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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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Upper Lift Lift, 43 Years Old. Plano, TX

After researching a lot of doctors, I finally decided on Dr. Scott Harris in Plano Texas. I based this on the paper he and a couple of other doctors wrote "The Endonasal Lip Lift." I don't recall who mentioned it on this website but that led me to him. No one here has any reviews of Dr. Harris'... READ MORE

29 Asian Transwoman Upper Lip Lift with Dr Tong - Toronto, ON

I booked my consultation a month before. it was pretty quick to book the appointment. they asked you upfront to pay for the consultation fee. i had no problem with it because i know i will do the surgery anyway. so i had my consulatation friday june 3rd 2016. dr tong was very thorough. he told... READ MORE

29 Years, Dreaming to Decrease Distance Between Upper Lip Lift and Nose - Washington DC, DC

First, i always had feelings about my upper lip. Mostly negative. I took shape of my lips from my father and it was thin and not so attractive. I used to make fillers, but every 6 months you have to make more. And it's not decrease distance but just make lips bigger. This part i did'nt like at... READ MORE

Upper Lip Lift

Always wanted to lift my upper lip for it is rather narrow and I was getting fed up with paying a lot of money to maintain it fuller with fillers (juvederm). I decided to do it with Dr. Leslie Kuek from Singapore, but it is your reviews and photos and Dr. Kuek's impeccable job that prompted me... READ MORE

54 Y/o, Lip Lift and 5 Mm Surgisil Implants Upper and Lower - Charleston, SC

I already did a lip implant review in the implant section, but I also had a bullhorn lip lift so I thought I might as well put that here. I'm 54 years old and the rest of my face is still pretty great, but my lips were just shriveled and gone. Not a pretty look. I did the Juvederm thing which... READ MORE

Beautiful Lip Lift - Spain, ES

I've always wanted a more feminine and sexier mouth. I tried lip fillers but after the result being made looking like I had a stroke, (my upper lip drooping over my teeth) I realised that the distance between my philtrum (distance between my nose and mouth) was not as short as I would prefer it... READ MORE

Lip Lift , Straightening Collema, Fat Transfer to Lips, Eyes and Temples , Removal of Chin Implant - Los Angeles, CA

I came to California from NY to have this done . I figured I would share in case this is helpful to anyone else . It is very early on as it was done the night of the 17th so I am about 48 hrs in right now I'll show before and after a to this point . There is two small cuts on my lip where it... READ MORE

Lip Lift - Sweden

I've had lip lift in Stockholm, Sweden. I've hated my philtrum and wished I could somehow make it smaller, thus I rejoiced when I found out that you could have it reduced invasively, and I'm happy that lip lift is really a godly procedure! A tall philtrum doesn't suit my face since I have... READ MORE

Lip Lift at Age 49. After Much Research I Found the Perfect Surgeon! Chestnut Hill, MA

I have always hated the big space between my nose in the top of my lip and as I got older my lip got thinner. I felt it aged me and made me look unhappy. I would always try to smile big in pictures because it brought up my lips and balanced my face. I'm turning 50 this summer and wanted to do... READ MORE

Lip Lift / Brow Lift Poland

After reading about the bullhorn lip lift on this site, I decided to have this procedure done as well as the brow lift I already had in mind. I travelled to Dr Osuch’s clinic in Warsaw because of the good reviews I read about here – especially the one by the lady with the pink hair, who giv... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Finally Decided to Have Lip Lift Done! - San Diego, CA

Hello everyone, just a few days until my lip lift procedure with Dr. Hilinski. I chose him based on the amazing reviews and before/after photos here on RealSelf, and I believe his incision technique is better for my skin type. I have been wanting a lip lift for a couple of years now, but this... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Plano, TX

I searched for several years to find the perfect Doctor to do my lip lift. After a night of google searches I came across an article that was published in a highly respected medical journal titled, "The Endonasal Lip Lift: Personal Technique", written by Dr. Scott Harris. After reading the... READ MORE

Lip Lift. Washington, DC

I have a 22mm upper lip which is not only aging, but is not attractive. I have had 4 consults. 1) Dr Haworth 2) Dr Rodriguez 3) Dr Stephen Baker and a 4th who would not do it. I felt the most comfortable with Dr Baker. The fact that he does a lot of reconstructive surgery around the mouth, is... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Sigler in Tijuana

For months I've been on realself searching for a PS to perform a lip lift. I've read several reviews and the one that earned my trust was Dr. Sigler in Tijuana. She was very sweet, attentive and explained all the details to the procedure. I was able to see some of previous Lip Lifts which... READ MORE

Lip Lift,to Shorten Distance Between Nose and Lip (1,9 cmat the Moment).

Cant wait for my op. So excited when found this procedure, coz i always wanted something different with my lip, but didn't know what. I have beautiful lips, but they are just to low on my face. I want to lift it but so scared to get bad results.. I dont even afraid of scars, just the results.. I... READ MORE

One Day Post-op and I Realize That I Should Have Made This Choice Ages Ago! - New York, NY

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my lips. When I was 21, my former modeling agency paid for professional lip injections. Then when that career ended, I began paying for hem myself until I could not afford them anymore. I eventually resorted to purchasing injectables on eBay and... READ MORE

38 Year Old - Long Awaited Lip Lift - Morristown, NJ

I've been researching this procedures for years now - my rhinoplasty (as well as aging I guess) left my long philtrum exposed and I've wanted to address this for a while. My distance prior to the operation wasn't huge at 1.8/1.9mm but I had no tooth show and my upper lip had began to flatten.... READ MORE

Conservative Lip Lift - Baltimore, MD

This is my first cosmetic procedure, and I think it's a great one. I always disliked my thin top lip and was reluctant to get any kind of filler. The 'after' of this surgery is really a modest, beautiful change. I did my surgery under local, which was the scariest part of all of it. Recovery... READ MORE

Mid Facelift, Lower Blephoroplasty, Fat Transfer, Medialized Corner Lip Lift with Dr. Haworth - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 11 days post op after a mid-face lift, lower bleph, fat transfer, and medialized corner lip lift with Dr. Haworth. I am 38 years old and wanted the procedures to "change" my face rather than "turn back the hands of time". I do admit that there were some signs of aging on my face but I... READ MORE

53 Yr Old Gets Lip Lift in Tijuana, Mexico!

After seeing pictures of myself and hardly seeing teeth while smiling, I began my search online for aging and lip lengths. Yep, sure enough, my upper lip was 3x the recommended length and completely hid my teeth when smiling PLUS the corners of my mouth turned down and I looked like I was always... READ MORE

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