Can Voluma be used for Nasolabial folds and Jawline?

Hello Drs, just curious if Voluma can be used for nasolabial folds and to address jaw asymmetry (to add volume to one jaw). Thanks.

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Can Voluma be used in the nasolabial fold and along the jawline?

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Voluma is FDA approved in the mid-face to treat age-related volume loss. However, it can be used off-label on any part of the face that requires lifting or expansion. It is especially effective when placed in close proximity to bone such as the cheek, chin and jawline. It is most effective in a deep nasolabial fold caused by a recess in the canine fossa.

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Can Voluma be used for Nasolabial folds and Jawline?

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While Voluma is approved by the FDA for cheek augmentation, the product works very nicely in the cheeks, chin and jawline. The latter two areas are off label areas for the product but can be safe in the hands of an experienced physician injector. I do not use this product in the nasolabial folds as it is very robust and the nasolabial fold area requires a thinner, more elegant filler to create natural results. 

I hope this information is helpful for you.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
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Voluma is a FDA-approved injectable gel designed specifically for adding volume to the cheeks. It can also provide a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and a more youthful appearance. Voluma can be an ideal option for those wanting to address hollow cheeks due to aging or weight loss. It can also help patients who have always wanted more volume in their cheeks, but did not want facial implants.

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Voluma and Nasolabial Folds and Jawline

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Voluma is an excellent product for correcting the mid face and volumizing the cheek area.  The nasolabial area and jaw are best treated with Juvederm as it is better suited for these areas.  Voluma needs to be placed deeper by the bone and is not the best filler for those other areas.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Voluma and facial injections.

Yes, Voluma can be used for the nasolabial folds and jawline.

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, Voluma can be used for the nasolabial folds and jawline. The use of the product is determined through an in person evaluation by an expert injector.


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Nice jawline filler for contouring

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Voluma has been FDA approved for only mid-face however I have seen great improvement in jawline contouring with this hyaluronic acid filler. Over time if a patient develops fullness in the posterior part of the jawline and a recess near the chin, it can leave the patient looking like they have "jowls". By expertly placing Voluma in this area of recess the jaw can be restored to it's more angular, natural, youthful appearance. Placement is key with this product because if misplaced it can leave the jawline looking full and the exact opposite of the desired effect. Make sure you do your research and search for the top providers of Juvederm in your area. In my practice we are amongst the top 1% provider in the country

Michael Law, MD
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Voluma for nasolabial folds and jawline

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Yes, Voluma can recontour your jawline and smooth away nasolabial folds. It goes deeper to provide more lift and filling.

Voluma for NLF lines and jawline

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Like all fillers, we will find off-label uses for Voluma, just like we have for Juvederm, Restylane, etc. Remember that each of these is only normally FDA approved for one area. Then after use, some manufacturers will go back to the FDA for additional clearance.

Voluma, currently, is approved for three areas of the central face. It is also great for the chin, and for very deep folds and lines. I have used the filler in the NLF for several male patients and it is wonderful. I wouldn't expect it to last as long in the NLF or chin area though, simply because these areas move more.

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Can Voluma be used for Nasolabial folds and Jawline?

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Voluma can be used safely in the naso-labial folds and jawline. 

The link below offers more information.

I hope this helps.

Timothy R. Miller, MD
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Voluma Treatment for Nasolabial folds and Jawline

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Juvederm Voluma® is great for volumizing and enhancing areas that need deep contouring/filling. As such, it is best used in the cheeks and a deep nasolabial fold.

Manjula Jegasothy, MD
Miami Dermatologist

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