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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It can correct a variety of concerns, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a droopy or enlarged nasal tip, a nose that's off-center or crooked, or asymmetry due to a previous injury. Those who don't want to undergo surgery may consider a non-surgical nose job, which uses fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out humps and bumps. LEARN MORE ›

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Total Disappointment with Denenberg. Omaha, NE

I had my primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Denenberg in 2001. I chose him after I did a lot of research and after interviewing many surgeons in my area. What attracted me to do my surgery with him –though he was out of my state- was the after photos posted on his website. I saw many noses that l... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty - Atlanta, GA

I've been doing research for awhile now and I finally went in for a consultation with Dr.Dejoseph here in Atlanta, He was amazing! He listened to what I wanted and he took photos of me to show before and after pictures. I'll post them soon. I've made my decision and I choose him to do my surgery... READ MORE

I Don't Know How to Feel About my Septorhinoplasty. - New York, NY

I always hated my nose and it also made me feel insecure about my looks. I went to see a Ent doctor because I couldn't breath through my left side. He told me the best procedure for me is a septorhinoplasty due to my deviated septum,dorsal hump,crooked nose and bulbous tip. The procedure was ok... READ MORE

22 YEAR OLD So Excited to Finally Fix by Round Bulbous Nose - Sydney, AU

I am 13 days away from surgery and i cant wait! I remember growing up, i didn't really notice anything wrong with my nose. It was only until late high school when people started commenting and making jokes about it that I really saw the problem with it. I became so self conscious that I hate... READ MORE

Have Wanted Rhinoplasty Since I Was 12

I have a similar story to many ladies that have gone for the procedure. I've hated my nose since I was a kid. It made me very self conscious & shy throughout my adolescence. I was also bullied for it (I grew into my nose) I'm 24 now and came from Phoenix to finally have this done!! I am... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty at 32

I am anxiously anticipating my rhinoplasty and so excited it's finally happening. It has been such a journey to even get to this place and I hope that the surgery will result in me obsessing less about my nose and enjoying life more! I am posting before pictures and will post more pictures... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Bleeding - Saint Louis, MO

I've been unhappy with my nose due to its nasal jump and pointing down when I smile, so I wanted a more feminine look that would suit my face. A week after my cast was removed I was pretty happy with result even though it did look too fat and tip too "up". I was sure this would go down with time... READ MORE

Getting the nose I always wanted - Glendale, CA

Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now and decided it was time to write and share my journey with you guys! I'm so nervous and excited I have my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants in about a week I've read on here that he's a very busy guy! I have about 6 questions down but would like... READ MORE

25 Year Old Male Rhinoplasty

I've had a big nose since I was in middle school. My girlfriend recently got a rhinoplasty by this same doctor so I figured now was as good a time as ever. It was broken in 2011 so I knew I wanted to get the bump/unevenness fixed as well as the deviated septum. Additionally, it was quite wide... READ MORE

28 Y/o - That Hump has to go!

Hi everybody, I will be taking you with me on my journey of rhinoplasty. I feel the need to talk about it, get it off my chest and I want to share my story and experience. The first time I saw my nose from the side I was around my 13th / 14th year. I was shocked how big it was.. From the front... READ MORE

Dr. Eric Yapjuangco Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation, and BBL - Mandaluyong, PH

Hello! I have been thinking about this for 11 years and I'm finally getting a rhinoplasty! I'm excited yet nervous. I've never had surgery before. After many hours of research I've decided to go with Dr. Eric Yapjuangco in the Philippines! He is amazing at what he does. Check him out on... READ MORE

Finally Doing It! - New York, NY

I have been wanting to get my nose done FOREVER. Whenever I told people that I wanted it done/tell people that I'm finally doing it, I always get why? I don't think you need it! But then I look at my pictures and I'm like what are these people CRAZY!? Anyway, I knew I had to write a review... READ MORE

E.G. 21 Years Old.

Dr. Ronald schuster, sorry I have not seen you in a while. I think of you everyday looking at my amazing nose! Its so intresting, I feel comfortable, i never felt that. You are an artist and a scientist all in one amazing person. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into my surgery,... READ MORE

Loving my Symmetrical Nose! - Jacksonville, FL

I met with quite a few surgeons to discuss rhinoplasty. My nose was never an eyesore but it was slightly asymmetrical and starting to become bulbous with age, but of course I was really the only one who noticed. Once I went to my consultation with Dr Roberto Gracia I knew my face was in good... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/Chin Implant - 23 Year Old Male

My surgery for rhinoplasty and a chin implant is in 1 week. So I figured I'd just add to the experience because reading reviews is I've been managing to cope with most of my anxiety abouthe surgery. I can absolutely say that I am terrified. Not so much for the rhinoplasty, but more for the... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old, Rhinoplasty for Protrusion and Bulbosity - Houston, TX

My motivations were to remove the protrusion in my profile and the minor bulbosity in my tip. I asked for a straight nose, smaller profile, tip to come down a smudge and no scoop. He did just that. I am 6 months post op, and am waiting for minor swelling to subside, but I am already very... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 23YO Female - Banishing the hump and droopy, large tip - Anchorage, AK

My story probably isn't unique. I was bullied badly all through high school by kids at school and my siblings. I always hated my nose and I remember when I told my dad about it (who has the same nose), instead of telling me something positive, told me he'd get it fixed when I turned 18. Well,... READ MORE

September Surgery Booked With Jonathan Pontell

I have been reading a lot of reviews on Realself and wanted to share my own experience to hopefully help others and maybe get feedback from others in my area who have had rhinoplasties. I am undecided on my surgeon but am heavily leaning towards one in particular. If the consultation goes well,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong Should Never of Had It Done

I don't like the outcome my nose is uneven and very ugly so dissapointed I only wanted rid of my witch hump but I have. Nostrils that reach up to my eyeball a wider. Nose than I had before so annoying I wish I had. Payed. Extra at the. Time and. Went to the. Man that does embarrassing bodies ive... READ MORE

I Love my New Nose - Tijuana, MX

Yes, I was very nervous! However, Dr. Fuentes and his staff were very patient and professional with me during the entire process. They answered ALL of my questions and obviously listened to how I wanted my nose shaped because I am extremely pleased with the outcome! The team at this office... READ MORE

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