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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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Hispanic and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty - Glendale, CA

I've hated my nose, my entire life. Everyone in my family has a nice small nose with a bridge, except me. I'm Middle eastern and Hispanic native american. My nose is beyond ugly and bulbous. I have no tip definition and no bridge. My nose is wide. After years of research I haven't found a... READ MORE

I Finally Did It and So Far...so Good! - Scottsdale, AZ

I met with the doctor Paul Holden originally to discuss my nasal labial folds. We decided to use Juvéderm to inject and I was in love with the results. We also discussed rhinoplasty which I have wanted for more than 20 years. I met with several other surgeons and ultimately decided on Dr. ... READ MORE

Getting the nose I always wanted - Glendale, CA

Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now and decided it was time to write and share my journey with you guys! I'm so nervous and excited I have my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants in about a week I've read on here that he's a very busy guy! I have about 6 questions down but would like... READ MORE

28 y/o nose improvement

I knew once I found a surgeon, my journey would officially begin. I decided to share my experience, one because I'm scared and two, because I'm excited. My ultimate goals at the end of all this is to have a straight even nose with a smaller tip. Finally have my consultation this Monday and I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Dr Jason Roth - Sydney, AU

I have rhinoplasty finally booked here in Sydney Australia. I'm so excited, only 5 weeks to go!! I'm booked in with Dr Jason Roth, so far my consultation with him has gone great. I have another one booked in for tomorrow then my operation will be on the 13th of September. I will keep up dated... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 30 Year Old Male...broken Nose

Not sure yet if it was worth it. I went for my first consultation in early December 2016. I also had appointments with an ENT to perform a septoplasty. Dr. Michaud and his staff are very nice people and very helpful. He was able to coordinate with a local ENT to have my septoplasty done at the... READ MORE

33 Years Old Woman Wanting for a Long Time to Make Her Dream Come True- Rhinoplasty

I have always disliked my nose and knew one day somehow i was going to make my dream a reality. So happy i finally did this i had a great recovery and my surgeon was amazing, very happy with my results so far and for choosing Richard bloom as my surgeon. This man has brought the confidence i... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Rhinoplasty with Dr. G - Glendale, CA

As many of you on here, I have always had a complex about my nose ever since I was 12 years old. I don't mind how the front of my nose looks (since it is narrow/slim). However, my profile is what I've always been very insecure about. When I smile it droops down. I was always self conscious... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant and Chin Liposuction

So excited to improve my profile! I'm finally repairing my deviated septum from past breaks, and having my double chin corrected with lipo and an implant. I'm still unsure of the implant size, I have my pre-op visit next week. I began a low sodium diet and no alcohol for the next six- eight... READ MORE

Ugly Bulbious Tip Gradually Got Worse Since 2011 Rhinoplasty

So I absolutely cringe when I see a photo of myself. I hate my nose especially from the front and the left hand side! It's the bulbous wonky tip that ruins the whole nose because the bone is actually really straight from the side on. I had my nose job in 2011 in Belgium as I couldn't afford UK... READ MORE

48 Yr Old Rhinoplasty and Neck Lipo

Surgery day when smooth and pretty perfect! Hoping I get the names correct...Nurse Angela, scrub nurse Ed, anesthesiologist Karen and if course Dr Liland. Everyone was very nice and this was the first time I did not get nauseous after anesthesia! I don't think the surgery could have gone any... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mom of 3 Little Girls Just Scheduled Rhinoplasty for May!

Hi everyone! I just had my initial consultation with Dr. Pontell in Wayne, PA yesterday and decided to go ahead schedule the surgery for May 2nd. I'm nervous and excited but I truly hope this is all worth it. I just keep thinking as I'm watching TV, that everyone from the Real Housewives and... READ MORE

rhinoplasty septoplasty with Dr. G: Let's do this!

Hi everyone- After years and years of being self conscious about my nose (not to mention all the sinus headaches and constant inability to breathe properly), I can't believe this is finally happening!! I'm a ball of nervous energy and excitement. I have no idea if anyone will even read this,... READ MORE

Bump on Bridge After Rhinoplasty. Lynnwood, WA

I just had a rhinoplasty done to remove the bump off the bridge of my nose. I just got the cast off today and there's still a bump on the bridge! I'm trying not to freak out because he said its swelling but it feels like the bone! I will be posting pictures later but in the meantime what do you... READ MORE

18, Houston Rhinoplasty - Houston, TX

Hi, I am an 18 year old going into college at the end of the summer. I want to get this done before then because I will be meeting a whole new set of people and first impressions are so important when entering a new community. Most people make this more of a blog than a review, so I'll just... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty regret - a smaller nose doesn't equal better

I never thought I would want my big nose back. But I do, badly. Below is a summary of what I'm going through I've always hated my nose.. and that's the common story you hear from most people that opt for Rhinoplasty. I hated it. I would start a my reflection at cry. I would turn my face the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty at 32 - Oklahoma City, OK

I am anxiously anticipating my rhinoplasty and so excited it's finally happening. It has been such a journey to even get to this place and I hope that the surgery will result in me obsessing less about my nose and enjoying life more! I am posting before pictures and will post more pictures... READ MORE

So Excited for my Rhinoplasty with Dr. Gross! - Lake Mary, FL

I am less than 2 weeks away from my rhinoplasty with Dr. Edward Gross. At my first consultation I was immediately greeted by a beautiful clean office and very professional and warm staff members. When I met Dr. Gross he made me very comfortable right away before we even started talking about my... READ MORE

Finally Have the Courage to Do This! - Great Britain, GB

Well my story is much like everyone else's. I've always had an issue with my nose - its just too big for my small heart shaped face. After toying with the idea of rhinoplasty for years I finally feel ready, able and excited to get it done! The biggest issue for me is who is the best surgeon to... READ MORE

21 Year Old Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty - Rochester, MI

My nose used to be over projected (as you can see) Long/big nostrils and a bump on the hill. It was my biggest insecurity. I'm much happier with my nose now but I wish it was a little more thinner from the tip.. regardless though, my doctor did a great job and everyone loves it (Atleast the... READ MORE

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