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ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Using the same technology that’s used in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth, radiofrequency energy is sent to the desired area (internally or externally), heating the tissue and stimulating the body’s own collagen. ThermiVa is performed in three treatments over the course of three months. LEARN MORE ›

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Very Temporary Results

I chose this treatment hoping to improve the mild stress incontinence that I've had for about ten years. After my first treatment, I came home and jumped on the trampoline and was dry (though I still felt the urge to "hold tight"). I tried jumping jacks and making myself sneeze (with black... READ MORE

ThermiVa Causing Urinary Leaking/urgency - Kansas City, MO

Has anyone had the following experience with ThermiVa? After the first treatment, I had great results for the first approx. two weeks. Bladder discomfort and not being to fully empty my bladder greatly improved. Then, after the two weeks (give or take a couple days), I had a set back and... READ MORE

Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Her Sex Life Back - Laguna Beach, CA

As a breast cancer survivor who has been living “hormone free” for the years since menopause, finding Dr. Alinsod and his Thermiva treatments was a life-changing discovery. My vagina has atrophied to the point that I had not been able to have intercourse with my husband for several years. I h... READ MORE

NOT HAPPY, and am seriously concerned with the side effects

I want to start off with I have had labiaplasty for the minora and majora twice. My first labiaplasty was hacked and she cut my vagina opening too much. So I went in to repair the minor labiaplasty and basically have a episiotomy to fix the opening. Having it done right, I then decided my... READ MORE

Thermiva Rocks! - The Woodlands, TX

47 yr old mother of 3 (vaginal births) and already gone thru menopause...I was experiencing dryness and I gave ThermiVa a try. It was not painful...and there was very noticeable difference in sexual function and enjoyment after each treatment! I have improved sensation, lubrication... READ MORE

44 Yrs 5 Children 2 Vaginal - Orlando, FL

I wanted to tighten my vaginal entry and inside walls. It definitely worked after the first treatment. After the second treatment I didn't see much difference.The appearance didn't change much. I have one more treatment and I'll keep you posted to let you know the results after the third treatment.. READ MORE

Better Now

Following my hysterectomy six years ago, sex had become painful and definitely not pleasurable. After my first ThermiVa treatment, I could tell a difference. After three treatments, it was even better! I feel much younger and so does my husband! And, no more leaking when I cough or sneeze! Worth it! READ MORE

48 Year Old Need a Vajaja Refresh Without Surgery

Absolutely worth every penny. No pain. No discomfort. No surgery. GREAT results. The before and after of just the first session was unbelievable. I cannot recommend this enough to enough who has leakage, minimal lubrication and just doesn't feel the same after kids. I honestly can say... READ MORE

51 Year Old Mother of 7 Grand Mother of 7. Ocean Springs, MS

About a week ago I received a letter in the mail from my Gynocologist announcing that she had added this procedure to her Medi-spa practice and was offering a half price cost to anyone who came in for consultation before the end of this year. After doing some research about the use of this... READ MORE

ThermiVa does not have lasting results

I recently had 3 ThermiVa treatments to tighten my labia majora, and 2 months after the treatment, the results have NOT lasted. I am highly disappointed. I was told that I would need one top up a year later. I would not recommend. A waste of money. READ MORE

1/3 Done, 46yo, 2 Vaginal Births, 1 C-section, Loss of Sensation - Southern CA

About 2 years ago, I noticed lack of sensation in clitoris area. My husband would touch me, and it takes a lot to get going. I could achieve orgasm with effort, but mostly vaginal. I thought this was strange because usually it's easier to get a clitoral orgasm??? I attributed this to age,... READ MORE

ThermiVa Results for 60 Yr-old Single Woman. Roswell, GA

I'm a medium sized, active (ride horses), single, 60 yr-old woman who was sick to death of leaking every time I coughed or sneezed. I spoke to my gynecologist and a urologist, and decided before I went to something as extreme as surgery that I'd give ThermiVa a shot. I had 3 treatments, 4... READ MORE

No Pain No Leakage

I was able to wait over 2 hrs. without pain and without any urine leakage. I knew I had to go potty but this was during a business dinner which I did not want to miss any of the table conversation. It was great to be able to wait comfortably!! Plus, I'm no longer frustrated during sexual... READ MORE

Thank you ThermiVa!

This office and Carla Williams made me feel like family. My procedure included 3 treatments and I could already feel the difference after the 1st one! I am a very active person and love going to the gym everyday so when I worked out I noticed I could not control my urine when I was only doing... READ MORE

ThermiVa Works Wonders

Totally thrilled with my results from ThermiVa! Results were everything I hoped for! The appearance, the tightness, and the bladder control were all corrected. Took just 3, 45 minute appointments. The procedures never had pain or downtime which really sold me on doing it. Dr. Mirabile's... READ MORE

73 Yrs Old, Extreme Vaginal Dryness

My husband & I had always enjoyed an active, very pleasurable sexual relationship. Due to the pain it became much less frequent. We tried many types of over-the-counter lubricants which helped very little, still painful and left my vagina very irritated. I finally used prescription Premarin... READ MORE

ThermiVa for Vaginal Tightening

I have always felt as though my vagina should be tighter. As a teenager, my friends would complain that sex was painful because they were so tight, but I on the other hand had no issues, even if a guy was larger. So I've always wondered why I'm apparently larger than others. Boyfriends didn't... READ MORE

Happy and healthy at 64

I am thrilled I did the procedure. It did not hurt at all, only an unfamiliar feeling that quickly passed. I felt completely comfortable with Rhiannon (practitioner) who performed the treatment. She answered all my concerns. Dr. Sabry's office was warm and cozy. The results were amazing! I don't... READ MORE

Thermiva for internal tightening

I have had just the one Thermiva treatment out of three. I wanted it for internal vaginal tightening. The actual procedure is nothing. I don't know about the women who noticed pain, but you could read a magazine while it's happening. Very quick too. It's been three weeks since the first... READ MORE

38 Years Old,3 Children All Vaginal Deliveries,bladder Incontinence

I had my 2nd treatment of Thermiva. Totally wish I would've done this sooner! Prior to Thermiva I would pee if I sneezed,laughed,coughed worked out,run pretty much all day long. I am excited to say I do not have any leakage now! I can do a full hour work out,lots of jumping and moving around,no... READ MORE

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