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Eyes look more sunken after Voluma. Any suggestions? (photos)

Yesterday I had one syringe of Voluma XC split between my two cheek bones and I am not happy because my eyes now look more sunken in. I have always... READ MORE

39-year old considering Juvederm Voluma cheek injections but worried about risks.

I'm 39 and considering having Juvederm Voluma injected into my cheeks for the first time. I've been doing some research and worrying about the worst... READ MORE

Would Voluma work well for dark circles/under eye hollows on 40-year-old? (photo)

I just turned 40 and though i have beautiful skin but have dark circles /under eye hollows. I am really scared to get anything done on my face... READ MORE

Juvederm vs Voluma: What's Best for Minor Filling and Lifting?

I am 43 but often told I look young for my age. I recently went to an aesthetic clinic who recommended I have 3 treatments of juverderm every 15 days.... READ MORE

What is the best option for a more defined jawline? (Photo)

Hi, I'm a 44 year old female and over the last couple of years I've developed a jowly and uneven jawline. I was wondering what would be the best... READ MORE

Could my jowls be lifted with Voluma injections in cheeks? (photos)

I'm 44 and have been contemplating Voluma to add fullness to my cheeks and soften the marionette lines. I'm hoping Voluma in cheeks will also lift the... READ MORE

White female DESPERATE for advice on B/L Bleph vs. Fillers vs? My go to - got up and WENT! (Photo)

My bucket list for my 40th bday next month = Possible permanent solution to restore lost volume to SEVERE lower lid hollowing + severe static wrinkles... READ MORE

I am interested in facial fillers - what would work best and what would the cost be - I will be 43 in two weeks

I am wanting to know which facial fillers will help best with sagging , loss of volume and under eye wrinkers nasal labia folds - what would give me... READ MORE

How do I best address the loss of volume in my face? (Photo)

I'm 44 and concerned about how my face is beginning to look aged. I'm considering getting Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks and around my mouth. I'm also... READ MORE

Was Juvederm Voluma placed in the wrong location 3 days ago? Worried, broke, and an actress. Please help!

I'm 42 with new volume loss. My tear troughs were treated with Restylane (1 syringe each), and cheeks with Juvederm Voluma (1 syringe ttl). There's... READ MORE

I've got a lump on my nasolabial fold - is that normal? (Photo)

I just had my nasal folds done , I was told by my doctor that I had deep folds so he used voluma . first time he said I need two syringes. He will do... READ MORE

How to get rid of these lines? (photo)

39 year old female. Had Voluma 5 weeks ago which no caused marionette lines. What can I do to get rid of them? READ MORE

What type of fillers under my eyes and cheeks? Also just wondering how many syringes do you think it would take? (photo)

I am 35, and noticed the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse and the volume in my cheeks has gone down.. sigh . I work out a lot and would... READ MORE

Would Voluma in my cheeks correct my laugh lines? (photo)

I am 44 and hate the lines around my mouth. Would Volma in my cheeks correct these? What is my best option? READ MORE

after extreme weight loss i have lost volume in my mid to lower face on the right side. (photo)

I was wondering if radiesse or juvederm voluma would correct this. i am a 42 year old white male who looks young to begin with. i just want my cheek... READ MORE

Was Voluma the next step? (photos)

I had restylene for the tear troughs with great results in 2013. I had a touch up in 2014 along a fill for my nasal fold - that resulted in an... READ MORE

Sculptra or Voluma? (Photo)

I am 42 going 43 and have had some facial wasting that mainly appeared after having braces...Being temples and periaucular area down to the mandibular... READ MORE

Juverderm Voluma or XC Ultra plus for laugh nasal folds correction?

I'm a 39 year old female who 6 mths ago had Juverderm xc ultra plus injected into my nasal folds. I was very happy with the results but am in need of... READ MORE

Is Voluma good for my under eyes? (Photo)

Good morning , I am 42 years old , and I I noted that my under eyes area has loss volume, and on the side of my mouth I have wrinkles as well. I was... READ MORE

Voluma for cheeks, is it worth it? Will my cheeks sink after the Voluma dissolves in a year or so? (Photo)

I'm 38 considering Voluma for my cheeks before my wedding, I currently have an appointment 6 weeks before the wedding. I don't like the line in my... READ MORE

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