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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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Rhinoplasty: Can I Get the Nose I've Always Wanted?

I am looking for a plastic surgeon who specializes in round, bulbous, and ethnic noses. I have been having a hard time finding someone in my area who specifically states they specialize in this, but I am willing to travel and pay what I need to, as I am very specific about the outcome and do not... READ MORE

Vancouver BC - Rhinoplasty - not happy.

I have always found that my nose detracted from my looks rather than contributed to them. I have a fine nose from the side profile but from 3/4 view and often when I am laughing it looks awful. It seems to go from being a typical simple / plain nose when I am holding my face still and face on,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Medellin Colombia

I am a 22 year old living in Miami, Florida with a huge family residing in Colombia. I've wanted a rhinoplasty procedure done for as long as I could remember, especially after being teased about looking like an avatar or parakeet. Finally, after saving up, and knowing that my family was... READ MORE

30 Years Old and Excited for a Dr. G Nose - Glendale, CA

I have my surgery booked for September 16th. I have been to many consults locally in Vancouver, CA and I did not feel comfortable with their skills. I've seen a lot of happy ladies post after pics from their results with Dr. G and I'm confident after 8 years of looking that I've made the right... READ MORE

Nose, Boobs, and Chin! The Works! - Las Vegas, NV

This review comes EXACTLY a year after my surgeries (11/04/2015). I wanted to leave a review an entire year later so I can leave honest feedback and not be persuaded by either great initial results or initial pains and aches. So I make a joke and say that after turning 30 I needed a little... READ MORE

My New Nose - Maui, HI

Dr Phan is an outstanding doctor. He is a caring professional and very skilled plastic surgeon. I cannot express fully the caring and understanding that he gave to my very challenging situation . Honestly, what a wonderful thing to have a doctor like him! He explained everything to me and... READ MORE

24 Years Old Rhinoplasty - Birmingham, GB

Hi i have been following alot of stories on here which has helped me throughout my rhinoplasty journey. As i haven't seen any reviews of this surgeon i thought id be one of the first and say he is a fantastic surgeon with a fantastic team of doctors and nurses. Leave your email to me i will send... READ MORE

Im 24 and Finally Got my Rhinoplasty :-) - Newstead, AU

Hi Everyone, my Names Ami and since the early stages of high school ive always wanted to get a rhinoplasty. I finally decided to go ahead with it this year and im so excited and nervous at the same time. I had my proceedure on the 23/09/16 and i am now 6 days post op! And get the cast and... READ MORE

New Nose! - Burnsville, MN

After years of disliking my nose, I finally decided to do something about it. I am excited to share my journey here because I have found that reading these reviews has helped reduce some of the nervousness I have. Overall, I am feeling excited, only nervous because I have never had any type of... READ MORE

Septopladty/rhinoplasty - Hamilton, ON

Best thing I ever did- no regrets, totally worth it! The surgery was virtually painless, the biggest problem was breathing with packing in nose. Even after packing was out on Post op day 2, breathing was difficult fir probably a month due to swelling and scanning- saline nasal spray was a... READ MORE

I absolutely love my nose - Houston, TX

I absolutely love the results! I am so blessed I found the Amazing Dr Henry Mentz He is the most talented , professional ,super knowledgeable and caring doctor in Houston and probably in the whole world !!!!!! From my first consultation until my post surgery visits has been super. He is the... READ MORE

Surgery Scheduled for August 18, 2017, So Nervous Advice Welcome

Im so nervous for my appointment, I'm from out of state so when it's time ill just be kinda going straight in. Im looking to essentially remove the hump from my nose. Im just really worried about potential complications with Anesthesia, or infection and of course what if i don't like it. Ive... READ MORE

Im 27 Yo, I Always Hated My Nose, I Felt It's Big For My Face - Lebanon, Beirut

I just landed in beirut lebanon, heard so much about dr charbel medawar, read so many amazing reviews, and seen magical photos.. I was in touch with dr charbel on whatsapp and decided to head to beirut to do it finally im so nervous and excited ! Dr charbel is extremly caring! Wish me luck.... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Tired of a Large Nose That Did Not Fit my Face - Wayzata, MN

Ever since I could remember I hated my nose. I have pretty small features and my nose was all I saw when I looked in the mirror. After much research and a few consultations I decided to do it and I am so happy I did! The procedure/healing went SO smooth and it gave me confidence I didn't know I... READ MORE

I've Wanted It for Years ! If I Knew It Was This Simple I Would Have Done It Earlier - West Orange, NJ

I've wanted a Rhinoplasty for years and was always scared of how it would come out, the cost and recovery. The cost of course is an investment but at least to me it was well worth it. Since the procedure my confidence has taken a boost and I've taken more time into taking care of myself. I now... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Ethnic - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello All, So the second procedure that I've been interested in is a Rhinoplasty. I've I been wanting this procedure for as long as I can remember. The best way to describe my nose is " WIDE"! I hate it! You will never catch me taking a dead on profile pic, I always have to turn my head some... READ MORE

Septo-Rhinoplasty with Dr. Rady Rahban - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a septo-rhinoplasty with Dr. Rahban last December 2015. It was a surgery I had wanted for years - something that I meticulously researched and agonized over tirelessly - not only for aesthetic reasons (how does a nose get bigger over time?) but also for practical reasons, as I had suffered... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty After X2 Broken Noses - Cincinnati, OH

After breaking my nose twice as a little girl, the bump and bend in my nose bothered me. Since then I have been saving so that I could afford to get the procedure done. This is something that I have wanted for 15 years and have finally achieved. After getting the Rhinoplasty I was very swollen... READ MORE

21, Rhinoplasty with Doctor G in Glendale May 16th 2016

I have been researching doctors online for two years and just this year I have finally started to meet doctors and plan on getting my rhinoplasty this summer 2016. I am from San Diego but go to college in LA. I have seen Doctor kolstad in la jolla, and Doctor Yoo in rancho Bernardo. I have a... READ MORE

1yr 8 Months Post Rhinoplasty - Am So Unhappy. Windsor, GB

Hello, I had my Rhinoplasty done 1 year 4 months ago. I had a dorsal hump and the top third of my nose had a visible break which made my nose deviate to one side. I researched and researched surgeons and spent hundreds of pounds on consultations etc. And then I found my surgeon... Who was very... READ MORE

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