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Reaction to Voluma: What Can I Do about Side Effects?

Hi Had Juvederm Voluma put in my cheeks (2ml) . I started having palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue, shortness of breath and horrible headache. I... READ MORE

Hard Cheek, Aches and Swelling 6 Weeks After Voluma- Should I Be Worried?

I am still experiencing a reaction to voluma, 6 weeks after treatment, in 1 cheek; the other cheek is perfect however! Most days there is mild... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a reaction to Voluma and Restalyn almost 3 months later? (photo)

Is it possible to have a reaction to voluma and restalyn almost 3 months later? I had this done under my eyes and cheeks. It has been 3 months and now... READ MORE

Reaction to Voluma & Perlane but Not Juvaderm?

Hi, About 4 years ago I had Juvaderm in my tear troughs with a fabulous result. 2 years on and it was time to top up. I went to a different Dr who... READ MORE

Today I received a syringe of Voluma xc spread to two cheekbones and this is the result. Is this a common reaction? (photo)

I have these speed bump looking things on both sides, one higher than the other. Is this a natural reaction or does it look like the practitioner... READ MORE

Voluma reaction after 3 months. What can I do? (Photo)

I had Voluma injected under my eyes in August 2014 then again in November 17, 2014. Everything seemed fine until the middle of February 2015. I... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Voluma Safe? Should anyone with rosacea worry about adverse reaction?

I am planning to get Voluma fillers to address slight facial volume loss but I also suffered from a rosacea flareup which has been fortunately under... READ MORE

Adverse reaction to Voluma after 6 months.

I've developed large solid lumps under my eyes 6 months after Voluma. Everything else has been discounted-I've been trying to get the Voluma dissolved... READ MORE

How long can a hypersensitivity reaction to Voluma last?

Had 1/2 syringe Voluma on each cheek 18 months ago, have had pain/itching/malar edema/burning ever since. Doctors stumped; only recently diagnosed as... READ MORE

Is voluma a good idea for me?

Considering getting voluma to lift my cheek bones. I've had juvaderm ultra plus injected into my Malar bags which was a mistake since it's water based... READ MORE

Broken capillaries after Voluma, will they go away if filler is dissolved? Is this a sign of reaction to the filler?

I have had a number of issues with my Voluma injections most of which have subsided except now I have broken capillaries on my cheek where the... READ MORE

Rare reaction to voluma.

It's now been exactly 4 weeks since voluma injections in cheeks by experienced injector. Immediately following my right eye swelled enormously (cornea... READ MORE

Voluma reaction 5 months after. Doctor said will resolve on its own. Is 'wait and see' correct?

I got antibiotics and anthismine and the sweeping is slightly better although the lips are grotesque. If your bobby rejects this shouldn't it be... READ MORE

8 months ago I had 1ml of Juvederm Voluma place in my chin for more definition. Can you get a reaction from it?

Initially I had the usual tenderness and swelling after having filler went away after about 3 days and has been completely normal up until two days... READ MORE

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