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Will Voluma cheek injections improve under eye hollows?

I currently have Restylane injected in my tear troughs. I have had it injected twice. The first time I had one syringe injected, and I needed more... READ MORE

How long does bruising and swelling last after using Voluma? (Photo)

I got voluma filler injected into my upper cheeks yesterday. I got bruised and swelling is increasing to reach my eyelid. I am icing all the time and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a reaction to Voluma and Restalyn almost 3 months later? (photo)

Is it possible to have a reaction to voluma and restalyn almost 3 months later? I had this done under my eyes and cheeks. It has been 3 months and now... READ MORE

Juvederm or Voluma in cheeks to reduce smile lines? (Photo)

I dislike the lines I have around my mouth and how my profile looks. I currently have Juvederm in my lips. I am wondering whether to fill these lines... READ MORE

Can I massage the area injected with Voluma to better mold? (photos)

I'm trying to fill in and smooth out genetic malar lines. I'm only 24 so my PS adviced voluma. Today is day two and there still there. Even with the... READ MORE

Do I need More voluma/restylane and/or jaw line filler? (Photo)

Last week had resty undereyes& 1syringe of voluma in each cheek.I have a long narrow face.I think i might need more voluma but don't want to look... READ MORE

I look like LURCH after Voluma. I've been back to the surgeon who gave me bleaching cream. I will travel to fix results. (Photo)

5/12/14 VOLUMA was injected for under eye darkness. I was told if it did not work i would look the same. I look like LURCH from the Adams Family. I... READ MORE

‚Äč1 month post op of Voluma, my left side is lumpy. Would adding more volume make the lump worse? (photos)

The left side is a little lumpy and my PS feels I would benefit from one more ML of Voluma to add more volume and smooth out the left side. I'm... READ MORE

White female DESPERATE for advice on B/L Bleph vs. Fillers vs? My go to - got up and WENT! (Photo)

My bucket list for my 40th bday next month = Possible permanent solution to restore lost volume to SEVERE lower lid hollowing + severe static wrinkles... READ MORE

Is it better to surgically remove a granuloma from Restylane/Voluma? (Photo)

I had Restylane in my tear trough area 2/26/14 with an initial bad reaction that my doctor didn't address. May 5th, it flared up again but my doctor... READ MORE

Can Voluma be re-injected too soon after Hyaluronidase. (photo)

I had an overfill of juvaderm in cheeks and it took serveral dissolves to get back to baseline. Then had voluma place back after one week. Is it... READ MORE

Is it safe to keep injecting hydro to dissolve nodule from Restylane and Voluma?

I have had 4 injections of hydro to dissolve a nodule from restylane and voluma. This is a month that I've had an infection. Is it safe to try steroids? READ MORE

How young is too young? I'm 17 and I want Voluma, fat removal and a jawline shave. (Photo)

Hi. I'm a 17 year old girl. I have a very aged looking face, sagging upper cheeks/under eyes that are sunken, and fat lower cheeks that sag slightly... READ MORE

Does every patient have to have a before and after photos before cosmetic surgeries?

I heard that every patient should have before and after photos, and lately I got a few syringes of voluma injected to my chin and my doctor never took... READ MORE

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