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Voluma vs. Sculptra?

I had one treatment of Sculptra. It was ok, I need another one or 2 treatments. However I found out about Voluma. My doctor said it would work well... READ MORE

What is the difference between Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma?

I am getting Juverderm Voluma. Even though I hear Restylane is better for the lips, can Juverderm Voluma be injected in the lips? Thank you. READ MORE

Juvederm vs Voluma: What's Best for Minor Filling and Lifting?

I am 43 but often told I look young for my age. I recently went to an aesthetic clinic who recommended I have 3 treatments of juverderm every 15 days.... READ MORE

Which would you recommend for Voluma: Cannula vs. needle for cheeks?

I intend to try Voluma, I have never had a filler before. Doing my research, it seems everyone loves the cannula, even with Voluma's consistency. The... READ MORE

Juvederm or Voluma in cheeks to reduce smile lines? (Photo)

I dislike the lines I have around my mouth and how my profile looks. I currently have Juvederm in my lips. I am wondering whether to fill these lines... READ MORE

White female DESPERATE for advice on B/L Bleph vs. Fillers vs? My go to - got up and WENT! (Photo)

My bucket list for my 40th bday next month = Possible permanent solution to restore lost volume to SEVERE lower lid hollowing + severe static wrinkles... READ MORE

Juviderm XC or Juviderm Voluma? or is it the same? Same price also?

One Dr. recommended Volumna in my cheeks to pull everything up for a more natural look instead of spot fillers? Heres a photo? Heres a recent photo, I... READ MORE

Voluma or Radiesse?

Is it true that you would need more syringes of voluma for the same effect as radiesse? Do they produce a different "look"? Can voluma also produce a... READ MORE

Voluma or Radiesse for cheek fillers? (Photo)

I'm a 21yo female and I just had 2 syringes of Voluma injected last week (one in each cheek). I'm trying to attain more heart shaped/wider cheeks. I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Voluma VS Radiesse?

I am considering to have some filler injected around my chin area. I always thought I would go for Radiesse, but now I read a lot on Voluma? (I assume... READ MORE

Voluma or Sculptra for Facial Contouring? (Photo)

I have age-related facial volume loss and some lines. I am less concerned about removing every single line, though, and more concerned with good... READ MORE

Regarding filler in the cheeks how many syringes of Voluma does it take to get the volume of one syringe of Radiesse?

This is actually a simple question. Please don't reply with "they are different materials" "one is reversible the other is not" and "I'd have to see... READ MORE

Voluma or Sculptra for volume loss in 20's? (photos)

I am a 24 year old who has experienced volume loss of the face following a traumatic pregnancy which left me unable to eat by mouth, and on constant... READ MORE

Voluma vs facelift?

Since voluma is so expensive and only lasts two years if you are lucky, wouldn't it be better to have a face lift for $10,000 and get 10 years... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma vs Radiesse and risks with Radiesse not being reversible?

I'm 49 and 2 yrs ago I had Restylane and Juvederm Ultra injected into nasolabial folds/marionette lines but did not see much of a difference. My new... READ MORE

Whats the difference between injecting Voluma in the cheek area with one injection vs multiple injections?

My doctor said at my consultation that it would only be one Prick. I've read that some doctors do multiple areas. I'm wondering if one technique is... READ MORE

I just had a consult with my doctor and scheduled Voluma for next week. Would Sculptra be more effective? (Photo)

I'm 54 so the usual aging going on here. My question since I've been reading about Sculptra is you need 2 to 4 syringes for results / am I better off... READ MORE

Voluma vs fat grafting/transfer

I am going to be having some cosmetic work done. (mini lift) The MD advised Voluma gives a better result than fat grafting. I was looking for a... READ MORE

Voluma or Sculptra for submalar area and temples? I have lost a lot of volume in the submalar and temple area

I have lost a lot of volume in the submallar and temple area I wanted to try sculptra but im afraid of nodules and getting an autoimmune response can... READ MORE

What is the difference between Voluma & Juvederm? (photos)

I had Voluma & Juverderm injected in different areas on the same day. I had a delay reaction (swelling, knots, & almost like it moved) to Voluma & am... READ MORE

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