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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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I had always looked into getting rhinoplasty, it was never on the cards financially until I found my friends had been going through a cosmetic tourism company to see surgeons in Thailand! I had never in a million years thought I would consider it and now I'm here eating my words because now I... READ MORE

Procedure was done with precision and care. I am thrilled with the results. I had a portion of my scalp fascia removed and transplanted onto the bridge of my nose to compensate for extra thin delicate skin, and I have to say, healing from the one inch incision on my scalp was probably the worst... READ MORE

Hi guys, I'm 19 and for a couple of years now I've been wanting a rhinoplasty. I feel like I'm now old enough to start my journey into getting my nose fixed. I have a bump on the bridge of my nose, slightly flared nostrils and a slightly droopy tip. I have a FaceTime appointment booked with... READ MORE

I'm heading to Wroclaw in Poland on 3 July for my rhinoplasty at the Noa clinic. I've got generally big features and hope my rhinoplasty will make me look more feminine, my nose feels generally too big for my face. I also have split cartilage on the tip. I've not had a lot of comments about... READ MORE

Like many others I realised that my nose maybe wasn't as nice as I thought, when I hit puberty. Also every time when I had short hair I was mistaken for a boy/guy... (Because high fashion was and is not really my piece of cake and wearing wide clothes hide my other female features.) Over the... READ MORE

Well after years and years of being self conscious about my nose I finally did it with the support of the few people I told. Some that I met through here so thankyou xx Anyway it has been a long time coming (30 years) and it was now or never but the thought of it made my knees knock with fear!!... READ MORE

I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I found out you can change your nose as child. I was shocked at 10 I already hated my nose and felt ugly. Most 10 year olds had smaller noses but mine was always rather larger. So 16 years I have been wanting rhinoplasty. It didn't help that I got hit in the... READ MORE

Hello all, Like everyone else here, I've appreciated reading others' experiences, thoughts and feelings on operations they have had, or even just toyed with the idea. As I've an active reader of this community, I owe it to share my journey too. I actually have never had a huge problem with my... READ MORE

Had a horrible septoplasty 4 years ago.. Nasal pasages collapsed, deviated septum, and extremely crooked nose. I was concerned about daily headaches and the possibility of future sinus infections. Not to mention i had trouble breathing which caused sleep problems and shortness of breathe.... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty with Mr Uppal last week. I chose him, after seeing another surgeon. My nose is small but the septum was deviating markedly in the last five years. I did not like the tired, and sharp look it was giving my entire face. I was particularly conscious of how it made me look in... READ MORE

As with many of you here, I have wanted Rhinoplasty since I was young. Until I was 14 I had a relatively straight nose. It wasn't ski-slope perfection, but it didn't have a profile bump or a dent in one side. Then I got hit in the face with a tennis racket which had been thrown and bounced off... READ MORE

I consultation so far and the second scheduled for tomorrow. Very excited about it all. After my first consult, I was ready to schedule, but though it'd be better to see at least two people. Second consult tomorrow is with Dr. Gilpin. I've wanted to do this since around age 12 - didn't... READ MORE

I have been wanting a rhinoplasty for at least 7 years now. As of today, I do not have a doctor chosen or even saved up the money. But within the next two years, I will have a rhinoplasty done no matter what it takes. I absolutely despise my nose and many people make comments about it all the... READ MORE

Due to have open rhinoplasty in 2 weeks. I have my pre-op tomorrow afternoon. I had to see the surgeon today as I injured my nose last Sunday and have black eyes! Luckily the surgery can still go ahead! I'm having this done purely for cosmetic reasons, although after the nose injury it... READ MORE

Did my Nose Rhinoplasty at BK Hospital Korea in Gangnam in Nov 2015. Zoey was my consultant and translator and she was amazing! She was so warm and helpful and did more than what she should. I am so thankful and appreciative for having Zoey around to help me out during my stay there. Its been... READ MORE

So, I thought I would start my blog as its only two days until my surgery. I am a 31 yr old male. I have struggled to come to terms with my nose for as long as I can remember and have always felt very conscious about my hollow cheek bones. It is fair to say, I have inherited my maternal... READ MORE

For me it was a really hard one to choose the right clinic. I have done a bit of research and was choosing between Poland, Hungary, Russia and Romania. My diagnosis was a crooked nose and deviated septum due to the number of sport injuries I had throughout my life. I had consistent breath... READ MORE

I have been dreaming of a nose job since I was 10- that's a 23 year old dream I'm finally taking action on! I was so nervous and anxious to tell my husband. I've never spoken a word of this dream to anyone. Took me years to verbalize this! I'm so glad I finally did! I have a consultation next... READ MORE

I always hated my nose and it also made me feel insecure about my looks. I went to see a Ent doctor because I couldn't breath through my left side. He told me the best procedure for me is a septorhinoplasty due to my deviated septum,dorsal hump,crooked nose and bulbous tip. The procedure was ok... READ MORE

Ever since high school I always hated my profile. I got my moms nose from the front but my dads German hump nose from the side. I always felt because of my big nose that I didn't look feminine from the side, so I finally got the nerve to do something about it. I did a lot of research and... READ MORE

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