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Approved by the FDA, Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid used as an injectable facial filler. It temporarily restores volume to the mid-face. That means filling out those wrinkles around your nose and on your cheeks.

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I tried Juvederm 10 months ago and loved it, but it was wearing off, so I needed to once again deal with the slight beginning of signs of aging. This time I decided to try Voluma in my cheeks because it lasts 2 years they say, and that is a better cost/ per day value . At first I got 1 syringe... READ MORE

I never post reviews for things online, but RealSelf has been invaluable to me so I figured Iā€™d pay it back. I started noticing a loss in volume in my cheeks when I was in my late 20s. I never had strong cheekbones, which I am fine with, but my cheeks really started to concave right u... READ MORE

I decided to have fillers for the first time and I'm very happy with the result. I had Botox full face for wrinkles and chin reduction, and Voluma for cheeks augmentation. Dr Jeya Prakash is attentive, caring, personable, patient, professional, and he gave me all the medical advices,... READ MORE

So $800 was per syr, just to be clear. Having a baby every 7 yrs and working out has sort of left that hollow feel to my face. Plus I love the sun and wasn't good about sunscreen until this year. Actually I never noticed any issue with my face until this year and one day I walked up to my car... READ MORE

I first saw Dr Costas a year ago. Many years ago I needed a lot of my left cheek bone removed due to an extremely bad abscess infection which diseased my cheek bone. I had been having Sculptra at another practice & although it was pretty good I just felt that it wasn't "quite right". So I... READ MORE

I had volume filler injected in my cheek area. It was to help with my laugh lines and overall apperance. Felt like I was looking worn out and too old for my age. Loved the results. Immediately felt 10 years younger! It was not painful and the results were immediate. Minimal to no bruising.... READ MORE

I had substantial fat loss in my face after 3 rounds of laser treatment for moderate to severe acne scarring. I looked deflated and was very unhappy with my atrophied face. I had gone to a medical spa for voluma injections around Christmas time and it was placed in all the wrong places on my... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser procedures to reduce acne scarring and I swear the fat also got zapped from my face (though drs will fervently deny that's possible). I decided to try Voluma (and juvederm under my eyes) to restore the volume I lost immediately after my laser treatments. I brought before... READ MORE

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles. RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!! PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!... READ MORE

Starting After 55 Yrs Old Even With Sunscreens, Moisturizers, Peels, Exfoliations...SKINNY Women Look Very OLD! DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM ANYONE RE MY WEIGHT!!! I Have a PITUITARY TUMOR & HAVE SPENT "MORE TIME" TRYING TO GAIN THAN MOST DO TRYING TO LOSE!!! Have done Botox above Lips... READ MORE

1st time experience with voluma to my flat checks, third rodeo or so with and a little bit of botox between the brow, corner of my outer eyes, and near the top of my forhead. I look forward to these beauty Spa days, I tell you. I must say, I was very pleased with the aesthetic appeal of the... READ MORE

I visited Skin Raleigh for the first time last month. I had a consultation with Lisa. She was extremely helpful, professional and personable. I left that visit with some skin care products. Re-tin -A, Glytone 4% (skin lightener) and Skin Moisturizer with SPF 40%. (About $160.00) I have been... READ MORE

I had volume and botox done wanting a bit of lift to my face. Dr Berg also suggested injecting a little botox in my jowl area because I felt it was getting saggy. Not sure how it works, but I think it did! Dr Berg is very good at what she does. I had botox in jowls and forehead and volume in... READ MORE

I have really deep nasal libia folds and I was not happy with radiess at all. I had 2 cc of radiess injection in March 2014, and it looked like most of it went away in 2 months! The doctor told me it is still there, but since radiess is injected deep under the muscles, it does not show as much.... READ MORE

I have been getting fillers done since I was 30 years old. I am now 44. I have been a patient of Dr. Greene for about 3 years. He is the best injector out there!! I know this from experience and I am also in the business. I am a medical aesthetician. I have worked in people's skin for over 25... READ MORE

I'm always extremely nervous about doing anything to my face. In the past, I've had both good and bad experiences. That being said,the doctor performing your procedure is key. Be sure to do extensive research on your doctor of choice. Look into their credentials, board certifications, photos,... READ MORE

I am a 54 year old woman and this was my first experience with a cosmetic filler. If readers take anything away from this, please be cautious of even all-5-star doctor reviews.I was hoping to improve my sagging jowls. The doctor, a well respected dermatologist who I found on realself, injected 2... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I thought I'd discuss my experiences with Voluma over the past couple years. I am a 45 year old woman with a thin face. I've always had a thin face but when 40 hit it's been thinner. ugh! so when I heard voluma was approved I was very happy, especially since it was supposed to... READ MORE

I wanted to look as good on the outside as I felt on the inside. I went for a consultation with dr. Samir shah. I instantly felt comfortable with him. He is extremely perceptive to your needs, and try's to accomadate you. Coupled with his skill in injectables, I left feeling and looking and... READ MORE

After renovating my bathrooms and replacing old, dim light fixtures with LED lights I really disliked getting ready in the morning. My face was clearly visible in the bright light, and it was evident that the golden glow of youth had long ago worn away, revealing a slightly shrunken cheekbone... READ MORE

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