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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE â€º

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I have always hated the big space between my nose in the top of my lip and as I got older my lip got thinner. I felt it aged me and made me look unhappy. I would always try to smile big in pictures because it brought up my lips and balanced my face. I'm turning 50 this summer and wanted to do... READ MORE

So after hours reading everyone's reviews it's time to write my own. I had my lip lift today in London with Miss Caroline Mills. Great consultation, she gave me lots of confidence and it's a procedure I've wanted for a long time but having had a number of consultations had never found the right... READ MORE

I'm considering getting this procedure done. Will travel if needed but would rather stay close to home. Any recommendations? I would like a surgeon who has experience with this procedure, it seems the more they do the better the outcomes. It would also be ideal to have it done close to home in... READ MORE

After researching a lot of doctors, I finally decided on Dr. Scott Harris in Plano Texas. I based this on the paper he and a couple of other doctors wrote "The Endonasal Lip Lift." I don't recall who mentioned it on this website but that led me to him. No one here has any reviews of Dr. Harris'... READ MORE

Absolutley ecstatic with the results. Top lip was so long it looked like I had no top teeth. I've tried fillers to plump them up, did not work. I tried botox which only succeeded in hindering my speech. Another doctor informed me to get the results I desired from fillers, I would have to use... READ MORE

Having been self conscious of my lower face since I was old enough to care how I looked, I would always hide the area between my nose and upper lip as I felt it elongated my face and I was only ever confident or comfortable talking to people with it covered, I was bullied at school and I keep... READ MORE

As I have gotten older, I have become increasingingly unhappy with my mouth and laugh lines. I decided to have filler injected into my laugh lines 3 years ago andwas very happy with that. Then I decidedt to have my lips injected with filler. That was when the 2-1/2 year frustration began.... READ MORE

For years I’ve not been exactly delighted by my appearance, it could be worse, but could be better was my philosophy. I could tolerate it, sometimes actually quite content, but as I got older, my attitude changed, in that things were only going to get even worse; but not necessarily...! I... READ MORE

After researching this procedure for a while, and looking for a doctor who has done a few of these lip lifts with favorable results, I've decided to go with Dr. Horndeski in Sugar Land, TX. I've always had a long upper lip, and it now appears even longer after a second rhinoplasty where the... READ MORE

Going in for a lip lift with Dr. Kristina Zachary. Very excited, I have been wanting to do something about my long lip, tried fillers. Hated the result. Looking for healing tips, advice, comments on this procedure or Dr. Would be appreciated. I have seen many lip lifts on here that look... READ MORE

I have a 22mm upper lip which is not only aging, but is not attractive. I have had 4 consults. 1) Dr Haworth 2) Dr Rodriguez 3) Dr Stephen Baker and a 4th who would not do it. I felt the most comfortable with Dr Baker. The fact that he does a lot of reconstructive surgery around the mouth, is... READ MORE

I had my surgery on 1/07/2016 is being 3weeks, I decided to wait for my review until I was at least 2 weeks I will explain why later,, the good/ bad and truth of lip lift,, GOOD: surgery less that 1.5 hours, no pain, smooth like getting the nails done lol... The BAD: 2-5th day is so swollen I... READ MORE

I've always had a thin upper lip, which made me look stern at rest. Questions like "What's wrong?" And "Are you upset?" became my life's torment. Men often said I looked bitchy and unapproachable and I would have random strangers telling me to smile. I'm generally considered pretty, but my self... READ MORE

I was looking for a subtle lift to my lips; something conservative to go with my generally small features. Before deciding on Dr. Sigler, I had a consultation with Dr Hillinski in San Diego. He did NOT recommend it, stating that there was not much to cut and the outcome was not worth the scar.... READ MORE

I am 46, had a hysterictomy and neck fusion last year and I think my hormenes have gone crazy on me. Ok so right now I am on my way to dr. Eric weiss plastic surgery center for my 3 year long awaited bbq and lip lift with skin lip implant. I have watched this website for so long its making me... READ MORE

I had an upper lip lift, corner lip lift and fat transfer by Dr Randal Haworth. I have been researching this procedure for over a year. I am very happy with the results. I was worried I would not look myself, but found my friends cannot tell I had anything done... but do say I look really good... READ MORE

I am anxious to have my procedure done with Dr. Barry Eppley - Eppley Plastic Surgery on January 16th. Driving from St. Louis to Indianapolis. I feel like the space between my upper lip and nose is too long and wanting a much fuller, natural look.. I'm concerned my bottom lip will look too... READ MORE

I always hated the distance between my lip and my nose. I tried a filler once and it just made my top lip stick out and look silly. I started researching lip lift procedures and this site was very helpful, so I thought it only right to post my results to possibly help someone else as well. I... READ MORE

I finally booked my surgery last month after much research and reading reviews on this site and I flew into Houston Texas today for the surgery. I had sent my photos prior to the surgery to get an idea of how much to remove. Upon going in and consulting with the doctor in person prior to... READ MORE

Always wanted to lift my upper lip for it is rather narrow and I was getting fed up with paying a lot of money to maintain it fuller with fillers (juvederm). I decided to do it with Dr. Leslie Kuek from Singapore, but it is your reviews and photos and Dr. Kuek's impeccable job that prompted me... READ MORE

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