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I had Juverderm Voluma in cheeks and temples. 2 days later no different than before I had it done ?

I had 3 vials of juverderm voluma im 26 slimish face I had 1 + on each side going from hairline across the cheek bone slightly into the apples of... READ MORE

Is normal to feel the Juvederm Voluma on my cheek?

Is normal to feel the juvederm voluma on my cheek?? Feels like hard bone, a hard ball right where it was injected. Was done 2 days ago. Also, cheeks... READ MORE

Sunken eyes from cheek filler?

I'm 29 years old and had juvederm voluma injected into my cheeks/cheekbone area in January. I noticed right away that my undereye area seemed sunken... READ MORE

What treatment do I need for volume loss under eyes and sagging cheeks?

After I turned 25 I noticed significant volume loss/hollowing of the eye (not concerned with the dark circles) and the appearance that my cheeks have... READ MORE

How many syringes of Voluma for cheek enhancement? (Photo)

I'm very interested in Voluma for my cheeks to add volume, definition and obtain an ogee curve. However, I'm hesitant because I don't know if it's... READ MORE

Will Voluma help fill out my mid face and make me look younger, or is there a better option? (photos)

I'll be thirty this year and after having 3 kids in my 20's, my weight has gone up and down with each pregnancy and I feel like it's cause my face to... READ MORE

Had Voluma in cheeks to decrease under eye circles. It didn't work. Should I consider more, another filler or laser? (Photo)

I am 31 years old. Recently had 1 syringe of Voluma injections in my cheeks. I was told by my Dr that this would decrease my under eye circles. I am... READ MORE

Voluma or PRP to littel bet enhance my skin and give it more volume and lift? I am 31 old. (photos)

Am 31 old I lost some facial volume after my rhinoplasty & my cheeks are flatter. I want to get my round face & raise the cheeks little bet.... READ MORE

What can I do about this saggy face? My nose? (Photo)

Just turned 34 and within the last year, I've aged a lot (to me). Lots of sun damage and relapsing from an Eating Disorder which clearly took a toll... READ MORE

My face is saggy! (photos)

I'm 30 years old and have suffered with acne my whole life. I have found a product that works for me, but also dairy is a huge trigger. I did go on a... READ MORE

Can I get that sharp/angular high cheekbone with voluma?

I am in my late 20's and have had two half syringes of voluma put in each cheek over the past year, while I really I dont need it much for correction,... READ MORE

How much Voluma is required to see a difference?

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who said he starts his patients out with three or four syringes of Voluma and works his way up, yet I have... READ MORE

What are the worst possible side effects of voluma or fillers in general?

Am 31 old and i lost small amount of volume and i need a slightly cheeks lift..with minimum injections as possible as my skin is great. However, I... READ MORE

Can I use Voluma instead of Restylane Lyft?

My name is Jessica and I'm 28 y/o and was given 1cc of Restylane Lyft to create the higher cheekbones back in November. Two days later, I saw that the... READ MORE

Voluma for saggy face? 34 year old (Photo)

I am 34 years old and have experienced a MAJOR loss in volume over a short period of time. Seems like my skin dropped overnight. I would Like to... READ MORE

I want a non-invasive/dermal filler approach to eliminate sausage cheeks & deepening nasolabial folds. What is the best? (Photo)

Hi there! I am a 27 year old female. I am considering getting Voluma and Juvaderm. I have fluctuated in weight several times the last 5 years. I think... READ MORE

Do I need cheek filler? (Photo)

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I can see shadows and some hollowing in my face. I'm 29. I have seen a respected specialist who has told me I... READ MORE

Hollow and weird looking temples! Do you think Voluma or Radiesse in the cheeks would accentuate the hollowness? (photos)

I am 29 years old and I noticed my temples are starting to sink in! They've sunken drastically in the pad two years. So much so they're starting to... READ MORE

If I Have to Choose One: Voluma in Chin+Cheek OR Another Dermal Filler in the Under Eye Trough? (photos)

I find my appearance leaves me with very poor self esteem. I am 25, but I feel as though my face is quite "flat" and my under eye troughs are very... READ MORE

Should I start by Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse before considering full face fat transfer?

Hi doctors! I am 30 years old, i lost a lot of volume in my face specially cheeks. My face becomes thinner and longer. I saw a qualified surgeon... READ MORE

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