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Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Turbinate Reduction (24 from AUS)

First of all, I was unsure whether or not to post this online, however Realself has been my saving grace during recovery so I thought I'd give back. Reasons for having this done - classic European heritage gave me a nice hump (I hated it beyond belief), and due to it being quite oversized, it... READ MORE

open rhinoplasty , with dr. ozge ergun , new age clinic istanbul - Turkey, TR

Hello there everyone , i will keep this short, my nose really NEEDED a fix' , i got dorsal hump removal , a slight tip work to fix a droopy tip , and turbinati fixing , i got my sugery on the 8th of may at istanbul cerrahi, by New Age Clinic, their service is 10/10 really so i will... READ MORE

Save yourself a second surgery

6 months post op and I am mortified by my nose. I am more unhappy with it than before surgery. Dr. R won't listen to my concerns or wants, just says "it's only you" that thinks it looks bad. No resolution to my unsatisfaction, just wasted time and money. Getting consults from other doctors for a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation

Aftet thinking about rhinoplasty for many years, I'm so glad I decided to finally do it! It has been 3 months and I am in love with the results. My breast aug turned out great as well, totally natural looking just like I wanted. Dr. Goldman is a fantastic and talented surgeon and I would... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Seattle 30 y/o female

Like most in my position will say, I can remember always hating my nose. I think I first learned my nose was larger than the ideal image at around 11 years of age, when another child was kind enough to point it out to me. After that, I got the occasionally cruel comment from a peer... but this... READ MORE

18 Year Old / Rhinoplasty

Hello, I'm doing a review on my rhinoplasty and sharing my experience. I decided to have a rhinoplasty because my nose has been my biggest insecurity since I was around 13. It has been a big source of anxiety for me in my life, it has caused me to avoid social situations and miss out on many... READ MORE

Fantastic experience!

Dr. Miller performed a tiplasty on me last month. I had a nose that was continually drooping and becoming more flat/depressed-looking with every passing year. Unlike other surgeons I had consulted with who insisted my nose needed to be broken to achieve the result I wanted, Dr. Miller... READ MORE

Australian Getting Rhinoplasty Done by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants! - Glendale, CA

Hi guys! My name is Crystal and I'm 27 years old from Australia. I've wanted my nose correct since I was very young, but not only that I find it difficult to breathe. I've looked for years for something to operate on me but never found anyone I felt I could trust. I don't want my face ruined.... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty to Correct Deviated Septum, Dorsal Hump, and Bulbous Tip - Calgary, AB

I have never loved my nose but I have also never hated it. I could have gone through life quite happily without changing it, and so I thought about rhinoplasty for a couple of years before making a decision. I had a minor deviated septum corrected, dorsal hump reduced, and bulbous tip refined. I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty by Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon at TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico

My name is Lisa, I am 21 years old. I had a rhinoplasty eight months ago -February 2017- in Mexico with TopPlasticSurgeonsMexico. My doctor was dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon, whom I choose because i loved the rhinoplasty he did on my sister. My assistant at top surgeons mexico confirmed... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old. Found DR.G - Glendale, CA

Ok im a guy and i dont wanna get all mushy mushy. Like most ppl i was teased alot in school. Not bullied unless u count words. The damage is more powerful with words. I am half mexican and if u know about our culture, teasing is a common thing, sad but true. Like dunking ur head in a cake during... READ MORE

Straightening the Bone

I just had surgery today and an in bed writing this. I went in at 11am and surgery was suppose to begin at 12:30. They took me back around 1pm and I woke up around 3pm. This was my second surgery. I had surgery on my nose 1 time in September last year. I had a car accident about 9 years ago that... READ MORE

Rhino, Septo, Turbinate Reduction with Vladimir Grigoryants

I had my surgery on January 3rd at the Physicians Adventist Surgery Centre. I flew from Vancouver on January 2nd, took a Lyft from LAX, checked into my Airbnb and went to my pre-op. I was the only patient and I did not feel rushed. I told Dr G what I did not like about my nose - asymmetry in... READ MORE

35 Year Old Rhinoplasty - Oklahoma City, OK

I have been interested in getting cosmetic rhinoplasty since I was a teenager. I grew up very insecure about my nose. I also experienced some trauma by participating in years of competitive sports as a high schooler. This trauma added some bumps/dents and other irregularities to my nose but I... READ MORE

Changed my Life for the Better!

My nose had been my biggest insecurity for as long as I can remember, and this year I finally decided to do something about it! From my consultation all the way up to the procedure itself, Dr. Sabbagh and his team were nothing short of exceptional in answering my questions, thoroughly... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Open Rhinoplasty.

After a lifetime of bullying I was finally able to have a rhinoplasty, to be honest it was a decision I had been thinking about but didn't really think was possible so, when I went to Harley Medical in Chelmsford Essex and I couldn't have felt more welcomed by the staff, even on the phone were... READ MORE

Reduction Rhinoplasty with Dr. Steven Denenberg (Warning Graphic Images)

Always disliked my nose, especially when I caught a profile view at age 12 of myself in a hotel mirror for the first time. I barely recognized myself, and it was nothing like how I pictured my nose looking. Inherited my grandma's nose, but worse because it drooped down and became a hook nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty & Chin implant!!!

I'm 25 and am 7 weeks post-op! I've always been self conscious of my nose and chin. My nose was more "beak" shaped than a nose & my chin was virtually non existent. I'd find myself getting awkward & embarrassed if anyone saw me from the side! Everyday life was a nightmare...sitting in... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty regret - a smaller nose doesn't equal better

I never thought I would want my big nose back. But I do, badly. Below is a summary of what I'm going through I've always hated my nose.. and that's the common story you hear from most people that opt for Rhinoplasty. I hated it. I would start a my reflection at cry. I would turn my face the... READ MORE

27 with Dorsal Hump & Bulbous Tip - Albany, NY

I've been generally unhappy with my nose for years, but it has never been a big deal. Cosmetic surgery always seemed like an unaffordable luxury, entirely out of the realm of possibility so I never gave rhinoplasty serious thought. Now I am in a position where my job affords me the disposable... READ MORE

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