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Voluma is an FDA-approved filler that's part of the Juvederm collection of injectables. It's designed to be used specifically in the mid-face, adding volume to the cheeks. Voluma is made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year.

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Voluma Ruined my Face - New York, NY

I had voluma done on April 2016 and I have been unhappy and miserable since. I was a pretty happy person before then and I often got complimented on my looks. It all chanfed on the day I got voluma. My dr (who was amazing!!!) had moved to another state,so i had to find a new one. I just needed... READ MORE

My experience with filler

I'm writing so long after the fact because I just read someone else's similar, more recent, experience and thought mine might be helpful also. I went to Dr. Rajani for filler in late 2013. Voluma had just come on the market and I was interested in that for my cheeks, but for some reason I ended... READ MORE

Relieved and Content with Voluma

After reading all the reviews and doc Q&As and having 2 derm consults, I made the decision to go for it. Having read all the not-so-great results and side effects had made me a little nervous and the stories of too much voluma also scared me but everyday as I looked at my sudden aging in the... READ MORE

AMAZING Experience W/ a Very Skilled Doctor ... Felt Like I Was in a Spa - Spring, TX

I am a male in my late 30's who recently lost weight and was feeling like my face was sunken. I work in the medical field so I did not want to get a "Over the top make over" that would be noticed. I was very nervous and so relieved when I met Dr Chiang and her staff. They scheduled me in the... READ MORE

Voluma After Laser Treatments - Sumter, SC

I had substantial fat loss in my face after 3 rounds of laser treatment for moderate to severe acne scarring. I looked deflated and was very unhappy with my atrophied face. I had gone to a medical spa for voluma injections around Christmas time and it was placed in all the wrong places on my... READ MORE

Bless You Voluma - Temecula, CA

I have hated my photos because my eyes always look tired and saggy. Even my husband has made comments on my eyes. I don't look 49 but my eyes...my eye look so much older. I went to an event at my plastic surgeon'a office, learned about Voluma and saw the before and after photos. I was sold! I... READ MORE

Voluma for Volume Loss and Undereye Bags

I had botox about a month ago, and am pleased with the reduction of wrinkles on forehead and next to eyes (my resting b*tch face went from a 9 to a 4). When I first visited Skin RN I told Christy I wanted a plan I could work through in the next few months to improve the areas with which I am the... READ MORE

Wish I Had Done It Years Ago! - Jacksonville, FL

Since I was a teenager I have struggled with bags under my eyes due to being anemic (poor circulation around my eyes). I've spent hundreds of dollars on creams and makeup in an attempt to make them less noticeable to no avail. People have constantly told me I looked tired and it was so... READ MORE


May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles. RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!! PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!... READ MORE

45 Years Old Face Began to Need a Lift Voluma Was the Perfect Solution Amy is the Best ā™” - Greenwood, IN

I have been coming to Dr Hamilton's office for a couple of years now. At 45 I started to see a tired look a cheek volume loss. Voluma was a NATURAL solution and looks great ? Amy is my Cosmetic Consultant and she is Awesome! The entire procedure was very easy and no pain...a numbing cream is... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old, Voluma to Add Volume to Cheeks After Weight Los. Fort Worth, TX

Hi! I recirved 1 syringe of voluma (.5 per cheek) to add back some volume after weight loss. The procedure wasn't painful, just felt a bit at the deepest part of the injection. I'm not noticeably swollen and only have a small bruise on each cheek that's easily covered by makeup. I'm really happy... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old. Voluma with Added Juvederm Ultra Plus Xc - Temecula, CA

I desperately need a mini face lift but I can't take a week off of work anytime soon. My friends have been talking about Voluma as a non surgical alternative. I have been getting Botox done by Dr. Zeiber at De Luz Medical Aesthetics for a few years and he thought id be a good candidate. Because... READ MORE

27 Year Old Model with Small Imperfections in Cheeks - Sarasota, FL

I am a model, so I have to always be sure I'm camera ready and my face is in great condition. I have always had a shadow that almost resembles bags under my eyes. I decided to try Voluma two years ago with a different Doctor before I knew Dr. Wright to get fuller cheeks and to hide this shadow.... READ MORE

Bags Be Gone and fuller face - Alpharetta, GA

I've had slight eye bags my entire life, but after the age of 35 I've noticed that my eye bags had become more prominent, and my cheeks a little deflated, making me look tired. I've gone to other doctors and gotten Voluma before but they'd always place it in my lower or side cheek area and had... READ MORE

Reaction to Voluma in Cheeks - Chicago, IL

I had voluma put in my cheeks by my plastic surgeon. The results looked great. Then a week after having the injections, I broke out with over 100 hives on my cheeks. My cheeks ended up turning bright red, and I started to get cystic acne on my face. Also, I had hyper and hypo pigmentation all... READ MORE

Correcting Mid-face Volume Loss - Tampa, FL

I've never written a review on here before, but reading all the others helped me so much so I thought I would return the favor. :) I just turned 37 and have spent a lot of time in the sun. Plus I've gained and lost 85 lbs. This was the first time I've had a cheek filler done and I've only... READ MORE

42 Year Old with 3 Kids and Face Was Hollowing

So $800 was per syr, just to be clear. Having a baby every 7 yrs and working out has sort of left that hollow feel to my face. Plus I love the sun and wasn't good about sunscreen until this year. Actually I never noticed any issue with my face until this year and one day I walked up to my car... READ MORE

Voluma for Under Eye Bags - Saint Augustine, FL

I just had Voluma done in my cheeks to aid in under the eye bags. Immediately I noticed a difference. Area was numbed, cannula was used for more numbing and then I got 1 syringe diluted with a little saline injected. Piece of cake! It's the 2nd day and I feel puffy, but no one seems to notice... READ MORE

31 Years Old Cheek Augumentation for Youth Preservation with 2 (now 3) Doses of Voluma. UPDATE: Has not lasted long :(

I tried Juvederm 10 months ago and loved it, but it was wearing off, so I needed to once again deal with the slight beginning of signs of aging. This time I decided to try Voluma in my cheeks because it lasts 2 years they say, and that is a better cost/ per day value . At first I got 1 syringe... READ MORE

32 Years Old / Voluma in Cheeks + Juvederm Ultra Plus in Lips - Wayne, NJ

I never post reviews for things online, but RealSelf has been invaluable to me so I figured Iā€™d pay it back. I started noticing a loss in volume in my cheeks when I was in my late 20s. I never had strong cheekbones, which I am fine with, but my cheeks really started to concave right u... READ MORE

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