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Dr. Ransom is Awesome

I love my new smile, I can see my teeth. The procedure is fast and without pain, and I drove myself home without any problems. The incisions were removed after one week and I used a face mask if I needed to do some shopping. Daily use of bioCorneum helped with sun protection, after three months... READ MORE

Horrendous Experience!!! Absolutely Horrible!!!

I have to say this was the most Horrible, Scariest, Painful and Depressing experience I have ever had!! If you are going to do any work on your body, ESPECIALLY your face please do your homework and make sure you select the best Dr. I wish I would have listened to the other reviews. I just... READ MORE

Lip Lift Pain - Beverly Hills, CA

I had my.lift lift by Dr Ben talei. He was caring and absolutely took his time. What I didn't know what that I'm hurting very badly and have taken 3 percent every 4 hrs. That's that normal plus a 10 MG valium. The swelling goes all the way to the top of my cheeks . I've always swelled a lot but... READ MORE

Lip Lift W Dr.Spiegel Boston

I've been increasingly unhappy with the results of filler in my upper lip for the past five years and the lack of tooth show. I've been wanting to have the lip Lift done for the past three years, when I learned about the procedure. I stopped having filler touch ups two years ago and have let... READ MORE

Brave Heart for a Perky Lip Lift

I'm starting this blog about an up coming lip lift procedure by Dr. Mascaro in Delray Beach, FL. in a few days. Over a year ago, I had my second neck and jowl lift in Palm Beach Gardens along with fat transfers to the eyes and chin. It helped some, but didn't live up to my expectations as one of... READ MORE

Beverly Hills Talent in Delray Beach, FL!!! Great Lip Lift Experience w/ Dr. Mascaro!

I am excited to share my recent AmazZzing experience with Miguel Mascaro MD, office in Delray Beach, FL. I refer to him as “Beverly Hills Talent,” because I personally feel there are many exceptionally talented surgeons out there in Hollywood. This is my 3rd recent attempt at a lip lift. I h... READ MORE

Fillers Have Not Worked for my Lips

I have previously had lip fillers throughout my lips, didn't get the look I wanted. After careful long research into a bullshorn liplift I had a consultation with Mr Guy Sterne at West Midlands hospital a few weeks ago and today had the lip-lift. So far I am delighted with the results , local... READ MORE

Lip lift in Boston

So I'm scheduled for a lip lift on Thursday with Dr. Speigel. I have been mulling this over for quite awhile and reading everyone's reviews. I have always felt like the space between my nose and mouth could be shorter. I am happy with the natural volume of my lips however. At the consultation... READ MORE

Finally Got my Lip Lifted!! - Baltimore, MD

I got my lip lift today and Ive never posted here before and I feel crappy right now so I will make it brief I have always felt my face was "off" and had some work done over the years including a rhinoplasty and lip filler. Over the years my lip elongated and I was more and more unhappy with... READ MORE

33 Y/0 Female from Montreal Looking to Improve Mu Lips Shape

I have always had a complex with my small lips. They are thin. No matter if I put make-up...it goes away so quickly. I dont want injections because they cant really define the cupid bow and also show more my front teeth that are always hiddent when I speak. I would like to know if what I am... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Horndeski in Sugar Land, TX

I finally booked my surgery last month after much research and reading reviews on this site and I flew into Houston Texas today for the surgery. I had sent my photos prior to the surgery to get an idea of how much to remove. Upon going in and consulting with the doctor in person prior to... READ MORE

Very Pleased with Results of my Recent Lip Lift Performed by Dr. Mascaro

A few years ago I was in an accident that resulted in some facial scarring, including the area of my upper lift. My initial thinking was about scar treatment but I searched on lip procedures, and that is how I found Dr. Mascaro and this procedure called a 'lip lift'. A lip lift reduces the... READ MORE

Wanting Lip Closer to my Nose and Improve Shape

Just got my lip lift done today . 4mm was taken off I feel like I needed 6-7 mm removed but the dr said he would rather take more off after than take too much off before . I don't feel like it looks different enough so I already know I will need more removed . I don't feel like I have a lot of... READ MORE

39/LL in TJ Mexico

So it might be a little too early to write this but what the heck I have a lot of free time at the moment.. I heard about this LL procedure about 4 years ago and was always interested but too scared to go through it. I've seen the YouTube videos and it looks scary! But thanks to the many RS... READ MORE

Scheduled My Lip Surgery

After turning 60 years old, I'm finding that the aging process is one of which is difficult for me to accept. "Aging gracefully " is not in the realm of my thinking. I guess I'm just way too self critical. I want to look as young and vibrant as I feel!  I've always had a long philtrum. This... READ MORE

Superior Lip Lift in Delray Beach, Fl. Thank Goodness!

I have had a long upper lip all my life. As I had gotten older (I'm 51) it had gotten longer, who knew as you aged your lips get longer and thinner, and your nose gets bigger ( conversation we'll have another time) Anyhow, I just couldn't take it any longer. I felt self conscious every time I... READ MORE

Lip lift Dr Osuch Warsaw Poland - 26 years old

I had my surgery on the 19th of May with doctor Osuch in Warsaw Poland. Few months after the healing process I can tell you that it's worth 100%. I was always insecure of my upper lip area and started doing research in my teen years to see what options are out there. I always felt that it was... READ MORE

Lip Lift

I was considering a lip lift for awhile but was on the fence about the surgeon. I had read all the reviews from "Real Self" and was very impressed with Dr. Muscaro in Delray, Florida. So I decided to have it done the next day! ( I was lucky someone had to reschedule, last minute.) Great... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Get a Lip Lift to Reduce the Length of Philtrum

I have been dissatisfied with the proportions of my face almost all my life, but I really didn't know exactly what it was that was wrong with my face. A few months ago when I was researching nose lengthening procedures, I came across a review for a lip lift, and immediately realized that it... READ MORE

Lip Lift Done Twice and So Far Love IT! - Duluth, GA

I can not express how happy I am with this procedure! I HATE lip injections and saw this procedure on REAL SELF. I had never even heard of it--my doctor is THE BEST! I would let No ONE touch my face---but him, He has done procedures for me for over 25 years---I am 57 and he keeps me looking... READ MORE

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