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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I always wanted to do something about my upper lip. It was too narrow. Long distance between upper lip & nose. But it was never a good time for me to fix it. In February 2016 my sister had lip lift with Dr Osuch in Warsaw. Then I promised myself that if she’ll have a good result – I’ll go fo... READ MORE

I went for a consult with Dr. Pearson in November 2015. It took me a few months to coordinate time off work,but finally went in for the procedure on February 8,2016. The entire process was painless from start to finish. The dreaded dental blocks,to me,felt no worse than a shot given by a dentist... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I've been researching this procedure on this site for a while now and found the reviews extremely valuable so I thought I would write down my impressions after having it done myself. As a background I have had lip fillers for a couple of years because I was unhappy with the volume... READ MORE

My lip transformation journey started in Novemeber when I got the perma lip. Although, it made my lips fuller I still had a very long lip and spacing between my upper lip and nose. I had my first lip lift in March. I had some asymmetry and scarring. This review is on my new lip lift from a... READ MORE

My upper lip was about 15mm and I wanted it a but shorter. My lips faced downwards slightly rather than forwards so from the front I didn't have much of the red part of the lip showing. Fillers seemed to give me duck lip if done in the border ir cover my teeth and look lumpy if done elsewhere... READ MORE

My top lip has always been too thin. Yes, always had a 'cute smile' but with age recently even my creatively lip lined smile no longer impressed me. In fact my lips were dragging me down inside and outside. I knew I needed a lip lift! So I've been researching the best qualified doctors with... READ MORE

I had the procedure 2 hours ago. I'm super swollen already and in pain.The procedure was about an hour and a half. It's alot of tugging and snipping. He measured my upper lip at 19 mm medial and 21 lateral, I believe he removed 5.5 mm. I'm off to the pharmacy for my scripts because it's hurting.... READ MORE

Was not happy with distance btw. lip and nose. Did the classic....tried fillers initially....was great for marionette lines, but made lips duckish. I was 90% sure I was going to chose Dr. Rodriguez after viewing his videos on realself regarding lip lift surgery. After meeting with him and his... READ MORE

I have always disliked my unbalanced lip and big space between my nose and my upper lip i want to have permanent solution ones and all.I wasn't really confident when i smile i always cover my mouth :( most my pictures were serious look .I simply want to have youthful balanced lip :)) and have... READ MORE

I've always hated how thin my upper lip was, especially in comparison to my moderately full lower lip. I am small and have more petite features (for the most part...), so I'm not looking for huge, blown up massive lips. That would look ridiculous as my mouth is quite small/petite as it is. But... READ MORE

First. I would like to thank you Dr. Ransom from the bottom of my heart and his wonderful staff Dee and Joann.So its been 15 years since i got my lip tattoo and i was convinced by this women to add a little volume to the bottom lip *its going to look very natural and will last forever* she said... READ MORE

I wanted a lip lift but was afraid of having it overdone. I also wanted a neck lift to remove some sagging and fat in that area. Dr. Marshall Partington truly listened to all of my concerns/questions. At a few weeks post-OP, Dr. Partington himself did some injections... that was really... READ MORE

Wanted conservative 3mm lip lift . Did not need tooth show. Dr was conservative did what I wanted. I'm fresh out post op but very concerned with my right nostril pulling down. Also my facial express ion looks as if I'm smelling something bad. I'm praying this goes away. Swelling and... READ MORE

I have had i lip lift done last week and the doc striped of 3/4 mm and the inscisions are in my nose and on the side.... My nose was so swollen I didn't even see my lip lift I can only see my messed up nose its less swollen now but my nostrils are so big I fell like I signed up for a nose job !... READ MORE

After years of "bird lips" and unhappy injection outcomes, I finally have the change I sought! Dr. Baker did my procedure with Lidocaine injections, and I felt nothing -- we chatted all through the 30-minute procedure, and when I asked for music, he brought in his I-Pad -- my every wish was... READ MORE

So the lip lift was a procedure I was always interested in. I feel like there is still not that much information about it despite it being such a great procedure, that's why I'm contributing my comprehensive review. Since a young age, I always felt the space between my nose and mouth was too... READ MORE

Hi all Sorry for my poor english Iam arabic lady 34 years old , married and i do have kids ... I did rhinoplasty year and half ago and my hole face changed ... My lips became longer and the space between my nose and lips became longer ... So i plan to make lip lift ... I did it under... READ MORE

After researching a lot of doctors, I finally decided on Dr. Scott Harris in Plano Texas. I based this on the paper he and a couple of other doctors wrote "The Endonasal Lip Lift." I don't recall who mentioned it on this website but that led me to him. No one here has any reviews of Dr. Harris'... READ MORE

I had full lips but too much distance between nose and mouth (22 mm) so I was very unhappy. I didn't want to leave the house without lip-liner so you can understand how upset I was with my mouth. I knew the solution was a lip-lift but I was very scared about the procedure and I didn't want to... READ MORE

Loved using filler but doesn't last long enough, and left blue marks in my face. I was looking into permalip but then came across the lip lift procedure. I think it will work out nice for me. I have a wide, different type nose that looks especially big head on, but I am not planning on having... READ MORE

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