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ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Using the same technology that’s used in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth, radiofrequency energy is sent to the desired area (internally or externally), heating the tissue and stimulating the body’s own collagen. ThermiVa is performed in three treatments over the course of three months.

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49 Years Old and Two Kids - West Hartford, CT

I was motivated due to vaginal dryness and frequent runs to the bathroom for bladder control and base on my research there were no cons. After the first of 3 treatments I've already experienced significant improvements and looking forward to the next two treatments. In addition to the medical... READ MORE

Thermiva for Stress Incontinence - Arlington, TX

I've been having leakage for probably 20 years after delivering 4 children including twins. I've just lived with it all these years. My doctor told me I didn't have to so I tried this new procedure today. I am really wanting it to work but am kind of skeptical. It's kind of too good to be true!!... READ MORE

61 Y/o Hoping to Help Atrophic Vaginitis - Farmington, MI

Being post menopausal, there are many noticeable changes in my body. The vagina is especially hard hit, had I known the repercussions , I would've chosen to take estrogen replacement . However, I was encouraged and excited to read and research ThermiVa. I found Dr Joseph Berenholz, the only... READ MORE

ThermiVa is AWESOME! - Upland CA

Literally had my first session an hour ago. Just from the pictures, there's a huge difference!! I'm scheduled for 2 more. As for the procedure, it was awkward. I did the outside and the inside. The girl that did it was very nice. Talked with me the whole time and made me feel comfortable. The... READ MORE

ThermiVa the Day Before Vacation?? - San Antonio, TX

I'm having thermiVa done Tuesday afternoon. It's the first treatment. We leave on wed. Evening for a vacation in Toronto. My husband is really concerned about me having it done right before we leave the country. I amreally excited and wanted to have it done for our vacation. Thoughts would be... READ MORE

34 Mom of 2 - Marina, CA

Well today I am getting the thermiva treatment at Marina plastic surgery. A friend recently recommended it when I told her a story of me sneezing and peeing on my white couch. How embarrassing!! My 7 yo was like "mom what's that!" It has never been too bad, I just dealt with it (don't want... READ MORE

36 Year Old - Needed my Mojo Back - Atlanta, GA

I was motivated to get this procedure due to several reason. I have had a decrease in lubrication along with inability to have vaginal orgasms. I am not sure if I have a genetic pre menapausalal gene or not, however the dryness was definitely starting to happen. I met with Carla at Dr.... READ MORE

Thermiva - Littleton, CO

I'm not sure I ever would have considered having this procedure if it weren't for a dear friend who lives in Orange County, CA. She and I had a blast together, working in a cosmetic division of J&J. Boy, we learned extremely valuable information about skin health and maintaining youthful... READ MORE

ThermiVa for Sexual Function - West Hartford, CT

Best thing ever made for women!!! This procedure will change your life. I had the procedure done for cosmetic and sexual function. The procedure is painless and actually feela very good. My results were immediate. It improved the appearance so much I don't recognize myself. As far as... READ MORE

My Vajayjay Has Never Been So Good! - West Hartford, CT

If you haven't heard of it, check it out! This has drastically helped me with lubrication, sex now feels amazing, and my lady part is prettier. Not to mention it tightened my bladder and I can now run without dribbling. This treatment feels like a hot stone massage, I've only had one treatment... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of 2

I recently had urethral surgery and am a mother of 2 which made me have occasional "accidents" laughing and running so I decided to try thermiva. I met with Carla at Vinings Surgery Center, Atlanta and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She explained all of the benefits and how the... READ MORE

59 Year Old Woman - Cedar Rapids, IA

I have had 3 treatments it is the best thing I have ever had done. I was to the point I couldn't hold my urine It would just run out and I couldn't stop it. It was getting worse every year. I have had a hysterectomy the cervix was left to help hold up my bladder. I was told there was no ... READ MORE

There is a Younger You Inside - Riverside, CT

I am 55, post-menopausal, and have definitely noticed the changes that go along with menopause, such as uncomfortable intercourse do to lack of lubrication. First treatment today, was painless, and actually felt 'good', is warm and gentle. don't know the actual results yet but believe the... READ MORE

Thermiva for Lichen

I am 65 years old and diagnosed with lichen sclerosis 10 years ago. I was in pain and tissue ripped easily. Sex was very painful. After three treatments (a month apart) the pain is gone, I have much more moisture and areas that were tearing easily are healing. I am so glad I had the... READ MORE

Well Worth It - The Woodlands, TX

The price I paid was for 3 sessions, one month apart. Effective, worth the money, glad I did it. Significant reduction in urinary frequency and significant improvement in sexual stimulation. I'm also glad that Dr. Drake is a gynecologist, instead of a plastic surgeon because her know-how was... READ MORE


Went for incontinence got much more. After just one THERMIVA treatment I had noticed a difference in my appearance down there. My incontinence had gotten better. After my 3rd treatment I have NO MORE incontinence, PLUS I look youthful down there PLUS better sex. Who could ask for more! Dr.... READ MORE

43 and Thermiva

Before I had a baby, I did not have incontinence. As I got older I would not be able to hold it. I finally have the releif to go out with out embarressment. Thanks to Sandi Weiner! ThermiVa is intended for tightness, higher labido, and incontinence. I feel I got my monies worth after just the... READ MORE

Wait and See - East Aurora, NY

I was searching the web for something... Anything... That could help with my stress incontinence when I came across the Thermiva treatment. I hunted down every bit of information I could find on the procedure and read every review out there. From what I've read this procedure is more about ... READ MORE

47 Year Old Female Two Children , Just Wanting to Be the Best I Can Be - The Woodlands, TX

We do So many things to tighten and tone our faces I felt like The female anatomy was sometimes overlooked . I did the treatments so that I would be the best I can be. It was a series of three treatments easily done in the office without any need for pain medicine , there was no downtime . ... READ MORE

Thermi Va

Having done tomorrow morning. 43 yo with 3 kids. Loose and sagging vaginal walls with minimal stress incontinence. I still enjoy the pleasures of sex but, im hoping to make it more enjoyable for my partner as well. I'm hoping for noticeable results immediately. They reccomend 3 sessions, one... READ MORE

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