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A lip lift is a surgical procedure that can reshape and add volume to thin or aging lips. This procedure increases fullness in the upper or lower lip by reshaping them to increase the prominence of the lip line, or enhance the facial area above to a more aesthetically pleasing shape. There are a several variations of lip lifts that can affect color, shape, or both. LEARN MORE ›

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Lip Lift Paid for and Scheduled! - Vancouver, BC

I've always had a long philtrum (20mm) and I'm finally doing something about it.. I'm beyond nervous but my doctor does amazing work.. he says he only wants to take off 25%, which is 5mm. I'm scared that's not enough but I trust his opinion so we'll see????.. I haven't told anyone, not even my... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dermal Fat Graft to upper lip

I had a surgery scheduled on November 8, 2016 on my neck to fix two herniated discs, so I was going to be out of work for 6 weeks recovering with a neck brace on. I thought to myself, “What a great time to get a little work done!” My spinal doctor said I would feel significantly better at the... READ MORE

32 Year Old, VERY Thin Lips, LIP LIFT

I just had my lip lift surgery this morning with Dr Horndeski. I have always been unhappy with how thin my lips were (see before pictures - my lips are super thin!) and today was the day that I took the plunge to have my lips improved upon. I started at around 18-19mm (when I measured myself)... READ MORE

Lip lift in Boston

So I'm scheduled for a lip lift on Thursday with Dr. Speigel. I have been mulling this over for quite awhile and reading everyone's reviews. I have always felt like the space between my nose and mouth could be shorter. I am happy with the natural volume of my lips however. At the consultation... READ MORE

22 yr old travels for Upper Lip Lift

This morning-- 5 days after I got my Lip Lift-- I found a letter I wrote to "my future self" in 8th grade theology class. It was a guided assignment where we were supposed to write our hopes for the future and I wrote- "become a doctor and have a bigger upper lip". Well one came true- what a... READ MORE

So Worth It!!

I always had small lips, but they became really thin with vertical lip lines after years of smoking (I quit, but too late) and sun damage. In addition, a rhinoplasty 20 years ago resulted in increased philtrum length. Through the years, this distance increased even more with aging and sagging. I... READ MORE

Lip Lift and augmentation

I am finally scheduled for a lip lift after about 3 years of watching reviews and learning. It took me a very long time to feel comfortable with any doctor, and also to feel comfortable having an elective surgery with a scar. It is finally time, and now that I'm scheduled, it can't get here... READ MORE

R.N. Who Did Extensive Research, over 65yrs Old

This procedure was done so professional by a doctor with extraordinary expertise. No bruising slight discomfort the first day only, minimal edema for a day. Also I had Restalyane in both cheek areas done with a cannula opposed to multiple sticks. Both procedure results were excellent. Only... READ MORE

61yr Did LIP LIFT in Tijuana México from

My experience in Tijuana and having a Lip lift with Dr. Alicia Sigler has been a everything I hoped and prayed for! I trusted Dr. Siglers judgement with the distance to shorten between my nose and lip. I read lots of reviews on lip lifts from differnt doctors and decided to go to her based on... READ MORE

Lip Lift Pain - Beverly Hills, CA

I had my.lift lift by Dr Ben talei. He was caring and absolutely took his time. What I didn't know what that I'm hurting very badly and have taken 3 percent every 4 hrs. That's that normal plus a 10 MG valium. The swelling goes all the way to the top of my cheeks . I've always swelled a lot but... READ MORE

Lip Lift Experience

I decided to come to Costa Rica for a lip lift (also buccal fat removal and rhinoplasty) just to improve my appearance for the fun of it. I was coming with 2 daughters, one to fix knee and one to fix broken nose. So far, so good..Eating fine, no particular pain. The upper lip is swollen, the... READ MORE

Lip Lift at 65 - Dallas, TX

Finally got my courage up and did the surgery yesterday morning. Only took about an hour. As long as you're not scared of a few shots the surgery itself is a breeze. Dr Martin discussed what he was going to do, drew the ink and got my approval before beginning. I also got juvederm. In the... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Samaha - Montreal, QC

I have been researching lip lift for two years and was tired of getting fillers in my lips. I came across a few gals that had a lip lift done with Dr. Samaha in Montreal, Canada. I was so impressed by his suturing skills and ability to make the scar look so good! So, I took the plunge and got... READ MORE

I hated my thin lips and squinty eyelids!

I love my results! The procedures were a breeze and recovery was relatively easy as well. I was awake for the upper eye bleph, but was under twilight sedation for the remaining procedures. All 4 procedures took about 4 hours total. Dr. Holden and his staff are wonderful, and he will be my go-to... READ MORE

Liplift Complications

Over 2 years ago, I had a liplift where the plastic surgeon operated on skin and muscle. Immediately after surgery I noticed that the lip did not move normally. It’s longer now. I cannot lift the center vertically. The middle part of my lip seems to be partially paralyzed. When I smile I have a... READ MORE

Great Lip Lift Experience After 2 Yrs of Researching

I've been researching lip lifts for the past 2 years, primarily on Realself, after I noticed the space between my nose and the top of my lift was throwing my face off balance. Similar to others who have left lip lift reviews, I felt there was just something "off" about my face. Thanks to the... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Spiegel

I've been helped by so many reviews on this site so I decided to post a review of a lip lift procedure I'm having on Friday. Like many people before me, I feel the length between my nose and my lip is way too long. I'm hoping this procedure provides more balance to my face. I chose Dr. Spiegel... READ MORE

Lip Lift, Alar Reduction and Fat Transfers

Have read some wonderful reviews about Dr. Alicia Sigler, very impressed with her charitable work with cleft palate children and decided that she is the perfect person to go to for a lip lift and more. Very excited! I will write more as this process unfolds but really look forward to comments... READ MORE

Lift lift #2 + filler to lower lip

I have approached my original overly long upper lip (22mm) cautiously and decided to take it in 3 stages with three separate operations. 1) My first upper lip lift took me from 22mm to 16mm with all the lift in the center. The sides were not addressed, which I knew going into the procedure.... READ MORE


I'm a nurse and a Healthcare Adminstrator. After months of research about the lip lift procedure, I decided to go with Dr. Harris. There was only one previous review/picures on lip lifts on real self by a real client who used Dr. Harris (not a photo uploaded to this site by the Dr.). I loved... READ MORE

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