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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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For months I've been on realself searching for a PS to perform a lip lift. I've read several reviews and the one that earned my trust was Dr. Sigler in Tijuana. She was very sweet, attentive and explained all the details to the procedure. I was able to see some of previous Lip Lifts which... READ MORE

Cant wait for my op. So excited when found this procedure, coz i always wanted something different with my lip, but didn't know what. I have beautiful lips, but they are just to low on my face. I want to lift it but so scared to get bad results.. I dont even afraid of scars, just the results.. I... READ MORE

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my lips. When I was 21, my former modeling agency paid for professional lip injections. Then when that career ended, I began paying for hem myself until I could not afford them anymore. I eventually resorted to purchasing injectables on eBay and... READ MORE

I've been researching this procedures for years now - my rhinoplasty (as well as aging I guess) left my long philtrum exposed and I've wanted to address this for a while. My distance prior to the operation wasn't huge at 1.8/1.9mm but I had no tooth show and my upper lip had began to flatten.... READ MORE

This is my first cosmetic procedure, and I think it's a great one. I always disliked my thin top lip and was reluctant to get any kind of filler. The 'after' of this surgery is really a modest, beautiful change. I did my surgery under local, which was the scariest part of all of it. Recovery... READ MORE

I am 11 days post op after a mid-face lift, lower bleph, fat transfer, and medialized corner lip lift with Dr. Haworth. I am 38 years old and wanted the procedures to "change" my face rather than "turn back the hands of time". I do admit that there were some signs of aging on my face but I... READ MORE

I'm a nurse and a Healthcare Adminstrator. After months of research about the lip lift procedure, I decided to go with Dr. Harris. There was only one previous review/picures on lip lifts on real self by a real client who used Dr. Harris (not a photo uploaded to this site by the Dr.). I loved... READ MORE

After seeing pictures of myself and hardly seeing teeth while smiling, I began my search online for aging and lip lengths. Yep, sure enough, my upper lip was 3x the recommended length and completely hid my teeth when smiling PLUS the corners of my mouth turned down and I looked like I was always... READ MORE

My first three photos say it all. I only had to take a couple aspirin yesterday when I got home. Right now I'm on day 2 and experiencing very mild swelling and no bruising, and I'm keeping the stitches moist like they told me. Most of the stitches are invisible, dissolvable, and the ones you... READ MORE

I had an upper lip lift, corner lip lift and fat transfer by Dr Randal Haworth. I have been researching this procedure for over a year. I am very happy with the results. I was worried I would not look myself, but found my friends cannot tell I had anything done... but do say I look really good... READ MORE

I always wanted to do something about my upper lip. It was too narrow. Long distance between upper lip & nose. But it was never a good time for me to fix it. In February 2016 my sister had lip lift with Dr Osuch in Warsaw. Then I promised myself that if she’ll have a good result – I’ll go fo... READ MORE

I went for a consult with Dr. Pearson in November 2015. It took me a few months to coordinate time off work,but finally went in for the procedure on February 8,2016. The entire process was painless from start to finish. The dreaded dental blocks,to me,felt no worse than a shot given by a dentist... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I've been researching this procedure on this site for a while now and found the reviews extremely valuable so I thought I would write down my impressions after having it done myself. As a background I have had lip fillers for a couple of years because I was unhappy with the volume... READ MORE

My lip transformation journey started in Novemeber when I got the perma lip. Although, it made my lips fuller I still had a very long lip and spacing between my upper lip and nose. I had my first lip lift in March. I had some asymmetry and scarring. This review is on my new lip lift from a... READ MORE

My upper lip was about 15mm and I wanted it a but shorter. My lips faced downwards slightly rather than forwards so from the front I didn't have much of the red part of the lip showing. Fillers seemed to give me duck lip if done in the border ir cover my teeth and look lumpy if done elsewhere... READ MORE

My top lip has always been too thin. Yes, always had a 'cute smile' but with age recently even my creatively lip lined smile no longer impressed me. In fact my lips were dragging me down inside and outside. I knew I needed a lip lift! So I've been researching the best qualified doctors with... READ MORE

I had the procedure 2 hours ago. I'm super swollen already and in pain.The procedure was about an hour and a half. It's alot of tugging and snipping. He measured my upper lip at 19 mm medial and 21 lateral, I believe he removed 5.5 mm. I'm off to the pharmacy for my scripts because it's hurting.... READ MORE

Was not happy with distance btw. lip and nose. Did the classic....tried fillers initially....was great for marionette lines, but made lips duckish. I was 90% sure I was going to chose Dr. Rodriguez after viewing his videos on realself regarding lip lift surgery. After meeting with him and his... READ MORE

I have always disliked my unbalanced lip and big space between my nose and my upper lip i want to have permanent solution ones and all.I wasn't really confident when i smile i always cover my mouth :( most my pictures were serious look .I simply want to have youthful balanced lip :)) and have... READ MORE

I've always hated how thin my upper lip was, especially in comparison to my moderately full lower lip. I am small and have more petite features (for the most part...), so I'm not looking for huge, blown up massive lips. That would look ridiculous as my mouth is quite small/petite as it is. But... READ MORE

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