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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I have been thinking about haaving this done for a few years now. I am really nervous but excited to finally be almost there. I have had fillers in my lip many times and am nerver happy with the results as afterwards it always seems to puffed up and i feel like a fish. I have a long space... READ MORE

I'm a TV host, model and actress and I've been doing minor upkeep for my skin and lips over the past several years. I thought I was going to the most talented surgeons and derms in Beverly Hills but I was wrong. One visit with Dr Talei and my life has changed. The lip lift had rebalanced my... READ MORE

Just consulted with and booked a Lip Lift procedure with Dr. Horndeski. I have read many of the Real Self stories and really love most of the results. As you can see my philtrum is 2 cm long! I am really unhappy with this part of my face. He talked about taking 4 to 6 mm with the Bullhorn type... READ MORE

I have always had too much space between my lip and nose. I hated the way it made me look. I was a member of RBF. If I wasn't smiling, people thought I looked sad or angry. I was once teased about this and it stuck with me. This coupled with being very visual, all I notied were peoples... READ MORE

First, i always had feelings about my upper lip. Mostly negative. I took shape of my lips from my father and it was thin and not so attractive. I used to make fillers, but every 6 months you have to make more. And it's not decrease distance but just make lips bigger. This part i did'nt like at... READ MORE

My lip transformation journey started in Novemeber when I got the perma lip. Although, it made my lips fuller I still had a very long lip and spacing between my upper lip and nose. I had my first lip lift in March. I had some asymmetry and scarring. This review is on my new lip lift from a... READ MORE

I've always been unhappy with the length of my top lip, I've always felt it makes me look sad and the balance of my face feels wrong. The procedure itself was ok, although it only takes half hour you need to try and remove yourself a bit. So far I'm happy with the result but it's still a bit... READ MORE

Wanted conservative 3mm lip lift . Did not need tooth show. Dr was conservative did what I wanted. I'm fresh out post op but very concerned with my right nostril pulling down. Also my facial express ion looks as if I'm smelling something bad. I'm praying this goes away. Swelling and... READ MORE

I had full lips but too much distance between nose and mouth (22 mm) so I was very unhappy. I didn't want to leave the house without lip-liner so you can understand how upset I was with my mouth. I knew the solution was a lip-lift but I was very scared about the procedure and I didn't want to... READ MORE

After reading so many reviews for so many months, you all helped me build up the courage to write my own review! I have a fairly longish distance between my nose and upper lip and as I got older it either got longer and/or more apparent. I know beauty matters most inside but I feel like this... READ MORE

I had been noticing for the past few years that my upper lip had started looking wider and thinner affecting my entire face. I looked into fillers but after researching on RealSelf, I realized a bullhorn lip lift was more likely what would improve the situation. I live in San Diego and It... READ MORE

After doing extensive research on lip lifts for over a year, and consulting with several doctors around the country who specialize in lip lifts, I selected Dr. Perenack in Baton Rouge and traveled from my home in Scottsdale, AZ to have it done. My main goal was to reduce the length of my long... READ MORE

Dr. Horndeski was efficient and I had mega confidence going in since he's done so many of these procedures. Yes, the most painful part was the needle injection with numbing meds, and after that it was a breeze. I only took one pain med the first night and one the following day. Nothing after... READ MORE

First, english isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. The space between my nose and lips was to long. I did not wan't to use fillers, I just wanted to shorten the philtrum. I have seen good results of lip lifts here on RealSelf, but no surgery in my area performing this... READ MORE

Years ago i tried some nonpermantent filler to enhace my upper lip and liked the result a lot, i had just the border defined, not the volume. finally i wanted to get more volume and change the prortion/lentgh to the nose. my beard always covererd the distance pretty well but in the end i didnt... READ MORE

I have always been bothered by my excessively long upper lip. As I got older it seemed to get even longer. I was developing "smokers" vertical lip lines as well and I don't even smoke. I think they were caused by my skin length. I tried lip filler but all it did was make my lip project... READ MORE

This review is regarding only this procedure and given to the best of my ability as I see it. Lip lift may not be the actual description, but it was the closest option I could find. I am not even positive of the cost, but got as close as I could to be very accurate. The Dr tried to get upper lip... READ MORE

Dr. Ben Talei is by the far the best plastic surgeon I've gone to (I've had lipo, stem cell breast work, ear work, fillers, botox, you name it). He is tremendously talented, detailed, thoughtful, and knowledgeable, not to mention super cool and caring toward his patients. He performed my lip... READ MORE

After years of "bird lips" and unhappy injection outcomes, I finally have the change I sought! Dr. Baker did my procedure with Lidocaine injections, and I felt nothing -- we chatted all through the 30-minute procedure, and when I asked for music, he brought in his I-Pad -- my every wish was... READ MORE

I am unlucky enough to have inherited a lip shape that has caused my upper lip to practically disappear as I've aged. This year, at 45 years old, I decided enough was enough and began to look into options. I just wanted a natural, conservative change that didn't make me look as if I'd had "work"... READ MORE

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