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Eyes look more sunken after Voluma. Any suggestions? (photos)

Yesterday I had one syringe of Voluma XC split between my two cheek bones and I am not happy because my eyes now look more sunken in. I have always... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a reaction to Voluma and Restalyn almost 3 months later? (photo)

Is it possible to have a reaction to voluma and restalyn almost 3 months later? I had this done under my eyes and cheeks. It has been 3 months and now... READ MORE

Would Voluma work well for dark circles/under eye hollows on 40-year-old? (photo)

I just turned 40 and though i have beautiful skin but have dark circles /under eye hollows. I am really scared to get anything done on my face... READ MORE

Eyes worse 3 weeks after voluma injections (photos)

I had voluma injected 3 weeks ago for dark undereye circles. I was given a bleaching cream a week later. Right away I had a black eye. 3 weeks later... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Voluma leave lasting dark circles under the eyes at the site of injection?

I had Juvederm Voluma in my upper checks two weeks ago. Now two weeks later I have dark rings under my eyes at the site of the injections. They are... READ MORE

Injected Voluma to fill upper cheek & bags under eyes. Looked uneven so corrected with Restalyne but still not smooth. (photo)

Had some dissolved but asked dr to just do a little at a time. A month has past since I had injections. under eyes are very blue even w good makeup. I... READ MORE

How do I best address the loss of volume in my face? (Photo)

I'm 44 and concerned about how my face is beginning to look aged. I'm considering getting Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks and around my mouth. I'm also... READ MORE

Is "Voluma" safe for tear through? (Photo)

I'm contemplating getting fillers around my eyes. I desperate need this treatment because not only do I have sunken eyes, but very dark circles is... READ MORE

What went wrong? Please help or any recommendations/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (photos)

I was told voluma would help with the hollowness under my eyes and upper cheekbone. Feb. 2015, added voluma. 2 week follow up, noticed more hollowness... READ MORE

Should I try laser to remove the darkness? (Photo)

5/22 Voluma was injected to lessen dark circles. Had severe bruising. Should I try IDOL or Q Switched laser to remove the pigmentation thst was left.... READ MORE

Had voluma injections, dark eyes. Been 2 weeks & under eyes are not even as though the voluma wasn't injected evenly? (Photos)

Why did this happen? I did not play with them. Should I have to pay $785.00 again for it to be corrected or will they fix it as it should be the first... READ MORE

What type of fillers under my eyes and cheeks? Also just wondering how many syringes do you think it would take? (photo)

I am 35, and noticed the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse and the volume in my cheeks has gone down.. sigh . I work out a lot and would... READ MORE

Loss of volume in cheeks and eye area after Voluma?

I went to the derma complaining about the lines around either side of my mouth. She suggested Voluma to lift the cheeks and then Belo tero for the... READ MORE

What can I do to remove the darkness and hollowness caused by voluma injections under my eyes?

May 12,2014 I was injected with Voluma in my under eyes for darkness. Soon after I was left for DEAD or at least looking like I was auditioning for... READ MORE

Under eye wrinkles and dark circles after 3cc Voluma injected on cheeks (Photo)

After 2 weeks of waiting for Voluma injected on my upper cheeks, to settle, I still have deep under eye wrinkles when smiling. These wrinkles did not... READ MORE

What can I do after bad results with Voluma under eye? Should I have it dissolved and does that always work?

I had filler under my eyes in tear trough area 4 weeks ago. One eye looks ok, although a couple slight bumps. The other eye looks like I have a faint... READ MORE

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