Is It Essential to Wear Blush?

I haven't worn blush for a long time, but I use everything else. I use excellent skin products and makeup to make a flawless porcelain look and draw attention to my eyes with dramatic look. But everyone I know, plus all celebrities use blush. Is it really a necessity or is it a preference?

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Blush is a personal choice

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I definitely agree with the physicians below- whether or not you find blush brings out the best in your facial features will depend on your features and what you'd like to accentuate. The best applications are for accentuating weaker cheekbones and improving the color of (relatively) pale skin.

Hope that helps.

Wearing blush is a preference, not a necessity

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Cameron, Wearing blush is a preference, not a necessity. Blush is used to enhance your underlying facial structure and replace or enhance the hue to the skin. You should decide what looks best for you and not feel that you have to do something just because everyone else is doing it. If you have a good skin care program that is working, stick with it.

Blush is used to enhance exisiting Anatomy

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Sounds like you are already doing a great job of maintaining healthy skin and accomplishing a satisfying effect with your current routine.

Blush is used to help give some "healthy color" to the cheeks and also to help define and enhance the cheek bones. It is only a preference but some People who lack strong cheekbone definition or don't want to have a "pale" face can use blush to help these areas out.

There is trend among celebrities right now to use blush and eyeshadow - often times with dramatic colors or bronzed-metallic sheens. Remember that this a current trend and as such will probably be out of favor by the next fashion season. Celebrities also spend a lot of time in the public eye and getting their photos taken - the blush certainly helps provide a nice look when the photos come out.

So bottom line is that if you are being healthy about your skin & are happy with how things look realize that anything is your prefernce and very well may be a temporary trend in Hollywood.


Dr. Jafri

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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