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Approved by the FDA, Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid used as an injectable facial filler. It temporarily restores volume to the mid-face. That means filling out those wrinkles around your nose and on your cheeks.

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I was talked into getting voluma without prior knowledge of complications. My experience is rare and terrifying. Voluma looks great on everyone was the words that came out of her mouth and the rn added it's only for the cheeks. Plus she said i could have it reversed if i didnt like like it.... READ MORE

I tried Juvederm 10 months ago and loved it, but it was wearing off, so I needed to once again deal with the slight beginning of signs of aging. This time I decided to try Voluma in my cheeks because it lasts 2 years they say, and that is a better cost/ per day value . At first I got 1 syringe... READ MORE

I turned 54 in June (2014) and looked pretty good then. Friends were regularly remarking how great I looked at 54. Fast-forward to 5 months later, and the effects of sudden stressor in my life -- the loss of a parent, ballooning workload, big problems in my husband's family, big problems in my... READ MORE

This is what I have done in chronological order in case you do not want to read below: 1)March 2014 quit my light smoking 2)Began using nerium products 2014-Probably june 2014 3)Clear and Brilliant baby fraxel x 3 treatments March through May 4)Changed face products in March to Skin Ceuticals,... READ MORE

I have had fillers put in my tear troughs a couple of times with great success. All were done in Nashville, TN. Well.... I recently moved to Palm Beach, Florida and decided I needed a freshening up since it had been 2.5 years since my last filler for under my eyes. I'm 54 mind you and rather... READ MORE

Recently I noticed more volume loss in my face so Dr. Wu suggested Voluma to my cheeks and temples, 11 days post, I could not be happier! I received 4 voluma syringes for full correction and am pleased with the way it gave me a nice rounded look. The first week he informed me of some swelling... READ MORE

Hi! I recirved 1 syringe of voluma (.5 per cheek) to add back some volume after weight loss. The procedure wasn't painful, just felt a bit at the deepest part of the injection. I'm not noticeably swollen and only have a small bruise on each cheek that's easily covered by makeup. I'm really happy... READ MORE

I've had Voluma injections in my cheekbones 3 times total in the past 3 years. It's a great way to lift and plump up the face to cause a large improvement but it's something that is definitely not obvious to others. I've gotten comments on my cheek bones immediately after the procedure but no... READ MORE

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles. RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!! PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!... READ MORE

I've never written a review on here before, but reading all the others helped me so much so I thought I would return the favor. :) I just turned 37 and have spent a lot of time in the sun. Plus I've gained and lost 85 lbs. This was the first time I've had a cheek filler done and I've only... READ MORE

I was a bit worried about getting Voluma, with a past filler bad experience! However this time a Around i was very much pleased! The provider (Barbara) paid close attention to my needs and concerns, and was very careful injecting the filler. I do a little swelling, on the left side, but can see... READ MORE

I've been wanting to deal with the lack of volume in my midface. When i heard about Voluma, i thought it'd be the perfect solution for my missing cheeks. But then i saw some photos of some people, men and women, with Radiesse. They looked great with their Radiesse procedures for facial... READ MORE

I have always looked young for my age but lately have noticed my cheek area to look a little sunken. I am a runner and I have always had bigger cheeks until I turned 36 and started to lose volume. I had under eye filler 2 years ago which looked great and my under eye hollows never came back as... READ MORE

This week I met with a Dermatological Surgeon that gave me some great tips on what fillers are best for me. In the past I would get a filler for the nasalabial but he suggested that I consider adding volume back to the cheeks with Voluma and that would raise the cheeks and make the... READ MORE

My first encounter with Dr Restivo was in 2008, when she was on the medical staff in the trauma bay at a hospital in Oakland. In the days after a devastating and traumatic injury, she repaired my face with skill and caring. A few years later, she brought me into her current cosmetic practice to... READ MORE

Many thanks to all the previous reviews here. After reading many I decided to try Juvederm for my deep set marionette lines. I always thought I looked like Grumpy Cat. I love Grumpy Cat but don't want to look like her. I went to Dr. Sean Weiss in Metairie, La, board certified PS. He was very... READ MORE

I really didn't have the time or inclination for surgery and researched many clinics and doctors before deciding on who I was going to use. I went to a consultation and told the Doctor my concerns and the bits I would like to improve. He suggested some treatments. I had one vial of voluma to... READ MORE

I'm 42 and very unhappy with the hollows of my eyes. I have been researching fillers for the tear trough and doctors for months but was too scared to make a move. Based on research and the conversations with Nicole Hill, PA-C, today I choose to add Voluma to the cheek area. I am very happy with... READ MORE

I had voluma put in my cheeks by my plastic surgeon. The results looked great. Then a week after having the injections, I broke out with over 100 hives on my cheeks. My cheeks ended up turning bright red, and I started to get cystic acne on my face. Also, I had hyper and hypo pigmentation all... READ MORE

Ok, Im going to write an extensive review, because so many people on here helped me make my decision and provided a thorough education on what to expect, and I'd like to return the favor. I recently turned 31 and was really starting to feel like I looked tired all the time and the asymmetry in... READ MORE

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