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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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24 Year Old Undergoing Rhinoplasty. Glendale, CA

Hello all! I have decided to post about my experience with Dr. Grigoryants as I used this website (as well as Yelp and his own) to decided whether I wanted my Rhinoplasty to be with him or otherwise. I will also be posting picture later, as I am still gathering them. I had my Rhinoplasty with... READ MORE

Waited Way Too Long to Get my Crooked Nose Fixed

This is my own experience. When I was younger, I had an accident playing as a kid. I was running around playing tag and I pretty much tripped and faceplanted. When I got off the ground there was a river of blood coming out of my nose. Essentially I knew I had messed up big time haha. Since then... READ MORE

Disappointed with my Primary Rhinoplasty with Grigoryants

I was looking to have my nose just slightly refined and my profile brought down to a more femine appearance. I never had a hump or anything obviously "wrong" with my nose, but it did appear a bit large in high definitiom photos. At the time i was modeling and needed more refinement to look... READ MORE

19 Year Old Rhinoplasty Patient. West Orange, NJ

I went to Dr. Joseph primarily because of my nasal breathing issues. Due to my allergies as well as a deviated septum, I always felt like my nasal passages were never clear. I also had a bump on my nose from sports related injuries. Although the thought of surgery was really scary to me, Dr.... READ MORE

Looks and functions worse post Ghavami rhino

Dr. Ghavami and I didn’t see eye to nose. He thinks my nose looks good while I think not only does it not look good, it looks worse than before surgery. He attempted to fix a deviated septum and refine a bulbous tip. There was slight improvement in the very upper part of my nose where there w... READ MORE

Dr Jeffrey Zwiren Ruined my Life!! - Duluth, GA

He took everything from me! My career my home and my life! I forgave him but I will never forget that horrible day 10/16/2008! I woke up blind in my left eye and only 70% in my right! The doctors at Emory saved my life! He never called 911 he put me in an employees car and drive me to an eye... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty

So I am looking to get my nose done but I am doing a lot more research as to my previous elective surgeries because this is my face and it can't go wrong. I've did online consultations with three surgeons who are experts in rhinoplasty per say.. My first choice is dr Vladimir Grigoryants in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi Was the Best Decision I Have Ever Made - Chatswood, AU

I finally took the plunge to have my rhinoplasty procedure done with Dr Shahidi and I am so happy I went through with it. The final result is better than I ever imagined. I cant thank him and his staff enough for restoring my confidence this was truly a life changing procedure which was well... READ MORE

22 Year Old, Full Rhinoplasty. Cincinnati, OH

I have always wanted to change my nose.. Playing soccer my whole life I have always been more inclined for facial injury, hitting my nose more times than I would like. After a few years of research I finally decided on a surgeon in Cincinnati, Dr. Mandell Brown. When I scheduled my initial... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Cleveland, OH

I'm absolutely delighted with the results thank you Dr. Guyuron When took off the cast and saw my new nose for the first time. I was speechless and overwhelmed with happiness. Dr Guyuron, words cannot explain how I feel about the job you did on my nose ,but I'll try to explain, it's... READ MORE

23, Female Rhinoplasty! - Glendale, CA

I always had an issue with my nose being somewhat crooked and having a bump on the bridge. So I chose Dr. Grigoryants after a lot of research. He has mostly excellent reviews, and of course every surgeon has a couple bad reviews too. I am overall pleased so far with results, only at 2 weeks post... READ MORE

27 Year Old and Ready for a New Nose! - Beverly Hills, CA

I want to have a little nice nose nothing to fancy or anything. I do not like the hump I have and hopE TO SOON LOVE MY NOSE. I had a consultation with Doctor Oscar Leal on October 1, 16 . I have never liked my nose since I was in middle school. I would like a closed rhino. If anyone has any... READ MORE

Dr Grigoryants. Yes. He's the BEST. Glendale, CA

My name is Elena and I'm 29 years old. Finally, i got a rhinoplasty by Dr Vladimir Grigoryants! I cannot even describe how much in love i am already with my new nose. I just want to tell you that it was absolutely worth my trip from Europe to the US. My results proved that it was worth the money... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op - Already Loving my New Nose! - Glendale, CA

I'm usually not one to write reviews, but I am absolutely blown away by the amazing work Dr. Grigoryants has done on my nose! Although it has only been 2 weeks and there is still a lot of swelling present, I am already loving my new nose. Like many of you, I decided to have this surgery because... READ MORE

The Day I've Been Waiting For!

I'm going in on September 30th to narrow my wide, unflattering nose. I have always been insecure of my nose, (since it is one of the main features on my face.) There are no words to describe how happy I am. I have heard great things about this surgeon, I am happy with my decision. I will post... READ MORE

49 Year Old with Twice Deviated Septum - Glendale, CA

My experience under Eric's care was amazing. He was always a pleasure to deal with and always took the time to explain all my questions. The result was truly incredible! Since the age of two I have effectively had only one and a half nostrils as my septum was deviated during a automobile... READ MORE

Dr.Angulo- Rhinoplasty 7 Months Post Op

I had such an amazing experience with Dr.Angulo. My nose is exactly what I wanted. I've attached pictures of the before and after. He did such an amazing job ! The only downside is that I live in Canada so communication after the surgery was hard . Although, I did not have any complications... READ MORE

Septo/Rhinoplasty with Bone Spur Removal, Chin implant and Otoplasty- Cool Springs, TN

I can't believe I'm writing one of these right nowww. I have my surgery date set up for the 29th of December and I'm starting to get nervous! I've always had such a masculine nose (big tip and a hump and I hate how it curves under when I smile) that I've wanted to get fixed. I recently went to a... READ MORE

Finally Getting Rid of my Wide, Bulbous Nose! - Colombia

So I'm 35 and never been a fan of my nose. Always kinda felt it was pig-like...the bridge was so wide and I inherited my mother's bulbous tip. When I complained about it, people would always tell me it fit my face, I guess cuz I've always been chubby. Well, in the last year I've lost quite a... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty, Dorsal Hump Removal and Tip Refinement - Draper, UT

I'm scheduled for surgery on September 9th. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm having a septoplasty and turbinate reduction as well so my insurance is covering about $4k of the surgery. My surgeons fee for the cosmetic part is $2,250, facility fee is $600, anesthesiologist fee is also $600; and... READ MORE

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