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Voluma Uneven and Bumpy: Will it Improve?

Y'day I had Voluma injected with a Canula into my cheeks to enhance the cheek bones and create a lift. Apart from the fact that the area is extremely... READ MORE

After Juvaderm Voluma in my Cheekbones, Swollen and Uneven Face

48hours later im starting to freak out still swollen in my left side but i can still easily see she misplaced the product plus giving my left... READ MORE

I had one syringe of Voluma injected and the Doctor did one side more than the other. I look unbalanced. Is this normal?

My cheek is higher and fuller on one side and has a bulge near my nose. The higher cheek fill makes my eyes look different from each other. Should I... READ MORE

Can Voluma in the temple area be uneven and sore the day after? Is this normal? Can it cause a migraine?

I'm just really concerned this isn't normal because I have n vet done filler before. I had voluma put in the hollows of my temples yesterday, one... READ MORE

Voluma fillers a bit swollen and uneven day after procedure? Will this settle or do I need to get it fixed? (photo)

Yesterday had 1 injection of voluma (1/2 syringe on each cheek) to fix volume loss and improve hollowing under the eyes. Today it looks good... READ MORE

What can be done to correct bad injections and how do I find someone to fix them in another state? (Photo)

I had voluma injected in June 2015 by my dermatologist and it was uneven and bumpy around my eyes. I went to a plastic surgeons office the end of... READ MORE

Used voluma in cheeks. Does it look uneven? (Photo)

I had 1 syringe of voluma injected into each cheek, and I think it looks a bit uneven. Is it noticeable and worth adding more to one side? READ MORE

Injected Voluma to fill upper cheek & bags under eyes. Looked uneven so corrected with Restalyne but still not smooth. (photo)

Had some dissolved but asked dr to just do a little at a time. A month has past since I had injections. under eyes are very blue even w good makeup. I... READ MORE

Follow-up to question about uneven Voluma; what should I do? (Photo)

My face was not uneven prior to the Voluma cheek injections. Also it's been 3 weeks since the injections so it's not from swelling. Thanks READ MORE

Is 4 months is sufficient time to heal after bad filler and vitrase?

It's been almost 4 months since I last posted here about having a bad experience with Voluma and Juvederm VC migrating to my tear troughs, and the... READ MORE

Should I get Voluma removed? Uneven cheeks, smile, & bags under eyes. (Photo)

Unhappy with results. Had 2 injections each cheek. Thought it would settle after 2 months. 1 cheek is larger than another & more "sculpted." Never had... READ MORE

Voluma uneven?

I resently had Voluma Injected for the first time .. was using Juvultra , My Dr is great but I am uneven a bit, I spend quite a bit of $$$ 2 ultra and... READ MORE

Had voluma on my cheekbones and I am now wondering if I should have a syringe placed on my chin for facial balance? (Photo)

I love the look of high cheekbones, so I had two syringes of voluma placed on my cheekbones. However, I'm wondering if my face looks imbalanced and I... READ MORE

Help! Juvederm Voluma in cheeks looks like ant hills. Is this normal? (Photos)

I had my cheeks injected yesterday afternoon. It looks very pointy, uneven and like a giant harsh raised line. I had 1.5 syringes in each cheek. I'm... READ MORE

One cheek higher 5 days after Voluma injections, should I do something or it give it some time? (photo)

Hello! I had 2 syringes of voluma injected 5 days ago. I love the results. Very little bruising and not much swelling. They looked even too. Last... READ MORE

Uneven Voluma? How to make face more feminine? (Photo)

I recieved a syringe of Voluma last week and find the right side of my face to be lower and less filled than the left. Does anyone else see this? I... READ MORE

After removing Voluma, how soon can you safely have it put back in by someone experienced?

I received Voluma four weeks ago, Large lumps, Face uneven,Swelling,Infection the first week, I will go see a doctor on Monday I was pleased for the... READ MORE

Should I wait or get more Voluma now -1.5 years ago I had a total of 3 ml of voluma over a 6 month period. (photo)

Just 6days ago I had another 1 ml placed to just keep it fresh. WELL I really only wanted it put in my left side the right still seemed to have enough... READ MORE

Had second round of Voluma 3 months ago - can my cheeks be evened out?

I had a second round of Voluma after 18 months. This was almost 3 months ago. My right cheek feels like there is a hard ball underneath and when I... READ MORE

Would Voluma help give the bottom half of my face a more symmetrical look? (Photos)

I have always struggled with asymmetry in the bottom half of my face. One side of my jaw seems more prominent than the other, making my face look... READ MORE

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