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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical.

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I have been unhappy with my nose ever since the 7th grade when some random kid sang out really loud for the world to hear “Big Nosed Bitch” over and over again. It was the beginning of the torment my nose would bring me. I’ve been called: Honker, Blossom, Gonzo, big bird…just nasty... READ MORE

I decided to start a review here after seeing so many people trying to help others out through the process. I injured my nose several times going back 2 when I was around 10yrs old. Allergies always are a problem and I have already had deviated septum surgery twice. I am worried that my nose... READ MORE

I had a horizontal Glabellar Crease, my whole life and didn't like how I noticed it all the time. When I looked in the mirror or reviewed photos of myself, That's all I ever noticed. Because I noticed that crease between my eyes above the bridge of my nose all the time. I naturally assumed... READ MORE

I just wanted to begin the review by giving credit to the courtesy and attention Dr. Samaha and his staff have shown me. He and the people who run the clinic (Valery, Suzie and Irene) are amazing. I got a consultation appointment 2 weeks after my first phone call, and my surgery 6 weeks after... READ MORE

I see everyone's posts up on here so I thought it would be nice to share mine in hopes to help others. Over a year ago I broke my nose and it really started to bother me breathing wise. I also was losing weight so it looked bigger to me then ever before. It has effected me in my ways I could... READ MORE

Dr. Andrew Miller is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. He performed rhinoplasty and chin augmentation for me with excellent results and a very natural look. He was very professional and explained both procedures to me, as well as answered all my questions and concerns regarding the surgery. His... READ MORE

I wanted to have my nose done for 15 years. Finally I decided to stop dreaming and do it. I was still very nervous about it going into surgery. But my surgeon (Dr. Barrera) was very helpful in making me feel relaxed by answering all my questions and helping me understand the process. I had a... READ MORE

Hi everyone! =) I'm so glad that I found this website because it truly is sooo informative and helpful when you're considering to go under the knife. Therefore I also want to share my story so more people can get the information they need! Here we go. I am a 18-year old living in Sweden I have a... READ MORE

Honestly I didn’t think I was going to be accepted so cordially by the doctors and staff. I am a transgender woman and there were no indication of any discrimination or side talk. It’s been a great experience till now. I know that I will always get the same kind of assistance in the future,... READ MORE

I have been unhappy with the shape of my nose since being a young teen as it hung lower then average. Then about 6 years ago someone throw a football at my nose causing curvature and a bump. I then knew eventually I would need to have it fixed. I was so scared that I would end up with something... READ MORE

Hi all! So I've been reading all of your reviews and finally decided to pull the trigger and schedule my rhinoplasty. I'm going with Dr.Grigoryants in June and I'm very excited/nervous. I've hated my nose since childhood, especially my profile. I got married in October and was embarrassed of... READ MORE

So far so good. Hoping for a cancellation so I can have the surgery done in December or January! Will be traveling from out of town, more nervous about the logistics than the actual surgery! Would love to hear about others experiences/ and or travel advice. May have to do this alone, but I hope... READ MORE

A little background... I was in a car accident as a teenager and broke my nose and it was severed at the columella on the steering wheel. I almost had my nose done 10 years ago when I was 24 and wish I would have but I could not justify the cost. Now I could not be more ready! I have a deviated... READ MORE

Dr. Ghavami and I didn’t see eye to nose. He thinks my nose looks good while I think not only does it not look good, it looks worse than before surgery. He attempted to fix a deviated septum and refine a bulbous tip. There was slight improvement in the very upper part of my nose where there... READ MORE

After years of research for who I wanted to have as my doctor I finally came across Dr. Grigoryants. I decided to post on real self because a lot of the real self blogs were super beneficial in my decision-making process! I'm from out of state and flew in to meet with Dr. G this past Wednesday... READ MORE

I'm not sure when I first realized I wasn't pretty. By the time I was halfway through high school I knew there was something off about my face, but I wasn't sure exactly what, so I blamed the bump on my nose. I thought if it was gone I would be just as happy and pretty and confident as my... READ MORE

I had my operation for rhinoplasty with Matti on the 23rd! I've been researching rhinoplasty surgeons for a long while, but felt Matti was the one for me. The reviews on Real Self prompted me to go have the initial consultation with him, so I thought I'd give something back to the forum that... READ MORE

After being insecure I finally decided to have rhinoplasty with the full support of my fiancé. I went to a well known clinic in Manila that a few of my family members have gone to as well. I actually had an alarplasty procedure with bulbous tip defattening. The procedure was done under local... READ MORE

I had a typical Italian nose (deviated septum and a large dorsal hump.) Everyone in my family has the same nose with a varied degree of the size of their dorsal hump. I was always told to accept myself and I'm so beautiful. Count your blessings! Ever since an angry jealous girl made a terrible... READ MORE

Hi Everyone So i would like to share my story with you and would appreciate your feedback and comments. i have wanted a nose job for other 10 years i absolutely hate it, its wonky pointy and just unattractive - after lots of saving i have finally booked the procedure with Mr Adam... READ MORE

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