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Does Juvederm VOLUMA Promote Collagen Production?

A week ago I had Juvederm Voluma injected in each cheek - 2 syringes each. After a few days they look rather deflated and not as good as they did... READ MORE

Is swelling under my right eye normal after having voluma placed in my cheeks 9 days ago?

After the 6 day of having voluma placed in my cheeks , I woke up with puffy swelling under my right eye. It is day 9 now and the swelling under my eye... READ MORE

I received Voluma injections 6 days ago. I have quite a bit of swelling. Is this normal?

My jaw on one side is very stiff and sore. I haven't been able to chew without a lot of pain and can't open my mouth very wide. It's not red or hot... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bruising, nausea and a headache after Voluma injections to both upper cheeks?

Had less than one vial injected 5 days ago to both cheeks to enhance volume. Had bruising on left side. Have had headache and nausea since then.... READ MORE

Can Voluma disappear after a few days? (photos)

So I had 2ml voluma in my cheek (1ml each side) and 1ml juvederm ultra in my lips, (have had lips done previously also), and for the first few days I... READ MORE

I had Juvederm Voluma injected in the eye troughs a week ago and had extreme pain and numbness. Is this normal?

I was prescribed a medrol pack and pain has subsided somewhat but I still have numbness in the left cheek and upper left lip area. READ MORE

Can Voluma change your smile?

Was injected with 2 syringes 8 days ago. Smile is very straight and tight with tightness in lower cheek area. Is this normal? READ MORE

Bulging veins on the side of my temple after voluma. Do I need a touch up to try and hide it or have the filler removed?

I had voluma in my temples almost a week ago. Now I have bulging veins on the left side of my temple. Do I go get a touch up to try and hide it or... READ MORE

8 days after volume injections: swelling and tenderness. Should I be concerned?

I am having some swelling and tenderness under the injection site on one side of my face 8 days later. what does that mean and should I be concerned? READ MORE

Is it allergy to filler or numbing cream? How to treat it? (Photo)

I got juvederm voluma 5 days ago .the next day I woke up with red swollen cheeks wz a burning feeling. I talked to my plastic surgeon he prescribed... READ MORE

How long will it take for a prednisone shot to start working? (photos)

I had voluma fillers 7 days ago. Had swelling on 5 day and extreme pain in cheeksI'm in a great deal of pain from a headache and cheek pain. Doctor... READ MORE

Voluma and puffy face. Is this just swelling and will it go down? How long will this take to resolve?

I had 1 cc of voluma injected into my cheeks in a 3-point manner on Friday. I find that even though its 6 days later, my face looks very puffy and... READ MORE

How many syringes of Voluma would I need to make my chin more prominent? (Photo)

I got one syringe of voluma in my chin 1 week ago and I feel like my chin is still quite receding, would I need another syringe? READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma lips... Help! (Photo)

6 days ago I had 1 full syringe put into my lips. .7 on top.. remainder on bottom. Swelling and tenderness is gone but my lips do not look as I wanted... READ MORE

Can Voluma be further spread after initial injection? (Photo)

I got voluma a week ago with one syringe split between the the two cheeks. I like the overall effect, but there is an obvious lump on one side. It... READ MORE

Does Voluma cause orbital cellulitis or swelling so bad the eye closes?

Last Wed (5 days ago) I received Voluma injections. Yesterday I woke up with a swollen eye, today it's much worse. I called the PA who administered... READ MORE

Voluma injected in the wrong place? What can I do ? (photos)

Hi , I had voluma injected into my cheeks and restylane under my eyes about a week ago. I feel like the result was not what I was looking for. I see... READ MORE

Fear of venous compression from Voluma

I got Voluma in my cheeks about 5 days ago and immediately after I got a mild bruise that seemed to follow the pathway of the infraorbital vein. The... READ MORE

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