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After Juvaderm Voluma in my Cheekbones, Swollen and Uneven Face

48hours later im starting to freak out still swollen in my left side but i can still easily see she misplaced the product plus giving my left... READ MORE

How long does bruising and swelling last after using Voluma? (Photo)

I got voluma filler injected into my upper cheeks yesterday. I got bruised and swelling is increasing to reach my eyelid. I am icing all the time and... READ MORE

Which filler is recommended for nasolabial folds?

I want to get filler in my nasolabial folds. I've been told I can choose between Voluma, Perlane and Modulas and that they actually inject in the... READ MORE

How much Voluma for my cheeks? (Photo)

I had 2 vials injected yesterday, 1 for each side. There is swelling which doesn't show on pictures. For my before & after I airbrushed out the dark... READ MORE

Is swelling under my right eye normal after having voluma placed in my cheeks 9 days ago?

After the 6 day of having voluma placed in my cheeks , I woke up with puffy swelling under my right eye. It is day 9 now and the swelling under my eye... READ MORE

Alcohol consumption after Voluma?

Hi, I am planning to get my cheeks done with Voluma (2 cc). Is it okay to drink alcohol after the procedure? Or do you have to wait 24 hours? Does it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a reaction to Voluma and Restalyn almost 3 months later? (photo)

Is it possible to have a reaction to voluma and restalyn almost 3 months later? I had this done under my eyes and cheeks. It has been 3 months and now... READ MORE

I received Voluma injections 6 days ago. I have quite a bit of swelling. Is this normal?

My jaw on one side is very stiff and sore. I haven't been able to chew without a lot of pain and can't open my mouth very wide. It's not red or hot... READ MORE

Bruising due to Voluma injections. Why has this happened?

Two years ago, I had voluma injected into my cheeks. I still have slight bruising and small swelling. I thought this would dissolve gradually, over a... READ MORE

Voluma reaction after 3 months. What can I do? (Photo)

I had Voluma injected under my eyes in August 2014 then again in November 17, 2014. Everything seemed fine until the middle of February 2015. I... READ MORE

Why do I have intermittent eye swelling starting 2 days after Voluma on upper cheek area?

5 days ago, i had voluma upper cheek, low temple area. i was swollen and bruised at the injection site. two days later my eye swelled up on the side... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma problem. How long until hyalase works to relieve pain? If this doesn't work, what will? (Photo)

Got 1cc Juvederm 11 wks ago. ENT really hurt my left cheek during injection. It stayed swollen, painful & red for 10 wks so I decided to hyalse with... READ MORE

I had Voluma and now have hard lumps under the skin. Any suggestions?

I had voluma in my cheeks for a gentle lift to cheeks i was asked not to touch the filler area at all and i had swelling first week and just bruised... READ MORE

I had Perlane and Voluma injected under my cheeks. Now it looks much worse. How can this be corrected?

I had asked about the "swelling" under my cheek. I would call it a large ridge under one cheek that was left by Perlane two years ago. Voluma was... READ MORE

Voluma Complication. One side has swollen, and my jaw muscle hurts. Is it an infection, or something worse?

What can go wrong? My injection was 3 1/2 weeks ago. Yesterday one side swelled up and I went back and am now on antibiotics. Today, it/s even bigger.... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Voluma leave lasting dark circles under the eyes at the site of injection?

I had Juvederm Voluma in my upper checks two weeks ago. Now two weeks later I have dark rings under my eyes at the site of the injections. They are... READ MORE

Severe swelling after restylane voluma to the lips. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had 1 ml of restylane volume injected into my lips yesterday afternoon at around 5pm. I went home and iced my lips like I was instructed and when I... READ MORE

Will the numbness under my eye go away after having Voluma placed on my upper cheek?

I had Voluma injected into my upper cheek area. While I was being injected on my left side I felt a weird shock like sensation all up to my eye. The... READ MORE

8 days after volume injections: swelling and tenderness. Should I be concerned?

I am having some swelling and tenderness under the injection site on one side of my face 8 days later. what does that mean and should I be concerned? READ MORE

Dissolve voluma or add more? (photos)

I had half of a syringe of Voluma in each cheek a week ago, and now my face looks different: more wide face, deeper temples, smaller eyes. The... READ MORE

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