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After Juvaderm Voluma in my Cheekbones, Swollen and Uneven Face

48hours later im starting to freak out still swollen in my left side but i can still easily see she misplaced the product plus giving my left... READ MORE

Eyes look more sunken after Voluma. Any suggestions? (photos)

Yesterday I had one syringe of Voluma XC split between my two cheek bones and I am not happy because my eyes now look more sunken in. I have always... READ MORE

Can Voluma create high cheekbones? Can it be injected high on the cheekbone or does it just add volume to the apple?

Can Voluma create high cheekbones, can it be injected high on the cheekbone or does it just add volume to the apple etc.? I dont have high cheekbones... READ MORE

Next time I have Voluma, should I ask the Doctor to massage after each injection so that I won't get lumps?

Two obvious lumps appreard under both eyes at the top of the cheek bone. Very disappointed. I did have one of the lumps disolved by the Doctor some... READ MORE

Today I received a syringe of Voluma xc spread to two cheekbones and this is the result. Is this a common reaction? (photo)

I have these speed bump looking things on both sides, one higher than the other. Is this a natural reaction or does it look like the practitioner... READ MORE

Should I get Juvederm volumna in cheeks?

My eyes are deep set from a previous face lift. Cheek bones are high, area below cheeks have lost volume especially on left side. READ MORE

Voluma vs. Volbella for cosmetic cheekbone enhancement?

With so many fillers on the market, as a consumer, it becomes difficult to decide what to have done. I've had Voluma done to my cheekbones, as per the... READ MORE

Is voluma xc or radiesse better for cheekbone contouring. I am a female in my mid-forties with a round face.

I just had one syringe of voluma xc injected on top of my cheekbones and it looks soft and natural with a slight lifting effect. I would like to get a... READ MORE

What went wrong with voluma xc ??? (photos)

Please can you tell me what is wrong with voluma xc injections on cheekbones?? I had one 1ml on each side since October 2 2015 Today is been 14 days... READ MORE

What happens if you don't get fillers (Voluma) redone?

I am a 22 year old with a flat/thin face who would like to get 1 syringe of Voluma for a subtle cheekbone. I have heard that the filler gradually... READ MORE

Should I mix different HA's for best result?

I've gradually built up my cheekbones using a filler called Aliaxin which is a HA similar to Juvaderm Voluma (maybe even somewhat thicker). I've... READ MORE

How can I achieve high cheeks? (photos)

I've been looking at some pictures of myself and I've noticed that my cheeks don't look as full as the used to look. I was wondering what fillers can... READ MORE

Sagging and loose skin after Voluma and Hyaluronidase. What's my best option? (Photo)

I had a large amount of Voluma injected in my cheekbones 7months ago & hated the result,the doctor promised to give me a model look and instead i... READ MORE

Voluma Considerations. Could Voluma cause scar tissue or tissue damage?

Could Voluma injections cause scar tissue or tissue destruction/damage? How might they affect possibility of future fat grafting? I have a lean face... READ MORE

Is it possible to have soreness across my cheekbones & water retention under both eyes 3 mos after Botox and Volume injections?

The injections were in the temple and cheekbone areas between my eye socket ears. I'm experiencing severe "fluid filled bags" under both eyes. There... READ MORE

10 vials of fillers in my face, disappeared within a few days, the only spots that remained full are the cheek bones. Advice?

I got 10 vials within a month (1 month ago), mostly Voluma, some Restylane, in cheekbones, cheeks and temples. Every time I got injected I looked... READ MORE

Had voluma on my cheekbones and I am now wondering if I should have a syringe placed on my chin for facial balance? (Photo)

I love the look of high cheekbones, so I had two syringes of voluma placed on my cheekbones. However, I'm wondering if my face looks imbalanced and I... READ MORE

I have bruising and swelling in the cheekbone after voluma. What shall I do? Is this normal? (Photo)

Today I started experiencing a swelling and some kind of bruising on one upper cheek after a filling with juvederm Voluma 2 days ago . When I left the... READ MORE

How often should I get Voluma Filler?

I'm thinking about getting Voluma Fillers in my cheekbones but I would like to know how often should I get it done to maintain my desired results? READ MORE

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