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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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Wanted to Improve my Facial Features - Beverly Hills, CA

I don't usually do reviews and I like to keep these kind of things private (only my very close family members know) but I'm sharing my experience as I feel I owe it to real self community for helping me to discover this procedure's existence! I never liked my lips and always wanted a lifted and... READ MORE

The Revision / POLAND / Dr Osuch Clinic

I had my second bullhorn lip lift performed on Friday 7th October 2016. After my first surgery that took place on February 2016 I felt that I did not have enough skin removed. That was the main reason why I decided to have the revision. After the first lip lift I stayed in touch with the clinic.... READ MORE

Lip Lift for Volume on 25yr Old

I wanted more volume without having to keep getting injections (had them once about a year ago). This procedure provided a more subtle change than I was expecting after having 6mm removed but I'm satisfied with the results...for now haha. I would have preferred a more drastic change but I didn't... READ MORE

Liplift at 44?

As far as I can tell, there is only one doctor here in Calgary who will perform a liplift. I did go for a consultation with that doctor, and was unfortunately horrified by the whole experience. I wish I could travel to Boston to see Jeffrey H Siegel. I'm so so impressed with realself user... READ MORE

Lip Lift Scheduled for October 24

I have been reading several reviews here in the past few months and this has inspired me to schedule a lip lift with Dr. Samaha in Montreal. Another reviewer had this same procedure performed by Dr. Samaha and her results are beautiful. I am 47 years old and have always felt that my philtrum... READ MORE

Thin Upper Lip / 27 Years Old Female / LIP LIFT IN POLAND

Hello guys! I decided to share my story and experiences with you. This website helped me a lot and gave me a courage to chase my dream. :) I never liked my lips. Lip lift seems like a good choice as I am looking for a permanent and natural but noticeable results. I had my lips injected twice... READ MORE

Bullhorn Lip Lift, Corner Lip Lift Tijuana, Mexico, Dr Alicia Sigler

I did actually 3 procedures: Lip Lift with Corner Lip Lift and Blepharoplasty Upper and Lower, but in this review I won't discuss the Bleph procedure, I'm waiting for the final results, I'm still recovering! Cost of all 3 was $4000 Cash! $1500 each with the $500 discount, which included... READ MORE

In Good Hands - Skokie, IL

I had 2 things that always bothered me - my nose and my Loooong upper flat lip. I got my nose tweaked in 2015 with satisfactory results, but nobody in my city really does a lip lift. So I looked and researched for really, several months before deciding on Dr. Turowski. Since the procedure is... READ MORE

21 Years Old with a Horrible Smile That I Can't Take Anymore

I had braces so my teeth are nice and pretty you just can't see them. It hurts my self confidence and I just want to be able to smile. With a smile I could have a completely different life. I believe my upper lip is too long and I think a lip lift would work perfectly for me. It's almost fine... READ MORE

Lip Lift- Excellent Doctor/Staff- Amazing Results by Dr. Scott Harris - Plano, TX

I'm a nurse and a Healthcare Adminstrator. After months of research about the lip lift procedure, I decided to go with Dr. Harris. There was only one previous review/picures on lip lifts on real self by a real client who used Dr. Harris (not a photo uploaded to this site by the Dr.). I loved... READ MORE

Lip Lift Planned for November! - Taiwan, TW

I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified about the scar and what I'll tell people. What do you guys think? Do you tell everyone before hand? After? I'm sick of smiling when talking to avoid looking grumpy. I like my smile, but there is a line across my upper lip even when smiling because... READ MORE

Liplift with Dr. Ben Talei - Beverly Hills, CA

Hi all, I will be undergoing the lip lift procedure on October 14th, and I am really excited (and a bit anxious too). I don't write reviews often, if ever, but RealSelf has been invaluable to me so I figured I’d pay it back. Besides that, I figured that Dr. Talei doesn't have that many r... READ MORE

39/LL in TJ Mexico

So it might be a little too early to write this but what the heck I have a lot of free time at the moment.. I heard about this LL procedure about 4 years ago and was always interested but too scared to go through it. I've seen the YouTube videos and it looks scary! But thanks to the many RS... READ MORE

The Good, Bad and Truth of Lip Lift..Pasadena, CA

I had my surgery on 1/07/2016 is being 3weeks, I decided to wait for my review until I was at least 2 weeks I will explain why later,, the good/ bad and truth of lip lift,, GOOD: surgery less that 1.5 hours, no pain, smooth like getting the nails done lol... The BAD: 2-5th day is so swollen I... READ MORE

Looking for a Nicer Upper Lip - Jupiter, FL

I went to see Dr Mardirossian because of the excellent reviews! And can I tell you that they are all true! First, his staff treats you like family :) when I met Dr. Mardirossian, I was delighted. He's absolutely amazing and the before and after pictures look so natural. I will be having an upper... READ MORE

Newlookholiday, Slovakia Facial Disaster

Mouth corner lift by Dr Turkin incisions put in the wrong place, looked worse! Had it corrected in the UK specialist Mr Riaz. Photo evidence by Mr Riaz sent to them of what they had done to me top pic & how it should of been done below. They wouldn't reimburse my money or accept they had... READ MORE

Bye Bye Thin Lips - Des Moines, IA

Less than a week until my scheduled lip lift. So glad I found this site. I've always had thin lips but as stated so often, time is not a friend of the lip. My philtrum is now 21mm. My dr sugested removing 1cm. I was a little freaked out by that amount but after reading how several gals went... READ MORE

Face Rejuvenation with Lip Lift - Hermosa Beach, CA

I had a face lift in Costa Rica four years ago. Not worth it at all, it made my face sag more and in just nine months after. It was so disappointing. Don't waste your money unless you see a lot of excellent reviews. I searched for four years and saw many Doctors before deciding on Dr. James... READ MORE

PRE: Lip lift, Singapore

The surgery has not taken place yet but I am very excited already and I am looking forward to it! After I saw the great pictures from Juliahs lip lift performed by Dr. Leslie Kuek I was very impressed. The result is great and the stitching was so clean that I scheduled the surgery date as soon... READ MORE

Beautiful Lip Lift by Dr Dino Elyassnia, San Francisco

My issue was an elongated philtrum (the area between the upper lip and the nostrils) that, with aging, tends to elongate vertically and also causes the upper lip to lengthen horizontally. In addition, I had a very noticeable horizontal line (deep wrinkle) just under the nostrils that indented... READ MORE

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