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A lip lift is a surgical procedure that can reshape and add volume to thin or aging lips. This procedure increases fullness in the upper or lower lip by reshaping them to increase the prominence of the lip line, or enhance the facial area above to a more aesthetically pleasing shape. There are a several variations of lip lifts that can affect color, shape, or both. LEARN MORE ›

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Lip Lift at 65 - Dallas, TX

Finally got my courage up and did the surgery yesterday morning. Only took about an hour. As long as you're not scared of a few shots the surgery itself is a breeze. Dr Martin discussed what he was going to do, drew the ink and got my approval before beginning. I also got juvederm. In the... READ MORE

Scheduled My Lip Surgery

After turning 60 years old, I'm finding that the aging process is one of which is difficult for me to accept. "Aging gracefully " is not in the realm of my thinking. I guess I'm just way too self critical. I want to look as young and vibrant as I feel!  I've always had a long philtrum. This... READ MORE

Lip Lift and Upper Bleph with Dr Talei - Beverly Hills, CA

I used to love my lips but over time and after a rhinoplasty my lip lengthened to a whopping 22 mm???? I have spent a lot of time checking out the reviews of the many selfless ladies on Realself and decided this was indeed the procedure for me! I am hoping my results are as good as Dr Talei's... READ MORE

Lift lift #2 + filler to lower lip

I have approached my original overly long upper lip (22mm) cautiously and decided to take it in 3 stages with three separate operations. 1) My first upper lip lift took me from 22mm to 16mm with all the lift in the center. The sides were not addressed, which I knew going into the procedure.... READ MORE

31 Years Old; Lip Lift

Returned to Dr Goco for lip lift 2.5 years after a wonderful rhinoplasty he had done. I enjoy everything about working with him and his office. Cherillyn is amazing and so personable. There is no such thing as a silly question and she returns emails quickly. Ms. Patty and Brittany at front... READ MORE

Lip Lift Pain - Beverly Hills, CA

I had my.lift lift by Dr Ben talei. He was caring and absolutely took his time. What I didn't know what that I'm hurting very badly and have taken 3 percent every 4 hrs. That's that normal plus a 10 MG valium. The swelling goes all the way to the top of my cheeks . I've always swelled a lot but... READ MORE

Revision and New Lip Lift, Medialized Corner Lift, Lower VY - And Am So Happy!!!!!!

When I met with Dr. Haworth, he told me everything I needed to do in order to get the best results. I had many consultations before him and have never seen anyone go into such detail. He brought up things no other doctor mentioned (because they haven't done many of these procedures), I knew I... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Valentine Procedure - Panama City, FL

I had braces late in life for over 2 years, and when they were taken off it seemed that the distance between my nose and upper lip had been stretched longer. I measure about 20 mm, and to me this gives an unattractive appearance. The plastic surgeon said that a lip lift would pull up only the... READ MORE

Lip Lift at 58: Things Are Looking Up

At least in a couple days they will! My lip lift is scheduled for Friday. I've been researching lip lifts since they first came on my radar about a year ago. Before that, I never imagined anything could be done about the distance between my nose and upper lip. I'm so grateful to others who have... READ MORE

Just turned 40 and finally got my lip lift.

Had surgery this morning. Very swollen and in quite a bit of pain. Most painful part this far was when numbing medicine was wearing off. Dr. Pearson is amazing and so patient with me. Even taking extra time with me to get my nerves under control and making me feel secure. 2nd day post op.... READ MORE

55 year old lip lift and fat grafting to face.

The lip lift was fantastic. Dr Becker was awesome. He was very conservative and didn't remove a lot of skin so my lips looks very natural. There was almost no pain and the scars healed in 3 days. Today is a 10 days post op and I have just a little bit of a nose numbness, the scar is almost gone... READ MORE

Great Surgeon, Very Knowledgeable, Great Aesthetic.

Dr. Rizk has done a nostril reduction on me as well as a lip lift. Both turned out fantastic. He looks at you and knows right away what would help achieve your goal. He's very knowledgeable and confident in what he's recommending which puts you at ease. He's not overly conservative either. I... READ MORE

Lip Lift. Not Sure I See a Change? - Healdsburg, CA

Recieved a lip lift yesterday, so t's only been 24 hours, so I know I need to be patient. But I was expecting immediate results. (As I was told). I'm not even swollen. Which I shouldn't be complaining about, but it seems weird to me that I'm not. And if there is slight swelling, that's... READ MORE

26 tired of fillers and needed to fix symmetry from artefil injections

Amazing compassionate caring and just an all around great human. He truly works with you to meet your needs. If something makes you unhappy, he will make sure it is fixed. He never rushed me, always took time to answer my questions, and I received great care from his staff! Thank you Dr. Agarwal!!! READ MORE

Upper Lift Lip and Permalip 5mm Implant on Bottom - Naples, FL

I'm going to start out by saying Dr. Agarwal is such a great guy. I work in the medical field as a nurse and I really get to know which doctors have bedside manner and which don't. He is compassionate, listens, understands, and remembers. He is an artist and truly works with you as a person to... READ MORE

32 Years Old Female Lip Lift

Hi everyone, I have done a lot of research on this procedure and it took me almost 2 years to finally go through with it. I was mainly put off by the scar and fear of making my face looking less attractive. I have seen 2 doctors in London and had email conversations with Dr Osuch clinic. I... READ MORE

I'm Almost 40! (Time to rejuvenate)

I had my virtual consultation with Dr. Rodriguez today for a bullhorn lip lift. My philtrum is like, 20 mm long and it's always bothered me. I didn't even learn about this procedure until last week, and since then I've done extensive research on it. I also have researched doctors and patients'... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Stephen Baker - Washington, DC

I have always had too much space between my lip and nose. I hated the way it made me look. I was a member of RBF. If I wasn't smiling, people thought I looked sad or angry. I was once teased about this and it stuck with me. This coupled with being very visual, all I notied were peoples... READ MORE

50 Year Old Female

After years of fillers and getting braces later in life, my lip dropped tremendously. I measured 2.5 cm! I never knew there was such a procedure called a "lip lift" until I did some research. I have to say, it was the best thing I did. I am happy with the results thus far, and finally... READ MORE

I did Lip Lift 6 Months After Rhinoplasty Revision - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm six days out from having a lip lift with Dr. Amy Hsu at the Lasky Clinic. I had never even heard of a lip lift before until I went on this site and became fascinated with the procedure. I was never happy with my lips, but wasn't sure why. I tried lip filler, but it looked dumb. Now I realize... READ MORE

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