I barely recognized myself, and it was nothing like how I pictured my nose looking. Inherited my grandma's nose, but worse because it drooped down and became a hook nose... READ MORE

Anxiously awaiting rhino and buccal fat removal

I am scheduled for May 18th. This is something I have been wanting to do since middle school. I dislike the projection of my nose from the side and the width of my nose especially when I smile. I am also scheduled to get buccal fat removal as I dislike the fullness of my lower face. trying to... READ MORE

21 Yr Old Grigoryants Girl - Glendale, CA

Hello Realself users! Secretly and not so secretly I've been viewing all your nose jobs to get the best idea of what my nose could look like when I get it done. I have my consultation scheduled for January 27th with Dr Grigoryant and I have to admit I'm very nervous. I'm hoping he's everything... READ MORE

30-something Year Old Former Teacher in Need of a Face Makeover

I was originally thinking of getting an eyebrow and eyelash transplant, but I realized that I needed a different kind of makeover! My job as a teacher for only 4 years left me feeling (and looking) haggard because of the stress. My upper eyelid skin began to drop, and my lower lids appeared... READ MORE

Primary Rhinoplasty - Houston

33 yrs old, 2 kids. Always wanted rhinoplasty for my bulbous upturned tip. Finally took the plunge on 12/30/16. I had 3 consultations and decided on Dr. Funk. I think I like my results, although it's been difficult to look in the mirror and see such a difference. Also the swelling in the... READ MORE

28 Y/o - The nose does not suit the face

Hi everybody, I will be taking you with me on my journey of rhinoplasty. I feel the need to talk about it, get it off my chest and I want to share my story and experience. The first time I saw my nose from the side I was around my 13th / 14th year. I was shocked how big it was.. From the front... READ MORE


I've always wanted a straighter and smaller nose and now I finally have that! My nose was extremely crooked, my nostrils were very elongated, and I had a significant dorsal hump. But thanks to Dr. Zakhary, my nose finally looks the way I've always wanted it to and the healing process went so... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty - Salt Lake City, UT

So I've been debating about whether or not I wanted to record my experience here because privacy is really important to me, but I know there's no rhinoplasty reviews for Dr. Ward with pictures so I thought it could be really helpful to other people interested in Dr. Ward or who are still trying... READ MORE

23 Year Old, Ready for Change!!!! - Toronto, ON

I'm a 23 year old living in Guelph, Ontario who is moving to the UK in September 2017 to study Law. -I have been battling insecurity and anxiety about my nose since I was in the 9th grade. -The way I see my nose in the mirror, in sunglasses, and in pictures does not reflect the person I am on... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Sexy Mamacita, Latina Getting a New Nose - Chicago, IL

I did a consult with two doctors in Chicago. They are considered the best in the area, and I decided on shah. I scheduled the survey for may 22! I've had dreams about a botched job, but I'm looking for improvement. I really liked the morph that anil shah did and like His style of noses , Dayan... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty & Bichoptomia with Dr. Hugo Aguilar Villa

I will be going to Colombia in June to do a rhinoplasty with this doctor, i really love his work. Plane ticket and deposit is done, so im very excited. Lets see if it will be worth it or not. I will be updating as time goes by, im trying to find a place to stay. Thats the last step i guess. I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Rhinoseptoplasty, London

For 10+ years I've been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty and this year I finally took the steps to get this going! I did a lot of research into different surgeons, what to expect and questions to ask. I settled on Dr Julian De Silva who was very calm and professional. Time to document my... READ MORE

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