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Will Voluma cheek injections improve under eye hollows?

I currently have Restylane injected in my tear troughs. I have had it injected twice. The first time I had one syringe injected, and I needed more... READ MORE

Would you recommend using Juvederm Voluma for filling in tear troughs / reducing the appearance of under eye bags?

Have any of you used Juvederm Voluma for filling in tear troughs / reducing the appearance of under eye bags? If so, did you find it to be effective?... READ MORE

Reaction to Voluma & Perlane but Not Juvaderm?

Hi, About 4 years ago I had Juvaderm in my tear troughs with a fabulous result. 2 years on and it was time to top up. I went to a different Dr who... READ MORE

Does Voluma last longer than Radiesse and can it be used in tear troughs?

I've been using Radiesse in upper cheeks and temples because it has the added benefit of stimulating collagen growth. I was wondering if Voluma would... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Voluma for cheeks and Juvederm for tear troughs at 25 years old? (photo)

I'm almost 26 and considering fillers before my wedding next month. A plastic surgeon I saw suggested voluma to soften my folds and add a modelesque... READ MORE

Will hirudoid cream dissolve Juvederm Voluma?

I had Juvederm Voluma injected under my tear troughs/cheeks. I had significant bruising as expected and have been using hirudoid cream at night only... READ MORE

I had Juvederm Voluma injected in the eye troughs a week ago and had extreme pain and numbness. Is this normal?

I was prescribed a medrol pack and pain has subsided somewhat but I still have numbness in the left cheek and upper left lip area. READ MORE

Sunken eyes from cheek filler?

I'm 29 years old and had juvederm voluma injected into my cheeks/cheekbone area in January. I noticed right away that my undereye area seemed sunken... READ MORE

Will Voluma with Cheek Implants help my outer eye hollows?

I had cheek implants 15 years ago, and lower bleph 10 years ago. My outer eye hollows are horrible, and I've had filler to the tear trough before with... READ MORE

Is it better to surgically remove a granuloma from Restylane/Voluma? (Photo)

I had Restylane in my tear trough area 2/26/14 with an initial bad reaction that my doctor didn't address. May 5th, it flared up again but my doctor... READ MORE

Strange texture after juvederm voluma. Can this be rectified? (Photo)

Hello there. I had juviderm voluma in my tear troughs as I had a lot of volume loss. Although there is definitely an improvement I do not like the... READ MORE

Planning to fill out cheeks for volume loss, doctor says tear trough doesn't need filling, will the result be poor?

I have volume loss in my cheeks which im planning to have filled with Juvederm voluma. I also have very deep tear through hollows under my eyes, with... READ MORE

Relieved one vial of voluma. Concern was primarily jowls. My jowls are still present.What are my options to fix my jowls?(photo)

One vial was injected in right tear trough (symmetry) then the remainder divided between cheeks.Does it look like I needed more or less?I am not... READ MORE

1 year after Voluma disaster and still Lurch lines. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? Laser? Fat transfer? (Photo)

Year ago a surgeon injected voluma in my tear throughs. I had two black eyes after for weeks. later Hawk very hard lump developed and lodged on my... READ MORE

How do I get rid of line of demarcation? (Photo)

I recently had Voluma injected in cheeks (1.5 syringes each cheek) following Restylane tear trough injections (1/4 syringe in each). It now appears... READ MORE

How frequently should I have Juvederm Voluma injections to enhance the product's longevity?

I am 24 and have had 2 Injections spaced 2 weeks apart to fill tear troughs and lips with .7ml of juvederm voluma xc. READ MORE

Fillers injected under the under eye muscle.

If having fillers, particularly juvederm voluma injected under the muscles under the eyes to improve tear troughs, does this mean you won't get any... READ MORE

Is 4 months is sufficient time to heal after bad filler and vitrase?

It's been almost 4 months since I last posted here about having a bad experience with Voluma and Juvederm VC migrating to my tear troughs, and the... READ MORE

Is "Voluma" safe for tear through? (Photo)

I'm contemplating getting fillers around my eyes. I desperate need this treatment because not only do I have sunken eyes, but very dark circles is... READ MORE

Malar area with Voluma. Have deep rims in tear troughs. Looks worse. One week in. Will it resolve?

Please advise, i am extremely concerned. Eyes look like deep tired dips after having voluma via canula to malar area of cheek. What are my options if... READ MORE

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