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Which filler is recommended for nasolabial folds?

I want to get filler in my nasolabial folds. I've been told I can choose between Voluma, Perlane and Modulas and that they actually inject in the... READ MORE

Today I received a syringe of Voluma xc spread to two cheekbones and this is the result. Is this a common reaction? (photo)

I have these speed bump looking things on both sides, one higher than the other. Is this a natural reaction or does it look like the practitioner... READ MORE

I had Juverderm Voluma in cheeks and temples. 2 days later no different than before I had it done ?

I had 3 vials of juverderm voluma im 26 slimish face I had 1 + on each side going from hairline across the cheek bone slightly into the apples of... READ MORE

Voluma or Radiesse?

Is it true that you would need more syringes of voluma for the same effect as radiesse? Do they produce a different "look"? Can voluma also produce a... READ MORE

Is this normal after Voluma? Is this purple bruising and swelling going to go away and my results look good? (photo)

I got jevederm voluma for the dark circles under my eyes yesterday and it immediately started bruising and I had ice on it basically all night and... READ MORE

Voluma in marionette lines? (Photo)

Yesterday I went to see what could be done about softening my marionette lines. I am 56. She injected Voluma directly into lines. Today I look red and... READ MORE

How much Voluma would I need, and what results can I expect? (photos)

I have an appointment booked to discuss Voluma with a practitioner in London, but I would like to find as much as I can beforehand as to what changes... READ MORE

I cannot get rid of voluma?

I had two syringes of voluma placed with a ps 5 weeks ago. i didnt like the results. went to a derm to dissolve it. yesterday i had vitrase for the... READ MORE

I had Voluma in my cheeks but I really don't like the result. Any suggestions?

I had voluma in my cheeks but i really don't like the r├ęsult . I had only 0,5 cc on each side , Very small amount . My doctor told me that it is ... READ MORE

Do I need voluma in my cheeks? (photo)

Hi , I had under eye hollowness and got it corrected with juvederm however I feel I haven't received the result I was expecting . Should I go for... READ MORE

Had Juvederm Voluma injected into tear trough/ infraorbital area 18 days ago. Unhappy with results. Was I overfilled? (photos)

Had Juvederm Voluma injected into tear trough/ infraorbital area 18 days ago. Unhappy with results. Was I overfilled? Thoughts on placement? I look... READ MORE

CPAP and Voluma: will the straps on the mask affect my results?

I use a CPAP machine at night, which includes a mask with straps across my cheeks. If I get Voluma injections in my upper cheeks, will the straps on... READ MORE

Does this look like 2 syringes of voluma? (photos)

I was very excited about getting my chin augmented with voluma and now I'm pretty disappointed with the results. I didn't think that 2 syringes would... READ MORE

I just had a consult with my doctor and scheduled Voluma for next week. Would Sculptra be more effective? (Photo)

I'm 54 so the usual aging going on here. My question since I've been reading about Sculptra is you need 2 to 4 syringes for results / am I better off... READ MORE

Can anything be done other than a neck lift for my neck skin and jowl issue?

Can anything be done other than a neck lift for my neck skin and jowl issues. I've had good results from filler. I did a smart lipo and sling... READ MORE

How long does Voluma last? When do patients start to notice that results have reduced? Unhappy with result.

I have been told 9 months, 12 months and 18 months by different doctors. I know that it is supposed to last up to 24 months, but I want to know... READ MORE

Deformed smile after Voluma?

I had 2 tubes of Voluma 1 in each cheek 7 days ago now my smile is messed up. Could it still be swelling or is this the end result? READ MORE

Can the amount of Voluma needed to get good results be estimated at a consultation?

During a consultation, as doctors can you estimate how many syringes it will take to get good results? I think many of us are disappointed because it... READ MORE

Voluma in cheeks or folds by nose? How many syringes? (Photos)

I'm 33, was wondering if I'd get better results with a syringe of voluma in cheeks or syringe of filler in my smile lines? Both? Any other suggestion... READ MORE

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