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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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3 Months Post-op for Rhinoplaasty and I Have Piggy Nose That Has Also Drastically Affected the Look of my Upper Lip!

I am 3 months post-op for rhinoplasty, and am not happy with the results. The tip is way upturned with a hanging columella and it is still very sore. There is a stitch that was in the wall of the inside of my nose (towards the columella) that looks like its been covered up with scar tissue,... READ MORE

Nasal Augmentation with Silastic Implant

I'm Chinese and was born with somewhat of a wide, flat nose with flared nostrils. I've always hated the base of my nose because it was too wide. I've wanted alarplasty for a long time, but when I consulted with a surgeon he recommended that I get nasal augmentation as well because my bridge... READ MORE

I broke my nose twice and decided to get it fixed. Rhinoplasty - Pompton Plains, New Jersey

I broke my nose twice and decided to get it fixed because I'm getting married on July 26th. My surgery was on March 11th and every week that goes by I am happy that I went through with it. I still have swelling especially at the tip but my nose looks great. I am much more confident now and... READ MORE

Nervous About the Results....

Honestly, the whole surgery experience was great. I went in ready to roll; not nervous a bit. I got surgery 4/14/09 and it is now 4/18/09. I am not getting the cast off till Monday, but I can still see little changes. Honestly, I am a little scared. I know it has only been 4 days since the... READ MORE

What a Positive Experience!

I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty performed by {Edited: Provider information appears above the review for registered users} and I can honestly say that I could not have had a more positive experience. I have had a septoplasty done before by a Dr. in MN, and had a really negative surgery, so... READ MORE

Love my New Nose - Dr. took the time to fully explain the procedure - New York, NY

Dr. took the time to fully explain the procedure. He also has excellent communication skills. I was confident going into my procedure, I felt like he wasn't going to promise an unrealistic outcome. I also believe he is very current with his techniques and research - very involved in the medical... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty Done Twice by 2 Different Docs

I had my first rhinoplasty done 23 years ago. The doc did a very bad job. I was left with one side collapsed and scarred. I had it done again by a Hollywood doc 6 years later who fixed my nose properly. It isn't perfect, but I still don't look like the elephant man. I would recommend this... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Has Changed my Look

I decided to have rhinoplasty to remove a bump on my nose. I made the decision because for years the bump was making me self conscious. I felt inadequate and ugly when I saw my profile. I also suffered a lot when I was younger as I often heard people make negative comments about my nose and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Success =)

I was 19 years old when I went under the knife for my rhinoplasty and deviated septum correction. For seven days I had to wear a plastic bandage over my nose. Honestly, that was the worst part of the entire procedure and the fact that no one knows how dry the human mouth can get until they have... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty is Not Worth It - Chevy Chase, MD

I had my nose job done a year ago. I was not happy with the results because the tip of my nose looked bigger. I thought that it was swelling and it will go down. Well, it was scar tissue and I had to have a revision to fix that. Overall I am not happy and I am really angry. This whole experience... READ MORE

Right Doctor Makes All the Difference

The more things I do, the more I realize that having the right people makes all the difference.  Even something simple could turn into a nightmare with someone incompetent.  To me, this is my FACE, I did a lot of research, and even last minute cancelled a procedure because that doctor... READ MORE

Get It Right the First Time

Make sure the surgeon breaks your nose, don't do the close rhinop. if you think your nose is too big. If not, you'll be disappointed afterwards. I spent a lot of money and I look more or less the same. Surgeon tend to try to get away with doing the simplest procedure possible. It costs the... READ MORE

One of the Best Decision's I've Made

I was always self-conscious about my nose - it was a "family" nose, with a slight hump in the bridge.  I felt as if people were horrified by my profile (even though logically I know that's not the case).  I always hid behind my long hair, and had no self-confidence.  I... READ MORE

Great Experience in Beverly Hills!

I loved my doctors and experience! Facility is beautiful, staff is amazing, treated like a celebrity...and Im far from..:). . and of course, my nose and eyes came out beautiful! I had rhinoplasty and fat graft under my eyes. Luckily the nose was covered by insurance...:) Pre-op they gave me a... READ MORE

Tip Rhinoplasty - United Kingdom

I had a tip rhinoplasty, nostrils narrowed and nose set back slightly.  I asked for a subtle look, because I was afriaid it would look too small.  But It's too subtl, I had it done two weeks ago and have to see same surgeon again to see if I'm happy with it.  I want... READ MORE

I Look Completely Natural, Like my New Nose is Actually Mine!

It was more uncomfortable than painful, but I looked like a truck had run over me. People looked at me and said I must have been in a lot of pain. The most uncomfortable part was not being able to breathe through my nose, having to have my head looking up all the time, and not being able to go... READ MORE

Inverted V Deformity - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a rhinoplasty in early 2007. I always disliked my nose a rhinoplasty was something i always wanted so i finally did it and let me tell u its the worst thing i did in my life I prefer having my old ugly nose if i knew i was going to have all these problems(my breathing is very obstructed, i... READ MORE

Sorry I Did It! - Akron

Not worth it at all. I researched diligently for a qualified surgeon and thought I had one of the best. I wanted a straight nose, no tipping up and get rid of the hump. I now have a ski jump nose with pushed up nostrils. We did photo imaging but apparantly he forgot to look before he did... READ MORE

Bad Rhino - Do Not Recommend the Procedure

I do not recommend a rhino. There have been no pros whatsoever.  I did it because I had a dorsal hump and wanted the tip refined.  We discussed what I wanted and went over photos. I now have a nose that is crooked, overresected and tipped up, nothing like I asked for... READ MORE

Get a Nose Surgeon, Not a General Plastic Surgeon - Bellevue, WA

Make sure you go to a surgeon who only does noses. Your nose is really important part of your body. I got a nose job because as you get older your cartilege grows and this became a problem for me. I just didn't think my nose was that attractive. Since I've had my nose job my nose runs... READ MORE

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