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What is the Recovery Time for Voluma in Upper Cheeks?

Hi, I have recently - 3 days ago, had Juvederm Voluma in my upper cheeks to correct quite pronounced flatness. After 3 days they are very tender, &... READ MORE

After Juvaderm Voluma in my Cheekbones, Swollen and Uneven Face

48hours later im starting to freak out still swollen in my left side but i can still easily see she misplaced the product plus giving my left... READ MORE

What are Voluma XC risks or side effects?

Can any injector who does Botox competently also do Voluma? What are risks or side effects if done incorrectly? READ MORE

Reaction to Voluma: What Can I Do about Side Effects?

Hi Had Juvederm Voluma put in my cheeks (2ml) . I started having palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue, shortness of breath and horrible headache. I... READ MORE

Blurred vision in one eye after Juvederm Voluma injected to upper malar area

Yesterday, I had Juvederm Voluma injected into both upper cheek areas to smooth out a dent in the malar region. .6ml was injected into my left cheek; ... READ MORE

Can I have a IPL after voluma ?

I had voluma 2 weeks ago and just had an IPL today. I was told this was ok but now I have a knot just under my nasal fold. Is it possible the IPL gad... READ MORE

Is there a semi permanent facial filler that can last for more than two years?

I was wondering if there is a filler than can last longer than two years but doesn't have the risk of side effects like Aquamid? I saw a plastic... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Voluma Safe? Should anyone with rosacea worry about adverse reaction?

I am planning to get Voluma fillers to address slight facial volume loss but I also suffered from a rosacea flareup which has been fortunately under... READ MORE

What are the worst possible side effects of voluma or fillers in general?

Am 31 old and i lost small amount of volume and i need a slightly cheeks lift..with minimum injections as possible as my skin is great. However, I... READ MORE

How to correct Voluma side effect of dark dents in cheeks? (Photo)

Had 1 unit of Voluma per cheek approx 5 weeks ago. Have had these dark dents on my cheeks since. Was told they are from bruising and swelling but 5-6... READ MORE

3 weeks after Juvederm Voluma will the puffiness/swelling disappear or will I have to dissolve the filler?

I got Juvederm Voluma 3 weeks ago only in cheeks. It was NOT injected in tear troughs . Despite icing, head elevation, I wake up every morning with... READ MORE

Are cheek fillers injections bad every year? Does it have any consequence?

I always want to know if is good to inject voluma, radiesse or no matter what filler injection each year, because its not permanent. READ MORE

Voluma side effects?

I had juvederm voluma in my cheeks 2 weeks ago. I have been feeling unwell since . Over the last week I have tired aching legs, a thick head. My... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid injections 12 years after interferon treatment for Hepatitis C: bad side effects?

Hi, I would soon have an appointment for injections of Voluma for the first time. I readed studies relate of people, while an interferon / ribavirin... READ MORE

Can I have more Voluma added to the cheeks 2 weeks after first round of injections?

I had 1 syringe of voluma added .5 split b/w my cheeks and .5 to my chin. I noticed that I liked my cheeks and want more. I made an appointment to go... READ MORE

Healing with Voluma in cheeks: what are the side effects and is there any bruising or swelling?

I would like to have 1 syringe of voluma injected into my cheeks to add some volume to my face. I am afraid of any side effects... I work full time in... READ MORE

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