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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I always HATED my lips. My top lip was wayyy smaller than my bottom and the space between lips and nose was too long. It showed my bottom teeth only. I couldn't leave the house without lip liner to over line my lips and make them appear slightly bigger. When I was little it didn't matter much... READ MORE

I just had my lip lift surgery done yesterday with Dr tong and already I feel I look 10 yrs younger! so far so good. I have no pain, no swelling(or not that I notice of, my nose looks fine I think)...nothing! I do think I look a bit awkward right now, like I have a cleft lip or something... But... READ MORE

I had my virtual consultation with Dr. Rodriguez today for a bullhorn lip lift. My philtrum is like, 20 mm long and it's always bothered me. I didn't even learn about this procedure until last week, and since then I've done extensive research on it. I also have researched doctors and patients'... READ MORE

I have always been bothered by my excessively long upper lip. As I got older it seemed to get even longer. I was developing "smokers" vertical lip lines as well and I don't even smoke. I think they were caused by my skin length. I tried lip filler but all it did was make my lip project... READ MORE

After doing extensive research on lip lifts for over a year, and consulting with several doctors around the country who specialize in lip lifts, I selected Dr. Perenack in Baton Rouge and traveled from my home in Scottsdale, AZ to have it done. My main goal was to reduce the length of my long... READ MORE

I always had this long distance between upper lip and nose base with prominent nasolabial fold in between them. As years were passing by it had became longer! I hate it so bad.So, I start looking into solution for that problem. Lip lift .Wow ! Results online before and after look amazing. I... READ MORE

My lip transformation journey started in Novemeber when I got the perma lip. Although, it made my lips fuller I still had a very long lip and spacing between my upper lip and nose. I had my first lip lift in March. I had some asymmetry and scarring. This review is on my new lip lift from a... READ MORE

After reading so many reviews for so many months, you all helped me build up the courage to write my own review! I have a fairly longish distance between my nose and upper lip and as I got older it either got longer and/or more apparent. I know beauty matters most inside but I feel like this... READ MORE

I've had lip lift in Stockholm, Sweden. I've hated my philtrum and wished I could somehow make it smaller, thus I rejoiced when I found out that you could have it reduced invasively, and I'm happy that lip lift is really a godly procedure! A tall philtrum doesn't suit my face since I have... READ MORE

I am anxious to have my procedure done with Dr. Barry Eppley - Eppley Plastic Surgery on January 16th. Driving from St. Louis to Indianapolis. I feel like the space between my upper lip and nose is too long and wanting a much fuller, natural look.. I'm concerned my bottom lip will look too... READ MORE

I had my surgery on 1/07/2016 is being 3weeks, I decided to wait for my review until I was at least 2 weeks I will explain why later,, the good/ bad and truth of lip lift,, GOOD: surgery less that 1.5 hours, no pain, smooth like getting the nails done lol... The BAD: 2-5th day is so swollen I... READ MORE

I was in a car accident and shattered my chin. I have a metal plate in there now and it also resulted in nerve damage, causing my mouth to slant downward on the right side. I think my philtrum is somewhat an acceptable length to preform a lip lift on since no teeth show when I put my jaw ajar.... READ MORE

Hello guys! I decided to share my story and experiences with you. This website helped me a lot and gave me a courage to chase my dream. :) I never liked my lips. Lip lift seems like a good choice as I am looking for a permanent and natural but noticeable results. I had my lips injected twice... READ MORE

Over the years the distance between the bottom of my nose and the top of my cupids bow began to lengthen. When this happens it makes people look older. Having a shorter distance between these two points creates a lovely, youthful look. I was nervous about having the lip lift done with just a... READ MORE

As I have gotten older, I have become increasingingly unhappy with my mouth and laugh lines. I decided to have filler injected into my laugh lines 3 years ago andwas very happy with that. Then I decidedt to have my lips injected with filler. That was when the 2-1/2 year frustration began.... READ MORE

Going in for a lip lift with Dr. Kristina Zachary. Very excited, I have been wanting to do something about my long lip, tried fillers. Hated the result. Looking for healing tips, advice, comments on this procedure or Dr. Would be appreciated. I have seen many lip lifts on here that look... READ MORE

So after hours reading everyone's reviews it's time to write my own. I had my lip lift today in London with Miss Caroline Mills. Great consultation, she gave me lots of confidence and it's a procedure I've wanted for a long time but having had a number of consultations had never found the right... READ MORE

I'm considering getting this procedure done. Will travel if needed but would rather stay close to home. Any recommendations? I would like a surgeon who has experience with this procedure, it seems the more they do the better the outcomes. It would also be ideal to have it done close to home in... READ MORE

Absolutley ecstatic with the results. Top lip was so long it looked like I had no top teeth. I've tried fillers to plump them up, did not work. I tried botox which only succeeded in hindering my speech. Another doctor informed me to get the results I desired from fillers, I would have to use... READ MORE

For years I’ve not been exactly delighted by my appearance, it could be worse, but could be better was my philosophy. I could tolerate it, sometimes actually quite content, but as I got older, my attitude changed, in that things were only going to get even worse; but not necessarily...! I f... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Lip Lift ranges from $750-$5,000 with an average cost of $3,025. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 190 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more