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What is the Recovery Time for Voluma in Upper Cheeks?

Hi, I have recently - 3 days ago, had Juvederm Voluma in my upper cheeks to correct quite pronounced flatness. After 3 days they are very tender, &... READ MORE

How long does it take for the full effects of Voluma XC injections to take effect?

I had 1ml of Voluma injected into my cheek area several days ago. I was wondering how long it would take for me to see the full effect of Voluma - Is... READ MORE

Voluma didn't make much of a difference. Will there be any change over time?

I had Voluma injections 3 days ago in both cheeks, to give the lower part of my face a lift and to smooth nasolabial folds. I am surprised that I... READ MORE

Voluma filler- I loved my initially results but day 3 post I have deflated. Do I have to pay for touchups?

Are touch ups to correct the initially problem an addition cost by most practices? Or do I need to buy another syringe. READ MORE

Why would voluma cause swelling and tenderness two weeks after the injection?

I had voluma injected in my eye troughs for under eye bags and it worked great. Two weeks after the injections both eyes areas became swollen and very... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma cheek lift for eye bags and malar bags three days ago. Has it failed? (Photo)

Had 2 syringes Voluma to treat my eye bags and malar bags three days ago and initially it looked great but that night I noticed on my right side malar... READ MORE

Voluma 3 days post op. Will the effects diminish a little in the coming week? Would it help to massage the area?

Just had Voluma xc injections to the upper cheek and up lateral side of each eye just below the temple. Anyway I'm pretty happy at this point with the... READ MORE

3 days after Voluma to balance out asymmetry, which is looking worse than ever. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 days ago had volumato balance out asymmetry. Dr though asymmetry came from my temple, dr said under cheekbone. used one syringe only on one side. i... READ MORE

Voluma lump in NL fold. Will this get better on its own? Should I massage it? (Photo)

I had Voluma injected in my cheeks 3 days ago. The nurse also added some to one nasolabial fold next to my nose that was deeper than the other. The... READ MORE

Can Voluma really be dissolved in one round?

I had voluma dissolved from my cheeks three days ago. Approximately .5cc voluma per cheek according to my injector. She flooded the area, massaged and... READ MORE

Bad bruising and blood in eye post-under eye-trough Voluma HA filler? (Photo)

I noticed a purple lump a few hours after the injection I got 3 days ago on wednesday. I called my doctor, and she told me to ice and arnica. My left... READ MORE

Falling after being injected with Voluma Sculpta and Botox.

After about 74 hours of being injected with Voluma Sculpta and Botox i was walking along a trail. my partner lost his balance banging into my left... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel hard lumps under the skin after a Voluma injection?

I got a non surgical chin augmentation with voluma 3 days ago, now when i touch my chin i can feel exactly where the filler was places and i can feel... READ MORE

Voluma bruises 3 days later, is this normal? (photos)

I had 2 syringes of. Plums put in my cheeks and temples 3 days ago. I'm very bruised. Is this normal? READ MORE

Can bruising develop 3 days post voluma injections in cheek and chin?

I just woke up and am on my 3rd day post-voluma injection to my cheeks and chin. No bruising yet. I remember my doctor saying stay away from green tea... READ MORE

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