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A lip lift is a surgical procedure that can reshape and add volume to thin or aging lips. This procedure increases fullness in the upper or lower lip by reshaping them to increase the prominence of the lip line, or enhance the facial area above to a more aesthetically pleasing shape. There are a several variations of lip lifts that can affect color, shape, or both. LEARN MORE ›

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Lip Lift Pain - Beverly Hills, CA

I had my.lift lift by Dr Ben talei. He was caring and absolutely took his time. What I didn't know what that I'm hurting very badly and have taken 3 percent every 4 hrs. That's that normal plus a 10 MG valium. The swelling goes all the way to the top of my cheeks . I've always swelled a lot but... READ MORE

Lip Lift for Resting B**ch Face

I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified about the scar and what I'll tell people. What do you guys think? Do you tell everyone before hand? After? I'm sick of smiling when talking to avoid looking grumpy. I like my smile, but there is a line across my upper lip even when smiling because... READ MORE

Successful lip lift with Miss Caroline Mills of London, UK

After reading favourable lip lift reviews on real self by former patients and seeing recent updated photos, I was confident Miss Mills could shorten my 20 mms philtrum. The consultation cost £250 and the bullhorn lip lift under local anaesthesia £2200. From initial call to book an appointment t... READ MORE

I've Always Wanted a Fuller Top Lip - Sugar Land, TX

I've always disliked the look of my lips- they are very thin and turn inward. I have been getting lip injections for the past couple of years and do not love the result because they add volume and my top lip just sticks out more creating the "duck look". Even though I don't love the look of... READ MORE

Lift Lift After A Lot of Research. Henderson, NV

I've booked my lip lift for December 12th. I have 20mm and I'm hoping to be able to reduce it to by 8-9mm to 1.1-1.2. I can see from other's experience that there is a few mm stretching to be expected. And I'm hoping, even with this, I will get a good result. I have spent alot of time... READ MORE

Lip Lift

So this is my 1st review, wanted to let the ladies know about my experience..So i Found Dr William Ramsdell on Internet ,, he's in Austin . My upper lip was very thin and after debating if i should get filler or lip lift i decided on the lip lift...Im glad i did. It took less then 30 minutes... READ MORE

Liplift at 44?

As far as I can tell, there is only one doctor here in Calgary who will perform a liplift. I did go for a consultation with that doctor, and was unfortunately horrified by the whole experience. I wish I could travel to Boston to see Jeffrey H Siegel. I'm so so impressed with realself user... READ MORE

Scheduled My Lip Surgery

After turning 60 years old, I'm finding that the aging process is one of which is difficult for me to accept. "Aging gracefully " is not in the realm of my thinking. I guess I'm just way too self critical. I want to look as young and vibrant as I feel!  I've always had a long philtrum. This... READ MORE

So Worth It!!

I always had small lips, but they became really thin with vertical lip lines after years of smoking (I quit, but too late) and sun damage. In addition, a rhinoplasty 20 years ago resulted in increased philtrum length. Through the years, this distance increased even more with aging and sagging. I... READ MORE

Wanted to Improve my Facial Features - Beverly Hills, CA

I don't usually do reviews and I like to keep these kind of things private (only my very close family members know) but I'm sharing my experience as I feel I owe it to real self community for helping me to discover this procedure's existence! I never liked my lips and always wanted a lifted and... READ MORE

Bullhorn Lip Lift - Toronto, ON

I had a bullhorn lip lift to shorten the space between my nose and lip. It has almost been 3 weeks since the procedure and I feel that I look funny. I don't know if it is because I have been looking at myself for years with the same lip or because it is still swollen and sitting too high. ... READ MORE

Finally Got my Lip Lifted!! - Baltimore, MD

I got my lip lift today and Ive never posted here before and I feel crappy right now so I will make it brief I have always felt my face was "off" and had some work done over the years including a rhinoplasty and lip filler. Over the years my lip elongated and I was more and more unhappy with... READ MORE

My Lips Didn't Match. Baltimore, MD

I always HATED my lips. My top lip was wayyy smaller than my bottom and the space between lips and nose was too long. It showed my bottom teeth only. I couldn't leave the house without lip liner to over line my lips and make them appear slightly bigger. When I was little it didn't matter much... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Dr. Samaha! - Montreal, QC

I have been researching lip lift for two years and was tired of getting fillers in my lips. I came across a few gals that had a lip lift done with Dr. Samaha in Montreal, Canada. I was so impressed by his suturing skills and ability to make the scar look so good! So, I took the plunge and got... READ MORE

Lip Lift After Thousands Wasted on Injections That Looked Terrible - Baltimore, MD

I've always had a thin upper lip, which made me look stern at rest. Questions like "What's wrong?" And "Are you upset?" became my life's torment. Men often said I looked bitchy and unapproachable and I would have random strangers telling me to smile. I'm generally considered pretty, but my self... READ MORE

Finally!!! I Find Well Experienced and Reputable Doctor Elizabeth Morgan! - Atlanta, GA

I always had this long distance between upper lip and nose base with prominent nasolabial fold in between them. As years were passing by it had became longer! I hate it so bad.So, I start looking into solution for that problem. Lip lift .Wow ! Results online before and after look amazing. I... READ MORE

Lip Lift - Pleased with the Outcome - London, UK

Hi ladies, I've been researching this procedure on this site for a while now and found the reviews extremely valuable so I thought I would write down my impressions after having it done myself. As a background I have had lip fillers for a couple of years because I was unhappy with the volume... READ MORE

Lip Lift, Alar Reduction and Fat Transfers

Have read some wonderful reviews about Dr. Alicia Sigler, very impressed with her charitable work with cleft palate children and decided that she is the perfect person to go to for a lip lift and more. Very excited! I will write more as this process unfolds but really look forward to comments... READ MORE

Lip Lift with Valentine Procedure - Panama City, FL

I had braces late in life for over 2 years, and when they were taken off it seemed that the distance between my nose and upper lip had been stretched longer. I measure about 20 mm, and to me this gives an unattractive appearance. The plastic surgeon said that a lip lift would pull up only the... READ MORE

Lip lift

After my face refresher I was left with a very ugly mouth my original Dr. ,Drehsen in SP FL, told me the only way to fix it was to get a lip lift, so I got the lip lift with no improvements what so ever!!! He didn't lift enough and I was devasted !!! It made me feel very self conscious .I... READ MORE

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